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April 2014

Real Estate Dynamics – Activity & Prices (video)

Video Transcription Aloha! This is George Krischke with Honolulu HI 5. It is another fine day in Paradise and I am excited to present today the first video in our ongoing series called Real Estate Dynamics. This is where we analyze the observable evidence to identify any changes in the market place or any developing new trends. Let’s take a look. Here we’re going to take a look at activity …Read More

Residential Zoning in Hawaii: Rules & Regulations

Video Transcription Aloha. This is George Krischke with Honolulu HI 5. Today, we’re going to talk about residential zoning in Hawaii. The Land Use Ordinance, also called LUO, defines the different zoning districts in Hawaii. And each zoning district comes with respective restrictions on the usage, what you can use the land for,  what you can build on it, on setbacks, on height limits and so on. The different zoning …Read More

Honolulu HI 5: Dream Home Essay Scholarship

Honolulu HI 5 Dream Home Scholarship Honolulu HI 5, a real estate agency that connects Hawaii home buyers with their ideal home, announces an annual scholarship awarding $1,000 to one student who best describes the American dream in the expression of owning a home. Hawaii is renown for its natural island beauty, and we believe that every individual should own a home with a unique and harmonious relationship with its …Read More

What is a CPR (Condominium Property Regime)?

Video Transcription Hi, this is Kristian Nielsen with Honolulu HI 5. Today, we’re going to discuss Condominium Property Regimes also known as CPR’s. Typically when we think of CPR we think of a high-rise or at least something that is built vertically, units above one another. However, a CPR can also be in the form of two single-family homes on the same lot. What defines a CPR is that they are …Read More

The New Honolulu Is Built of Glass – Kakaako Condos

Kakaako Condo Projects. It’s the talk of the town. Kakaako, once a flourishing neighborhood up until the mid-1900’s, it turned into a mostly industrial area, covered with warehouses and narrow roads. It now is entering a completely new phase, returning to a residential district, but one fully planned and set to become a self-contained, fully modern community all its own. When completed, the vision is one of an urban neighborhood, …Read More

GET & TAT Tax Obligation on Rental Income in Hawaii

Video Transcription Aloha. This is George Krischke with Honolulu HI 5. In a different segment we talked about vacation renting your property and we talked about residential zoning, rental term restrictions which normally is 30 days minimum per tenant. We talked about house rule rental term restrictions which sometimes is 60 days or 90 days minimum per tenant. Regardless if you rent your property short term or long term, we need …Read More

FIRPTA & HARPTA in Hawaii’s Real Estate

Video Transcription Aloha. George Krischke with Honolulu HI 5. Today, we’re going to talk about HARPTA and FIRPTA. Now there was a time when foreign investors bought Hawaii properties, and they held them for some time, and eventually sold them with substantial gains without ever paying any required capital gains taxes. They never filed any tax returns. They just took the money and ran. To protect the state and the …Read More

Mortgage Payments During Escrow (video)

Video Transcription Now, this is just in. We represent a seller that is in escrow, is scheduled to record on the 11th and it’s just the beginning of the month. We’ve got an email here. This is the question: Can you please clarify something for me? Since we record on the 11th of this month, when is our last mortgage payment? Do we still pay for this month which is due …Read More