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February 2014

How Big is Oahu?

Oahu, Hawaii’s third largest island, covers an area of 597 square miles and features 112 miles of coastline, including some of the world’s most beautiful and most famous beaches. At 44 miles long and 30 miles wide, Oahu packs an amazing amount into a relatively small island. From mountains and valleys with over 100 trails to explore, beaches and waterfalls to enjoy, historical and cultural sites to visit, numerous neighborhoods …Read More

Things to do in Waikiki

When it comes to choosing a location in Oahu with the perfect climate, diverse landscape, gentle breezes, outdoor fun, family activities, and breathtaking scenery all rolled into one exotic location, Waikiki is at the top of the list. From its golden sands where the waters kiss the shoreline of popular beaches to the lush landscape of the historic 500-acre Kapiolani Park, Waikiki is not only an experience; it is an adventure …Read More

Top 10 Tips for Real Estate Buyers

The purchase of a home is a big step, and you’ll want to proceed with caution so you end up with a great place at a fair price. In order to have the best possible outcome, you should be knowledgeable about your credit, how much you can afford, your needs and wants, your future goals and the value of real estate in your area. Furthermore, your real estate agent should …Read More

Are There Volcanoes on Oahu?

About four million years ago, two large shield volcanoes began erupting and forming the island of Oahu, Hawaii’s second oldest and third largest island. It took as many as 50,000 years, but when the volcanoes were done, they left an island with two mountain ranges that separate the east side of the island from the center, and the center from the west side, a number of deep valleys, and a …Read More