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Guide to All Oahu Private & Public Schools: Elementary, Middle & High Schools

This is THE ultimate guide to schools on Oahu, covering all private & public schools from elementary, middle through high school – all ground covered. For every school we outline the number of students, teachers, share a brief highlight and include a link to the school’s website as well as its location on Google Maps. For private schools we have included 2017 tuition information, when readily available online. This Oahu …Read More

Leeward Oahu Public & Private Schools: Elementary, Middle and High Schools

Leeward Oahu, or more specifically the Waianae Coast, is home to a large number of families, many of whom have been there for generations. With that history, it should be no surprise that the schools are equally longstanding, some over 100 years old and counting. Waianae and Makaha home shoppers have not just those public education options, but also charter and private schools available to them. Take a look below …Read More

Central Oahu Private & Public Schools: Elementary, Middle & High-Schools

If you’re considering Central Oahu – Pearl City, Aiea, Waipahu, Mililani, Wahiawa – in your real estate search, you may be wondering about the education options. After all, schools in Central Oahu currently don’t enjoy the same profile as their neighbors on the southern side of the Island. Honolulu has the marquee names in private institutions, for instance, and the 2nd City is where Hawaii’s newest public schools are being …Read More

North Shore Oahu Private & Public Schools: Elementary, Middle & High Schools

A North Shore Oahu home comes with certain challenges. As residents there proudly acknowledge, it is Oahu’s version of The Country, placing you in the midst of incredible scenes of Nature’s beauty and power, but also making even daily errands a longer haul. However, one thing that is covered is the school system. 7 Elementary schools are found from Kaaawa, where the borders of Windward Oahu and the North Shore …Read More

Honolulu Private & Public Schools: Elementary, Middle & High Schools

This is the ultimate guide to all private & public schools in Honolulu – elementary, middle & high schools. We have highlighted the number of students & teachers, included a link to every school’s website and a brief comment on every school. Additionally, for the private schools, when readily available online,  we outlined tuition costs. All data based on September 2017. Here is a map that shows all schools in …Read More

Ewa Beach & Kapolei Private & Public Schools: Elementary, Middle & High Schools

You’ve heard all the talk about the new neighborhoods, the bottomless options of the 2nd City’s shopping and recreation and the convenience of the Rail system that begins here. But what about your kid’s education? The schools of Kapolei and Ewa Beach fall right in line with the historical track of the area. You’ll find institutions that date to the late 19th Century, created to serve the families of the …Read More

Guide to Kailua & Kaneohe Private & Public Schools: Elementary, Middle & High School

A lot of people are drawn to the relaxed, ocean-oriented lifestyle of the Windward Side, especially families. Homebuyers with children looking at real estate in Kailua or Kaneohe have a deeper concern, which is the education options. We’ve assembled all of them below, public, charter and private, with the essentials laid out on each as well as some background that distinguishes that school. Take a look at this guide to …Read More

Attention! – Honolulu Luxury Property Deals Above $3 Mill – New FinCEN Order

-Effective 8.22.2017 Title & Escrow companies handling Honolulu County real estate transactions with a $3 Mill purchase price or more are now required to file FinCEN Form 8300. The form shall contain the identity of the individuals primarily responsible for representing the buyer. E.g., if the buyer is an entity, Corporation, Partnership, LLC, Trust or a Shell Company, the form shall contain the identity of the beneficial owners. Title & …Read More

GET & TAT In Hawaii – The Easiest Way To File & Pay

GET & TAT in Hawaii – The Easiest Way To File & Pay – Regardless where you live, if you collect income from rental properties located in the State of Hawaii you need to file and pay: General Excise Tax (GET) on all rents, and Transient Accommodation Tax (TAT) on rents from rental terms less than 180 days per tenant. If you receive income from a Waikiki condo, or Oahu …Read More