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The Truth How Listing Agents Find a Buyer for Your Home

Through meetings with various Sellers over the past 5 years, I noticed a number of Sellers think: 1) Agents working at larger real estate firms are better positioned to represent them and 2) a listing agent’s major added value is in the agent’s ability finding a Buyer himself / herself. It is time to shed some light on the realities of how the market works.  I  hope it will help you …Read More

Sky Ala Moana – A New Condo Project in Honolulu

Sky Ala Moana is a new condo project consisting of 2 towers coming to Ala Moana, which is already home to two of Honolulu’s most luxurious condos: Park Lane and One Ala Moana and also home to the world famous Ala Moana Shopping Center and popular Ala Moana Beach Park. Sky Ala Moana will be the first condo project ever in Honolulu to offer a combination of residential and condo hotel units …Read More

Koula Condo: Newest Luxury Condo in Ward Village

Koula is the latest luxury condo project in the planning within Ward Village.  Sales may possibly launch as early as December 2018. For more information please email new condo project expert Kristian Nielsen (RA) Kristian@HawaiiLiving.com. Koula in Brief Number of Units: 571. Stories: 41. Unit Configurations: Studio, 1BR, 2BR & 3BR. Prices: To be determined. Sales: Expected to commence late 2018 or early 2019. Location: Next to, east of, Ward Village Central …Read More

How I Redecorated My Client’s Condo To Get Top Dollar

I represented the Sellers of a 2 bedroom condo in Honolulu, which sold for $1,470,000 today – April 10th, 2018. The condo had previously been listed for sale with two other real estate agencies – most recently listed at $1,300,000 –  before it was taken off the market October 2016. When I saw the unit for the first time – summer 2017 – it appeared in a good condition, but …Read More

How Is Assessed Value Determined for New Condo Developments in Honolulu?

An appraiser from Honolulu’s Real Property Assessment Division will determine the assessed value of a property on October 1st of any given year. The appraiser will look at 5 comparable sales (ideally comparable sales in the same building, but could also be comparable sales in other buildings), which have sold prior to June 30th and then also take in to account any possible market movements July through September to determine …Read More

Nuts & Bolts of Hawaii’s Real Estate Purchase Contract  

This overview of the Hawaii Real Estate Purchase Contract covers major parts of the contract in an easy to understand format with simple explanations. I will review highlights of the contract  and focus on key parts.  To keep things simple, I will reference a range of days typically used for the contingencies. Review of Key Sections of the Purchase Contract Page 1 (top part of page) Items written by hand …Read More

Contingencies to Terminate Contract for Hawaii Real Estate Buyers

Realtors in Hawaii use a standard 14 page Purchase Contract when preparing an offer, on behalf of a client, to purchase real estate in Hawaii. The Purchase Contract includes various contingencies which allow the Buyer to terminate the contract within certain timeframes with full refund of any deposits made towards the purchase. A contingency is a “condition that needs to be satisfied” (e.g. Buyer’s approval of the home inspection) or …Read More

Honolulu HI 5 Became Hawaii Living With New Design and Logo – Why?

PS! Since launching our new web design – January 26, 2018 – we are now fixing bugs, streamlining the design, improving load speed and in the process of implementing new features. A good friend of mine, the late Barry Lefkowitch, was a brilliant marketer and on a day in June 2013 while Barry, our wives and I were having one of our many great evenings together, I asked him to …Read More

Oahu MLS – What Is It & How Does It Work?

What is the MLS? The MLS, short for Multiple Listing Service, is a subscriber service for real estate agents that allow agents to share their property listings online in one centralized system. There are hundreds of regional MLS across the US and 1 of these MLS is the Oahu MLS, which we display here on Hawaii Living’s website. The MLS is centered around a principal of real estate agents helping …Read More

Good to Know About Oahu Real Estate Statistics

Hawaii Living’s website displays a significant amount of up to date real estate statistics. You will find helpful information beginning with our Homepage to our Search Results pages (ex: Honolulu condos for sale) to our Specific Property pages. All data is pulled directly from the Oahu MLS. It is important for both buyers and sellers to understand real estate statistics and determine if the data is relevant and fairly represents …Read More