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Random Thoughts on Real Estate Risks, Rewards & Responsibilities – (RERRR)

–Our specialty is assisting buyers and sellers of real estate. We strive for excellence, including writing useful articles on our blog. We freely share stuff with one blatant hope: We Want To Be Your Realtor!  Because we care to keep you out of trouble. Call us when you are ready to buy or sell real estate. We are here to help. If you never heard about ‘RERRR‘, it’s because I …Read More

How To Scale Your Real Estate Investments – Simplify, Standardize & Automate (SSA)

— Last week I received an email from a real estate investor that just now (?) discovered that her “property tax for a 392 sqft studio went from $1,200yr to over $6k per year for 2018 & 2019.”  She blamed her realtor and property manager for not having informed her about a 2017 change in the law. She complained that “the city ripped her off by $11,000″ because “she didn’t …Read More

Offer Strategies When Buying Your Dream Home

— How do you know what to offer once you find the home that you like? Buyers often wonder: “Should we offer full price or more? Or can we offer less? How much you want to offer for a property is entirely up to you. Don’t let any realtor tell you what that should be. However, your realtor should be able to guide you with the decision process. Before we …Read More

Honolulu’s CO 19-18 (Bill 89) – Economic Impact And The Path Forward – North Shore, Waikiki Banyan & Waikiki Sunset

Update 2.10.2020: New DPP declaratory ruling: B&Bs and TVUs are allowed at Kuilima Estates East & West, pursuant to CO 19-18. That’s because Kuilima Estates is within 3,500 feet of a resort zone district of greater than 50 contiguous acres and was rezoned to A-1 Low-Density Apt District (Zone Change Application #71/2-33) as part of the rezoning of the Turtle Bay master planned resort. Update 10.22.2019: The Waikiki Banyan AOAO …Read More

New Hawaii Property Tax Rates 2019 – 2020

–- We saw it coming, Honolulu’s City Council adjusted property tax rates for the island of Oahu effective July 1st, 2019 through June 30th, 2020. Maui County property tax rates changed even more dramatically. There are no changes for Hawaii County (Big Island of Hawaii) and Kauai County property tax rates. Any rate changes from the prior year are highlighted below: Three big changes for Honolulu County / Island of Oahu: …Read More

The Psychology Of Buying Hawaii Real Estate And The Three “Ps” That Are Holding You Back

— About a year ago, a buyer, let’s call him Max, contacted me with questions about the Hawaii real estate market. Max was determined to fly to Hawaii and secure a condo that could serve as the best of both worlds: a) a vacation home to satisfy his lifestyle for his personal enjoyment a couple of weeks per year, and b) a cash-flowing investment that generates rental income for the …Read More