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January 2014

How Old is Oahu?

According to geologists, Oahu, the second oldest of the Hawaiian Islands, was formed three to four million years ago by deep-sea volcanic activity. For forty to fifty thousand years, the violent eruptions and melting hot lava worked their magic to create one of the most beautiful, recognizable and alluring island chains in the world. The beauty of Oahu, like the other islands, has evolved over the last few million years, …Read More

Good Places to Eat in Honolulu

Honolulu with a population of 374,658 and growing (this is comparable to the population of Tuscon, Denver, Portland), is one of the most diverse cities in the continental USA. This diversity does not only create a unique chemistry of people, language, cultures, and looks, but the perfect recipe for excellent cuisine. For any of you foodies, Honolulu is the place to vacate your taste buds. With a wide variety of …Read More

How Big is Honolulu?

The state capitol of Hawaii is Honolulu located on the south east side of Oahu and covers just short of 70 square miles of land, stretching from Salt Lake in west to Hawaii Kai in east. As of 2012, Honolulu’s population was not far from 400,000 and rising. Honolulu is where almost ⅓ of Hawaii’s  population resides, and for good reasons. Honolulu is famous for its year round climactic perfection, …Read More