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Real Estate Education

Nuts & Bolts of Hawaii’s Real Estate Purchase Contract  

This overview of the Hawaii Real Estate Purchase Contract covers major parts of the contract in an easy to understand format with simple explanations. I will review highlights of the contract  and focus on key parts. If you want to read the entire contract click here.  To keep things simple, I will reference a range of days typically used for the contingencies. Review of Key Sections of the Purchase Contract …Read More

Contingencies to Terminate Contract for Hawaii Real Estate Buyers

Realtors in Hawaii use a standard 14 page Purchase Contract when preparing an offer, on behalf of a client, to purchase real estate in Hawaii – see the contract right here. The Purchase Contract includes various contingencies which allow the Buyer to terminate the contract within certain timeframes with full refund of any deposits made towards the purchase. A contingency is a “condition that needs to be satisfied” (e.g. Buyer’s …Read More

Waikiki Condo Remodel Journal – Ilikai #327

Waikiki Condo Remodel Journal – Ilikai #327 Of all condos in Waikiki, the Ilikai is one of my favorite. It is also one of only two dozen condotels that allows short-term vacation renting. The Ilikai is special because of its direct beach access, impressive ocean views, and luxurious resort feel. My goal is to complete this Ilikai #327 remodel project in four weeks and be rent-ready by mid-February. You can …Read More

What’s New For 2018 Hawaii Real Estate?

– What’s new for 2018 Hawaii Real Estate? Today an H&R Block tax preparer from Arizona called. He asked on behalf of his client, “who is responsible for filing and paying GET & TAT? The owner, or the property manager?” I don’t give tax advice but that one I know: The owner is responsible unless the property manager agrees to file and pay on the owner’s behalf. That reminds me, …Read More

Oahu MLS – What Is It & How Does It Work?

What is the MLS? The MLS, short for Multiple Listing Service, is a subscriber service for real estate agents that allow agents to share their property listings online in one centralized system. There are hundreds of regional MLS across the US and 1 of these MLS is the Oahu MLS, which we display here on Hawaii Living’s website. The MLS is centered around a principal of real estate agents helping …Read More

Good to Know About Oahu Real Estate Statistics

At Hawaii Living we display a lot of Oahu real estate statistics. From our homepage to our search result pages (ex: Oahu condos for sale page) and all data is pulled from the Oahu MLS. Real estate statistics is important to review and analyze for both buyers and sellers. However, it is important to analyze statistics from the right perspective and understand some data may not always be that relevant …Read More

Guide to All Oahu Private & Public Schools: Elementary, Middle & High Schools

This is THE ultimate guide to schools on Oahu, covering all private & public schools from elementary, middle through high school – all ground covered. For every school we outline the number of students, teachers, share a brief highlight and include a link to the school’s website as well as its location on Google Maps. For private schools we have included 2017 tuition information, when readily available online. This Oahu …Read More

Leeward Oahu Public & Private Schools: Elementary, Middle and High Schools

Leeward Oahu, or more specifically the Waianae Coast, is home to a large number of families, many of whom have been there for generations. With that history, it should be no surprise that the schools are equally longstanding, some over 100 years old and counting. Waianae and Makaha home shoppers have not just those public education options, but also charter and private schools available to them. Take a look below …Read More

Central Oahu Private & Public Schools: Elementary, Middle & High-Schools

If you’re considering Central Oahu – Pearl City, Aiea, Waipahu, Mililani, Wahiawa – in your real estate search, you may be wondering about the education options. After all, schools in Central Oahu currently don’t enjoy the same profile as their neighbors on the southern side of the Island. Honolulu has the marquee names in private institutions, for instance, and the 2nd City is where Hawaii’s newest public schools are being …Read More