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Tracy Yamato

Tracy Yamato

Certified Residential Specialist (RA) CRS


Mobile: (808) 372-2274

Email: Tracy@HawaiiLiving.com

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Tracy has vast market knowledge and expertise gleaned from over 30 years of full-time experience as a licensed real estate agent on Oahu, Hawaii, with an emphasis on urban Honolulu. 

Having lived on Oahu for over 55 years, he has a deep knowledge and understanding of Oahu’s neighborhoods & condominiums, as well as each of their unique characteristics.  Whether it be high rise condos, townhomes or single-family homes, Tracy can advise you with respect to your real estate needs.
Throughout his career, he has been involved in many new condo developments in Honolulu, representing developers on their sales teams, as a sales manager and providing professional consultation. 

Tracy has also represented many buyers of new condo developments, using his intimate knowledge of the development process, including the pros & cons of each condo, to give his clients the confidence to make a wise informed decision.
Tracy was born on Long Island, New York, were he spent his early childhood years, until his family moved to Honolulu were he still resides.

Upon arriving in the islands, he was introduced to Hawaii’s beautiful warm blue ocean waters via bodysurfing, and quickly progressed to paipo boarding (body boarding) and surfing. He also branched out to stand-up paddle surfing, snorkeling, diving & sailing since, and even spent 2 ½ years sailing throughout the Pacific Ocean, from New Zealand to Guam to Hawaii and many points in-between, something he will never forget!
If you are thinking of either buying or selling on Oahu, let Tracy use his 30+ years of experience to help you navigate and secure the best possible results for you, your family and friends. He would be honored to help you realize your Hawaii real estate goals!

Give Tracy a call 808-372-2274 or e-mail him Tracy@HawaiiLiving.com

Tracy Doesn’t Just Sell Properties, He Sells a Lifestyle.
Some Clients Say.......

"....ensuring you have all the facts...."
It’s with immense pleasure that I share my experience with Tracy, a realtor who I wholeheartedly endorse for anyone navigating the O‘ahu real estate market. From day one, communication with Tracy was refreshingly easy. He listens intently, articulates his points clearly, and ensures that every question is answered with precision.

Tracy’s expertise in the local property market is unparalleled. He has a vast network of contacts that proves invaluable in every transaction. It’s not just about having a realtor with knowledge; it’s about having one who can harness that knowledge to connect you with the right people and opportunities.

Over the course of our four-year acquaintance, Tracy has patiently worked to understand our specific needs. For my wife and me, relocating from Texas meant finding a home that wasn't just a space to live, but a place that resonated with our lifestyle and aspirations. Tracy’s approach to real estate goes beyond the transactional aspect; he has an intuitive grasp of what makes a house a home for his clients.

He has been an anchor, offering candid and practical advice. His straightforward feedback has been crucial in helping us discern the best choices for us amidst a sea of possibilities. Navigating the technicalities of real estate can be daunting, but Tracy provided us with the guidance and support needed to understand the finer points, ensuring we made well-informed decisions.

Our professional relationship with Tracy has evolved into a cherished friendship. His integrity and dedication are evident in his every action. He's a realtor who gives you the unvarnished truth, ensuring you have all the facts to make decisions that are right for you.

As our long and sometimes challenging journey to find the perfect home comes to a close, we reflect on the path we’ve traveled with gratitude. Tracy has been more than a realtor; he has been a trusted advisor, a confidant, and a friend. We’re profoundly grateful for his relentless dedication to our cause.

Mahalo, Tracy, for your exceptional service and for being an integral part of our life-changing adventure to find our dream home in the beautiful state of Hawai‘i. I highly recommend.
Naoto Ueno - Home Buyer, Kakaako

"....full of knowledge...."
We finally did it!!!! We worked with Tracey Yamato at Hawaii Living to get through one of the most confusing processes I've ever been a part of... WOW! Thank goodness for Tracey! Buying a home has been a dream but the actual process is WAY more involved than you might imagine. It can takes months of scouring properties before finding the home you love and only then does the real work begin. Deadlines, paperwork, inspections, contractors to schedule, do's, don'ts etc. etc. etc... it was crazy. There is so much to know and so much paperwork to understand we truly couldn't have done this without Tracey by our side. It is legitimately a full time job to handle all of the deadlines and inspections and there is just no way my partner and I could have kept up with our actual jobs while also managing all of this. Thank goodness Tracey was there every step of the way and so full of knowledge about every little thing that we could have possibly needed to know about. Thank you Tracey for all you did