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Oahu MLS – What Is It & How Does It Work?

What is the MLS? The MLS, short for Multiple Listing Service, is a subscriber service for real estate agents that allow agents to share their property listings online in one centralized system. There are hundreds of regional MLS across the US and 1 of these MLS is the Oahu MLS, which we display here on Hawaii Living’s website. The MLS is centered around a principal of real estate agents helping …Read More

‘Dual Agency’ – Who Is Representing You?

— Two Recent Real-Life Stories: 1) A seller listed their property with a real estate agent who claimed to have the right buyer for the seller’s property. Sounds alluring. It’s also the oldest trick in the book by hungry agents to convince sellers to list their property with them. – The jury is still out if the agent indeed has the right buyer. If you are the seller, do you …Read More

Post COVID-19 – How We Sell Your Property

— There has never been a better time to be alive! Our ancestors survived the Bubonic Plague and the Spanish Flu without ever finding a vaccine. Today, we are vastly better prepared to handle COVID-19. Don’t fall victim to the Declinism bias. With the right growth mindset, humans are adaptable and remarkably resilient. Either you actively lead the way and design your future, or you passively watch it unfolding. The …Read More

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COVID-19 – Hawaii Real Estate

— Rule #1: Nobody knows what the future will bring. — Rule #2: Knowing what you now know, determine the single best immediate step forward for this moment. Don’t worry about two weeks, two months, or six months from now. Any subsequent step will reveal itself. We are discovering daily how expert future predictions are futile. The February consensus among economists was that there was little risk of a 2020 …Read More

The Truth How Listing Agents Find a Buyer for Your Home

Through meetings with various Sellers over the past 5 years, I noticed a number of Sellers think: 1) Agents working at larger real estate firms are better positioned to represent them and 2) a listing agent’s major added value is in the agent’s ability finding a Buyer himself / herself. It is time to shed some light on the realities of how the market works.  I  hope it will help you …Read More

Oahu’s Housing Affordability – Trying To Time The Market?

—  Hawaii real estate is expensive. It always has been, and always will be compared to many other US locations. The four primary reasons are: High demand for ‘paradise.’ The scarcity of buildable land, – This is an island state. High shipping costs, – No other major population center in the world is this remote, surrounded by more ocean than Honolulu. Lack of incentives for developers to build. – Governmental …Read More

Oahu Real Estate Market Update – 2018 Mid-Year

— Oahu Real Estate Market Update – 2018 Mid-Year Here we compare the most recent 6 months (January – June 2018) of Oahu real estate sales data with the same 6 months from the prior year. We look for inflection points that could signal a future trend reversal. Comparing only one month of data with another month would be insufficient because of the narrow sampling size. Using the 6-months rolling …Read More

Guide to Mililani Living

Life in Mililani gives you something that’s common to every community on Oahu – an experience that is all its own. There are different reasons for this uniqueness in our Island’s towns and neighborhoods – cultural background(s), a location smack in the middle, or even completely removed, from the tourist centers or just a ‘feel’ that’s not easily explained. In Mililani’s case there’s a few factors, one major element being …Read More

Oahu Real Estate Market Outlook – May 2018

— Courtesy of the Honolulu Board of Realtors, on May 9, 2018, local economist Paul Brewbaker with TZ Economics shared his view on the economy, and in particular his outlook for Hawaii’s real estate market. I first met Paul in 2000 when he boldly predicted that Oahu’s single-family home median sales prices would more than double within 7 years. Unbelievably his prediction came true in 2007. Since then we have …Read More

Honolulu HI 5 Became Hawaii Living With New Design and Logo – Why?

PS! Since launching our new web design – January 26, 2018 – we are now fixing bugs, streamlining the design, improving load speed and in the process of implementing new features. A good friend of mine, the late Barry Lefkowitch, was a brilliant marketer and on a day in June 2013 while Barry, our wives and I were having one of our many great evenings together, I asked him to …Read More