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Lead Paint Addendum in Real Estate

Video Transcription
Aloha. This is George Krischke with Honolulu HI 5.

It is another fine day in paradise and we are talking about the lead paint addendum. Prior to 1978, it was very common in the building industry to use lead-based paint in residential construction. Since then, it is outlawed. And buildings that were built prior to 1978 probably have been painted over several times, inside and out. But, the government came out with a disclosure brochure that is called: “Protect Your Family from Lead in your Home.” And if you buy a property that was built prior to 1978, your agent should give you a copy of that pamphlet for you to read.

Basically, don’t eat the paint chips. And if you remodel, don’t breathe the dust. Protect yourself from being exposed to lead paint.

Besides the government brochure, the government pamphlet, a purchase contract that involves a property built prior to 1978 should have the lead paint addendum attached. There are two sections to it. The top section is a disclosure section. The seller completes two questions.

1.) Does the seller have any knowledge about lead paint in the property? Yes or no? and..

2.) Does the seller have any reports pertaining to lead paint? Yes or no?

Once the seller completes the top portion, than the buyer has to sign and acknowledge receipt of the disclosure on the top, as well as, the receipt of the government disclosure pamphlet. The one that’s called, “Protect Your Family from Lead in your Home.” And that’s it for today.

Thanks for watching. ~Aloha.

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