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Blocked views? The Fear Of Future Developments – FOFD

Here is a bold and broad-sweeping statement: The fear of a perceived imminent threat is far greater than the threat itself. This applies to many areas in life, including real estate. Specifically, what I call the FOFDs, the ‘Fear Of Future Developments.’ It can cloud our decision process. Before we dive into how and why we should overcome the fear, let’s first check where the fear is coming from. Over hundreds of …Read More

Oahu Real Estate Market Update – January 2021

One year ago, I reported here how a home buyer was disappointed that 2019 did not deliver him the buying opportunity he was hoping for. His plans for 2020 were: “I will wait until after the election uncertainty.” (!?) As expected, this uncertainty has been resolved. If you were waiting, you might be asking:   Where Are We Now And Where Do We Go From Here? “Life can only be understood …Read More

Looking For Foreclosures In Hawaii?

Whether you are an aggressive vulture investor looking for deep-discount distressed properties, or you are just curious about what the market might bring, either way, the ‘expected’ tsunami of foreclosures might dissipate into nothingness. Here are six reasons why: 1) Nobody Wants To Foreclose Utilitarianism promotes ‘the greatest amount of good for the greatest number of people.’ There are clear benefits for the general economy to avoid foreclosures: Banks don’t want to foreclose. …Read More

HARPTA & FIRPTA Tax Withholdings – Avoid The Pitfalls

If you are already familiar with HARPTA & FIRPTA and just want to avoid the pitfalls, then scroll down to the bottom to ‘The Tax Office Claims That The Withholding Is Delinquent!’ Check the real life stories with lessons learned and tips to keep you out of trouble. However, if you are new to HARPTA & FIRPTA, then read on: Regardless where you live or where you are from, buying …Read More

Condotel Opportunities – COVID And The K-Shaped Recovery

Every week we receive dozens of inquiries about Waikiki condotels. Including a 9:46 pm phone call last week from China by a gentleman who “wants to buy about ten condotel units and is starting his preliminary research.” He is convinced that “there should be plenty of deep discount bargains available for him to pick up.” That’s the expectation that many seem to have, especially with condotels during the ongoing COVID …Read More

Climbing The Wealth Ladder With A 1031 Exchange

— We are blatant proponents for you to design and live your life on your terms. That includes choosing where and how you live.  We are strong advocates for homeownership and property rights. We believe in the tremendous benefits of owning your home in addition to owning a sensible portfolio of rental properties and other investments for wealth creation and retirement planning. We are dedicated to excellence in assisting buyers and …Read More

Define The Purpose Of Your Purchase

— Our brain’s ‘executive functions’ include the ability to evaluate, decide, and plan. To accomplish tasks we use our cognitive control abilities including focused attention to stay on track with managing our goals. It appears we’re collectively capable of setting goals but often fail at seeing them through. Our actions are guided by the perception-action cycle: we perceive the world in a certain biased way and act accordingly. However, our …Read More

COVID Split The Market: Homes Are Hot – Condos Are Not

— A lot has changed since COVID took center stage. Here are some stats on how we are adjusting. Consumer Behavior Courtesy of Paul Brewbaker, the following two graphs are from Paul’s 8.19.2020 PowerPoint presentation for the Honolulu Board of Realtors.  Google mobility data shows we are spending more time at home and less at the office/workplace: Credit card usage data shows we are spending more money on groceries and …Read More

Confessions Of A Real Estate Investor

— Collecting rental income from investment properties can be fun and lucrative, …until it no longer is. COVID-19 temporarily changed the prospects of rent collection for two reasons: 1) Eviction Moratorium. – Tenants currently cannot get evicted based on the non-payment of rent due to COVID-19 hardship. Nationwide, the moratorium has been extended through December 31, 2020, and could continue. Essentially it gives tenants a free ride until either the …Read More

Real Estate Versus The Stock Market

— Last week media outlets circulated a story with headlines like this: “Real estate is no longer Americans’ favorite long-term investment.”  Over the years we’ve seen similar headlines when the stock market and real estate periodically trade places competing for the top spot. The story was based on a recent survey by www.BankRate.com. The survey question was: “For money you wouldn’t need for more than 10 years, which ONE of …Read More