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Second Home & Home Improvement Services

Second Home & Home Improvement Services
Hawaii Living offers one-of-a-kind concierge services, which includes management of second homes and coordination of home improvements - all services tailored to each client’s unique lifestyle & needs. This service is only available to clients who purchase and / or sell properties with our firm.

We operate fast, efficiently and with a purpose to get the job done to the highest possible standard at the best price, hasslefree for our clients, whom we serve. With access to a large number of vendors and professionals - contractors, interior designers, handymen, attorneys etc. -  we are well positioned to deliver exceptional results. 

Second Home Management
Sample of Services:
1) Coordinate Home Cleaning & Organization
2) Vehicle Maintenance
3) Grocery Shopping
4) Coordinate Airport Pickup & Return
5) Home Vendor Coordination (handymen, electricians, plumbers etc)
5) Book Restaurants, Tours & Events

Home Improvements (Remodel, Design & Building)
Sample of Services:
A) Home Vendor Coordination (contractors, interior designers etc)
B) Collect Home Improvement Estimates
C) Oversee Home Improvement Work

If you need any of these services, do get in touch, we are here to make a difference.