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Newer Honolulu Condos Price / SqFt

The following is a list of all Honolulu condos built - or to be built - year 2005 onwards, sorted by the most expensive condos per interior square foot. We have also listed maintenance (HOA) fees per square foot for each condo.


The average price per square foot for each condo was calculated using all Active, In Escrow (under contract) and units sold over the past 1 year in each respective condo. For condos not yet built, without sold data, we used whatever data is available online in the MLS of Active and In Escrow listings. 


Example: As of writing (9/30/2021) Park Lane has 9 Active Listings, 2 in Escrow and 13 Sold over the past 365 days (1 year). We utilize all these 24 units within Park Lane to calculate an average price per square foot. 


Maintenance (HOA) fees were calculated using all current Active and In Escrow listings and taking an average (maintenance fees listed online are sometimes inaccurate and we therefore use an average across all listings to get as close to ‘reality’ as possible). 


PS! This page is constantly updated - automatically - so you don't have to worry about the data becoming outdated.