Nana Takahashi Saines

Nana Takahashi Saines (RA)


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In 2012, I moved to Honolulu from Tokyo with my husband and 3 daughters.  Initially we purchased a home in Portlock, then lived on Hawaii Loa Ridge, in Kakaako and just recently moved into our newly constructed home near Kahala Mall.

Through the experience of purchasing and selling my own properties in the last 15 years, I learned that it takes time and patience to find the right property or a “home.”  Many times you feel overwhelmed with the decisions you have to make, and I found myself relying on our real estate agent to help us navigate through the process. 

Because I have also been on the other side, as a buyer and a seller, as well, I know the emotions that arise along the way.  As your real estate agent, it would be a great privilege for me to work with you to help you find the right place that fits your needs and lifestyle that you feel comfortable with.
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I was born in Kyoto, spent elementary school years in Yokohama, and middle and high school years in Washington State.  While I was getting my bachelor’s degree from Sophia University in Tokyo, I also was getting trained to become a simultaneous/consecutive interpreter at NHK Broadcasting Station’s Media Translation School.

During that time, I was selected to work as an interpreter at the Nagano Winter Olympics - an experience I truly enjoyed - and this experience has led me to pursue a career as an interpreter at the Walt Disney Company in Japan.

In the recent years I was focused on translating media materials such as movies and TV series for the Japanese audience.  However, I started to wonder since the move to Hawaii, if there was anything else that I could do to bridge between the two countries and cultures, that of Japan and U.S.A./Hawaii, and the thought  led me to be involved in real estate, which I thoroughly enjoy.
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When I am not busy with clients, I enjoy my time volunteering at my children’s schools, and for non-profit organizations as a member of Junior League of Honolulu.  I also write an online column for a Japanese lifestyle magazine ‘25ans’ which attracts more than 10,000 readers daily.  Please take a look here.

I am a co-author of a Japanese-English dictionary, which you can see right here on Amazon, that emcompasses architectural and civil-engineering terms that I have collected over the years of interpreting.  The dictionary has been popular among various professionals, including several prominent house design firms.

I sincerely hope to meet you, and to be of your service.  Mahalo.