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September 2016

Aalii: A New Condo Project in Honolulu’s Ward Village (Kakaako)

Aalii  is a new condo project coming  to Kakaako’s popular Ward Village, which has been named best-planned community in the US by Architectural Digest. We speculate sales will commence late July or August 2017, though we do not have any clear indication from the developer at this stage. Email Kristian – kristian@hawaiiliving.com – if you are potentially interested in purchasing a unit. Note: If you are represented by a Realtor, please ask that Realtor about Aalii – thank …Read More

Top 5 Tips To Succeed Finding Your Dream Home

Finding the right home may seem daunting, especially moving into a new neighborhood. Based on the many inquiries we receive daily, we put together the following recommendations to help you avoid potential pitfalls and prepare you to successfully find your dream home. 1.) Get pre-approved before looking at homes This is by far the most important recommendations we can make, unless you have enough money for an all cash purchase. Buyers often …Read More

Future Development Projects in Ko Olina & Kapolei

With all of the attention that Kapolei has gotten in the last couple of decades, it’s almost old news now as it continues to grow and rise out of the Ewa Plain. However, recent real estate developments in West Oahu are pointing to changes in West Oahu that truly are game-changers, not only in the world of Kapolei and Ko Olina real estate, but in every aspect of the future …Read More

7 Best Leasehold Condos in Honolulu

Leasehold properties in Honolulu justifiably tend to be seen as 2nd Class, or lower, to Fee Simple listings, where you own the land outright. For the most part that makes sense. The chance of losing your residence, and having to leave the very property you’ve lived on once the lease expires, is an unattractive prospect to the vast majority of real estate buyers. Some cases have turned out well, with …Read More

11,750 Hoopili Homes in Kapolei (Ewa Beach) – Sales, Prices & News

More information about new Hoopili homes for sale, call Michelle Johnson (RA) at (808) 352-2469 or email Michelle@hawaiiliving.com. Initial phase of Hoopili homes sales commenced January 28, 2017. More single-family homes, townhomes & flats are being released in different phases, which we will constantly be updating in this post. Latest News Haakea at Hoopili 9/22/2017:  Due to the great demand for this single-family homes section within Hoopili, the developer has …Read More

Items to Review When Buying a New Condo

If you are considering purchasing a new condo – yet to be built – there are several aspects to analyze and evaluate that does not apply to existing condos. Depending on the project, specific unit, location, developer etc there will be a variety of questions unique to such particular situation. However, the list we have compiled in the below should serve as a good starting point of items to keep …Read More

Honolulu’s 8 Luxury & Ultra-Luxury Condos

The world of Honolulu condos has a number of properties in it that could be, and are, called ‘luxury’. They’re known for incredible views, for excellent amenities and for impressive floor plans. The reality is that they’re only ‘luxury’ in the general sense. What you’ll find here, though, is Luxury with a capital ‘L’, as well as a class even above that. Properties that are so extraordinary they achieve new …Read More

Top 10 Honolulu Condos Under $1M (2 bedroom)

With the consistently hot Honolulu real estate market, a constant topic of conversation is ‘What can you get for $1M today?’. We’ve considered a much more interesting question – ‘What can you get for under a $1M?’ Specifically, we want to highlight the best 2BR condos in Honolulu under $1M (buildings with one or more recent resale 2BR under $1M as of writing), a category that can still buy you property in …Read More

Waikiki History: From Agriculture to Real Estate

Before the term Real Estate ever earned its modern meaning, Waikiki’s lands were prized possessions. That was abundantly clear by the fact that the oceanfront areas were reserved for the Alii. Here, they retreated for recreation and relaxation on the beaches and in the cool waters, a forerunner of the exclusive resort property of today. Away from the shoreline, this was an agricultural area for the Native Hawaiians, where taro …Read More

Claim Your Honolulu Home Exemption & Save Big

If you live in your home or condo as your primary residence in Honolulu County, that is the island of Oahu, you need to claim your Home Exemption.  This is a tax break that will save you thousands of dollars in property taxes. You need to file by September 30, the annual filing due date. Your tax break will take effect next fiscal year, starting July 1st after the Sept filing deadline. …Read More