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Residences at Mandarin Oriental Honolulu (Manaolana Place) – New Condo Hotel

News Mandarin Oriental Group has teamed up with the developer of Manaolana Place to create a luxury condo hotel. The residential units will be branded “Residences at Mandarin Oriental” and the hotel units will be called “Mandarin Oriental, Honolulu”. Email Kristian – kristian@hawaiiliving.com – if you are possibly interested in purchasing a unit at the Residences at Mandarin Oriental. About Manaolana Place 234 Units – 109 condos and 125 hotel unit. 36 …Read More

Aalii Condo – A New Project in Kakaako’s Ward Village (Honolulu)

Aalii  is a new condo project coming  to Kakaako’s popular Ward Village, which has been named best-planned community in the US by Architectural Digest. News Aalii sales for the general public is expected to commence January 2018 for owner-occupants  followed by an investor round. Note: December 2017 is sales for developer employees, those who work on the project and owners in other Ward Village projects. Email Kristian – Kristian@HawaiiLiving.com – if you are potentially interested …Read More

7 Best Leasehold Condos in Honolulu

Leasehold properties in Honolulu justifiably tend to be seen as 2nd Class, or lower, to Fee Simple listings, where you own the land outright. For the most part that makes sense. The chance of losing your residence, and having to leave the very property you’ve lived on once the lease expires, is an unattractive prospect to the vast majority of real estate buyers. Some cases have turned out well, with …Read More

Items to Review When Buying a New Condo

If you are considering purchasing a new condo – yet to be built – there are several aspects to analyze and evaluate that does not apply to existing condos. Depending on the project, specific unit, location, developer etc there will be a variety of questions unique to such particular situation. However, the list we have compiled in the below should serve as a good starting point of items to keep …Read More

Oahu’s Top 10 Oceanfront Neighborhoods

When you envision Oahu real estate, the ultimate daydream is always of the home by the ocean. There’s just something in the common human spirit that responds to the call of the waters, so what could be better than living near, or even on, the shore? We’ve picked out 10 oceanfront neighborhoods on Oahu that we believe are the best, not just on the basis of the ocean views or …Read More

4 Best Honolulu Condo Neighborhoods

Picking the ‘Best’, especially in the real estate area, can be not only be difficult, but divisive. What one considers the ideal place to live in, for example, is the exact opposite of what another believes makes for the ultimate in living experience. Still, we have 4 areas we think are the Top Honolulu Condo Neighborhoods, and for good reason. We’ll address the specifics of what makes each standout, along …Read More

Kapiolani Residence – New Condo Project in Honolulu

Kapiolani Residence is a new condo project in Honolulu, which will offer 60% of the units as affordable housing (for sale – not rentals) and the remaining 40% as market rate units. News 1/24/2017 – Kapiolani Residence has sold out and is so far on target for completion late 2018. For details on other new condo project contact Kristian Nielsen: Kristian@hawaiiliving.com. October 9, 2016 Kapiolani Residence market rate units prices were …Read More

Aloha Kai – New Ala Moana Condo Project

Update March 15, 2017:  No updated for a long time on the project and seem to be great uncertainties if project will materialize. Update May 2016: Michael Blumenthal, President of MB Property Acquisitions LLC, says he can foresee two scenarios, as to timing pre-sales may start on Aloha Kai: In 5 months or 9 months. We hope to have further updates within the next couple of months. Good to Know …Read More

May Update on Honolulu’s New Condos (Video)

Video Transcription Hi this is Kristian Nielsen with Honolulu HI 5 (company name is now Hawaii Living). Today I am going to review the condo developments currently taking place in Honolulu. We are going to review condo projects being offered in Kakaako, Ala Moana and Waikiki and also finally go over a few projects that are in the planning, but are currently not being offered. In Kakaako we have Ward …Read More