New Condos in Honolulu - Kakaako Condo Developments

Extraordinary New Condos

Park Lane Ala Moana

Ultra-luxury project on Ala Moana Shopping Center. Expected completion: 2017 (3 phases).


Luxury condo project in Kakaako's Ward Village. Expected completion: Oct 2017.


High-end new condo in Kakakao's Ward Village. Expected completion: Winter 2018 / 2019.


Ultra-luxury project in Kakaako's Ward Village. Completed: Nov 2016.

Gateway Towers

2 ultra-luxury condos in Kakaako's Ward Village. Expected completion: 2020 / 2021 (1st tower).


Mid-range condo project in Ward Village. Expected completion: 2020 / 2021.

Ward Village
60 acre master-planned community in the heart of Honolulu, raising the bar for luxury living. 5 projects are currently offered: 
Cylinder at Gateway Towers (ultra-luxury): A project by Richard Meier.
Waiea (ultra-luxury): A project by James K. M. Cheng.
Anaha (luxury): A project by Solomon Cordwell Buenz.
Ae'o (high-end): A project by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson.
Ke Kilohana (reserved housing / mid-range): A project by AC Martin & CDS International.

Park Lane Ala Moana
Seven 8 story buildings on Ala Moana Shopping Center - each 100ft tall - bringing a unique single-family home like concept to an ultra-luxury condo structure.
A few exclusive Penthouse units are available in Honolulu's new luxury condos in the $2M to $14.5M price range and some ultimate Grand Penthouses in the $10M to $36M price range. We can provide detailed renderings, floor plans and all you need to know about these penthouses.

Kakaako Condos
See our Kakaako condos for sale page (predominantly listings of condos already built).

Excepted Completion & Sold Data
Anaha: July 2017. ~93% sold. 
Ae'o: Q4 2018. ~65% sold. 
Cylinder at Gateway Towers: 2020 / 2021. ~40% sold. 
Park Lane Ala Moana: 2017 (3 phases). ~91% sold. 
Ritz-Carlton Waikiki: Summer 2018 (Tower 2) - a few units still available. Tower 1 completed spring 2016.
Keauhou Place: Winter 2018 / 2019. ~93% sold.  

News - New Honolulu Condos
8/26/2017 - Park Lane Ala Moana had 2nd bulk closing (building 5 & 6) early August and December is final bulk closing - building 7 & 8. Sales is strong and lowest priced unit from the remaining inventory is ~$7.4M.
8/15/2017 - Anaha sneak peek from site visit yesterday - Diamond Head side ocean views better than expected.
7/31/2017 - Keauhou Place expected to have several bulk recordations from mid October through late November. Currently, Central Pacific Bank may be only bank able to lend on project.
7/10/2017 - Anaha closing scheduled for October and November 2017.
6/15/2017 - Park Lane lowest priced remaining developer inventory is a 3BR priced at $6,108,000.
6/15/2017 - Keauhou Place lowest priced unit of remaining inventory is a 1BR PH level at $729,900 (last 1BR). There are a few 2BR and 3BR units left in the tower and 3 'townhouses' (2 story condos on 3rd and 4th floor in a podium structure next to tower).
6/3/2017 - We are expecting Aalii, a new condo project in Kakaako, will commence sales in the near future.
4/20/2017 - Symphony Honolulu still has 4-5 original developer PH units left, close to 1 year after completion.
4/12/2017 - Cylinder at Gateway Towers may break ground early next year, but dependent on sales performance.
3/30/2017 - HCDA (authority regulating developments in Kakaako) is proposing reducing max income threshold for buyers of reserved housing units and include buy back clauses for workforce housing units. 
3/29/2017 - Park Lane Ala Moana has  bulk recordations scheduled for April 5 (structure 1-3), August 2 (structure 4-5) and sometimes in November (structure 6-7).
3/23/2017 - Marukai Market and some nearby warehouses will be torn down - probably early 2018 - to make way for Ward Village's Central Plaza with a 3 acre park. Ward Plaza (adjacent to Ward Warehouse) will probably be torn down late 2017 to prepare for future condo developments. 
2/09/2017 - Ward Warehouse is closing down for good this comi9ng August and demolition of the structure will begin.
1/31/2017 - Mandarin Oriental has teamed up with developer of Manaolana Place to brand the condo hotel piece of Manoala Place with the Mandarin name.
1/24/2017 - Ke Kilohana market priced units are still being released in phases and currently 9 x 3BR in the $869K - $918K are offered. More 2BR and PH units are expected to come as part of future releases.
1/24/2017 - Kapiolani Residence has a couple of units that remain under the 30 day rescission period, but otherwise sold out. On target for late 2018 completion.
1/24/2017 - Developer of Residences at 4607 Kahala Ave, a 3 structure 6 unit ultra-luxury CPR, obtained a special area permit late 2016 to proceed with the project and is expecting to bring the project to market late 2017.
1/23/2017 - 133 Kaiulani, a planned condotel in Waikiki's King's Village, is on hold, due to high construction costs. 
1/18/2017 - Over 1,135 condo units have sold in Ward Village, across 5 projects, since sales commenced February 2014 for Waiea & Anaha.
1/6/2017 - The Block 803 Waimanu Reserved Housing non-binding pre-registration agreements can be picked up from tomorrow 10am to 5pm at 677 Ala Moana Blvd, Suite 111. Total 66 reserved housing units.
1/6/2017 - HHC has secured financing for Ae'o and sold about 57%. 
11/25/2016 - 2 new condos are proposed along Makaloa St (behind Ala Moana Shopping Center): 1) A 400 unit condo with an affordable housing component, mountain side of Walgreens and 2) a 407 unit condo hotel (207 condo units and 200 hotel rooms), ocean side of Walmart. 
11/17/2016 - Waiea buyers took ownership today, as part of the first and only bulk recordation. The units and amenities are incredible. 
11/16/2016 - Ae'o buyers are selecting color schemes and upgrade options during this month, November 2016.
11/16/2016 - Collection Honolulu has its first round of bulk recordations today. 3 other bulk recordations are scheduled for Nov 16, Nov 22, Dec 7 and Dec 14.
10/7/2016 - Manaolana Place, a 36 story condo hotel with 234 units, on the corner of Kapiolani Blvd and Atkinson Dr has been approved by the City. Sales may begin during 2017. 
9/14/2016 - If you are considering purchasing a new condo, make sure to check out our list of items to review when buying a new condo
7/26/2016 - Salem Partners, LA based investment firm and owner of the old Heald College lot at 1500 Kapiolani Blvd, is in the early planning stages of a 40 story condo hotel on that lot.
7/19/2016 - More than 1,080 units - across 5 new projects - have so far contracted in Ward Village. 
6/30/2016 - Ae'o is expected to be completed Nov / Dec 2018 and its flagship Whole Foods Market is expected to open in the 1st half of 2018. 
6/14/2016 - Most of the Ritz-Carlton Waikiki Tower 1 owners will be able to use their units from June 17, 2016 and the hotel will open its doors to the public July 15, 2016.  

Happening in Kakaako & Ala Moana
- Howard Hughes has begun their renovation of Kewalo Harbor - estimated to cost ~$20M - which is located near the Ward Village condo developments.
8/9/2017 - Morning Brew Coffee & Bistro, from Kailua, will open a 2nd location in Salt at Our Kakaako. 
5/29/2017 - Via Gelatto, a popular gelatto shop, is expected to open at Ward Centre later this year.
4/28/2017 - KuruKuru Sushi is opening a branch at the residential condo, 400 Keawe located in Our Kakaako.
4/3/2017 - Pioneer Salon, a popular Japanese plate lunch restaurant, will open a 2nd restaurant in Salt at Our Kakaako this summer.
3/29/2017 - W at Kakaako, a Japanese / Italian fushion restaurant, is coming to Salt in Our Kakaako this summer.
3/15/2017 - Urban Island Society, a clothing retailer & cafe, plans to open at Salt in Our Kakaako this summer.
3/13/2017 - Department store Saks Off 5th and discount store retailer Target are scheduled to open this summer and fall, respectively, in the old Nordstrom location in Ala Moana Shopping Center.
11/16/2016 - Down to Earth, an organic Hawaii based grocery store chain, is expected to open at Keauhou Lane in Kakaako mid 2017.
11/07/2016 - South Shore Market (TJ Maxx building in Ward Village) will have its Grand Opening Nov 12 - Nov 14. The market has space for 17 tenants.
9/17/2016 - Popular Brick Oven Pizza, from Kauai, is opening a flagship restaurants at the South Shore Market spring 2017.
9/12/2016 - Pacific Home, a furniture shop with a beach cottage theme, is moving to 744 Ala Moana Blvd.
9/8/2016 - HCDA has released a plan to re-develop the 53 acre Kakaako Makai Parks (Kewalo Basin Harbor area) over a 20 year period, which will include a beer garden, sports complex & more.
9/7/2017 - Piggy Smalls, a restaurant by the same owner of the extremely popular restaurant The Pig & The Lady, is planning to open in Ward Center (old Kua Aina Sandwich shop location) this October.
8/31/2016 - Park Lane developers and Nella Media Group is in a joint effort launching Palm Magazine this November, which will be a business, luxury lifestyle & fashion magazine.
8/31/2016 - Foodland Farms grocery store opened at Ala Moana Shopping Center today. Read more about the store here.
8/17/2016 - Lucy Strike - an entertainment center with bowling, restaurants, arcades and stages for live music - will take over the old Shirokiya location in Ala Moana Shopping Center (next to Macy's). 
8/3/2016 - Howard Hughes' planned $20 upgrade of Kewalo Basin Harbor has been approved.
8/3/2016 - Longhi's Restaurant Ala Moana Shopping Center branch has closed down.
8/1/2016 - Ala Moana Beach Park, with 4M annual visitors, is in for a make-over (major upgrades / improvements), which may start construction year 2017.
7/1/2016 - Shirokiya Japan Village Walk opened last week at Ala Moana's new Ewa Wing - it has more than 50 restaurants & shops. 
6/03/2016 - Vintage Cafe Cafe, an Italian inspired restaurant seating 150 people, opening at Ala Moana's new ewa wing October this year.

Up-to-date map on new condo projects in Honolulu.

Upcoming New Condos in Honolulu

Where are the New Condo Developments in Honolulu?
Without question, the name on everyone's minds is Kakaako, which, ironically, means slow in Hawaiian. This mainly industrial area is just beginning the transformation that will turn it into a dynamic neighborhood that promises the best in urban outdoor lifestyles, luxury living and a perfect location bridging Downtown and Ala Moana. There are also development plans in Waikiki, though on a much smaller scale.

The creation of this burgeoning neighborhood, Kakaako, is primarily the work of 2 major entities - Kamehameha Schools and the Howard Hughes Corporation. Howard Hughes owns 19% of the land in Kakaako, while Kamehameha has 17%.

Kamehameha will be transforming 29 acres of their land here, under a project called 'Our Kakaako', which make up the western section, closest to downtown, of the entire redevelopment. Lying next to it on the East is Hughes' Ward Village concept, spread over 60 acres total.

There's actually a 3rd major section, aside from the Hughes & Kamehameha communities, which takes up the area between Piikoi St and the historic IBM Building (Queen St) - the easternmost area, closest to Ala Moana - known as the 'Super Block', due to its density of development. The Super Block is made up of 7 popular high-rise condos: Hokua (2006), Koolani (2006), Nauru Tower (1990), Hawaiki Tower (1999), Waihonua (2015), 1350 Ala Moana (1968) & Moana Pacific (2007).

Together Kamehameha and Hughes are expected to build more than 20 new condo towers in Kakaako over the coming years (possibly 16 condo buildings by Howard Hughes in "Ward Village" and possibly 7 condos on land owned by Kamehameha Schools in "Our Kakaako"). Many will take their place among the finest luxury condos in Honolulu, once completed. Keep in mind, though, these new condo developments in Honolulu will ultimately include a broad range of units, including affordable and mid-range housing.

More About Ward Village - Urban Development Guided By a Vision
The Ward Village neighborhood will be roughly defined by Ward Ave on the West (including a few lots west of Ward Ave), Ala Moana Blvd on the South and Queen St as both eastern and northern borders due to its curved path.

The fact that Howard Hughes owns all of this land makes certain that its vision of integrated shopping and services, such as grocery stores, parking structures and dining options will be a certainty. These elements are an integral part of the Kakaako 'outdoor living space' lifestyle, rather than afterthoughts added wherever they could be fit in - something that happens too often in fast developing Honolulu. 

The vision includes making the entire area LEED (leadership in energy & environmental design) platinum-certified, which would make Ward Village the largest platinum-certified neighborhood the US. LEED certification is a prestigious designation offered to properties offering a high level of sustainability. Some examples of what Howard Hughes is doing to achieve this high level LEED certification: 

  • Focus on water and energy savings, which help reduce water consumption. Methods include utilizing high-performance, water-saving fixtures like dual-flush toilets.
  • Usage of energy-efficient appliances and design, which reduces the consumption of imported oil and the creation of CO2 emissions, making for a healthier environment and land. For landscaping, LEED prioritizes the use of native plants, drought-tolerant plants, and low-impact stormwater design. This is important because stormwater runoff is one of the ocean’s top pollutants. Such design absorbs runoff and also acts as a filter, reducing the flow of polluted water.
  • Avenues for environmentally friendly modes of transportation (biking and walking instead of driving), encouraging better fitness. It also prioritizes the health of residents in other ways, including integrating larger open spaces and improved circulation in buildings, making for fresh air beyond code minimums.

Howard Hughes has also made clear their intentions to build luxury units that will raise the bar in Hawaii. A couple in the works are two grand penthouses in Waiea, priced around $35,000,000.

All of Ward Village, when completed, may include 16 condo projects, but will not be defined by concrete sprawl. Hughes has planned a 4 acre park so the community will have ample room to breathe and enjoy the beauty of this place. The defining concept Kamehameha Schools, the other major landowner, and Hughes have jointly set down is that Kakaako will be a place to Live, not just reside. There's a big difference.

The utter commitment by Howard Hughes to this project is unmistakable if only from the approximate $20 million they've spent remodeling the landmark IBM Building into an Information & Sales Center specifically for this undertaking.

Insight to Kakaako
Residents will enjoy broad pedestrian paths & boulevards all over the district. Enjoy a refreshing stroll at the end of the workday or walk to an enticing new restaurant nearby you've been always wanting to try. Alongside convenient shopping, you'll also find senior centers, recreation areas and playgrounds. All ages can find a new condo in Kakaako that feels welcoming and like home.

Along with this smart development you get the best of nature's treasures as well. Soft, enveloping beach, the infinite blue ocean, wide green parks - they're all within your reach now. No climbing once again into the car every time you need to just get out for a while. Kakaako’s new development is built around easy access to every aspect of life.

Be a part of this incredible community that will only get better and better. Make sure you get the timing right and end up in the best condo for you and your lifestyle. Feel free to contact us and learn what you need to know about making your home a new condo in Kakaako or one of the other new condo developments in Honolulu.

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Kristian has studied and followed Oahu's real estate market for more than a decade and in 2008 he invested in his first oceanfront condo in Diamond Head. He has a wealth of knowledge on the local market and excels at the negotiation table, navigating even the most complex and challenging situations with a calm and steady hand. 

Kristian had a vision to create a different kind of real estate firm, utilizing the Internet to offer more insight to Oahu's real estate. He had an idea to offer content in a format digestible for the beginner, yet educational for the savvy investor. The thoughts lead to the creation of Honolulu HI 5.

Kristian lives by Diamond Head with his family and when he isn’t working you will often find him walking his Newfoundland dog by Kapiolani Park or going for a swim at Kaimana Beach. He is also the owner of Hawaii Job Engine - an online job board free to the local community.

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Due to his acknowledged work ethic, problem solving skills and extensive experience in Oahu's real estate market, George has successfully built a professional reputation for excellent service. He has earned a strong client base through repeat business and referrals from his many satisfied clients. He attributes his success to experience, integrity, market knowledge, hard work and commitment to excellent service, representation and client satisfaction.

George has continuously been at the pinnacle of production in general real estate brokerage as well as a number of developer project sales, including Lanikea at Waikiki and Moana Pacific.

George lives with his wife and young daughter at The Watermark and during his pastime you might see him running and swimming at Ala Moana Beach.

Kristian Nielsen

Kristian Nielsen
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More New Condo Projects

Ritz-Carlton Waikiki

Luxury condo hotel in Waikiki. Tower 1 completed. Tower 2 expected completion: Summer 2018.

Keauhou Place

Mid-priced condo project in Kakaako, within "Our Kakaako." 
Sales ongoing. 
Expected completion: Fall 2017.

Kapiolani Residence

Mid-range project with 484 units - mix of market priced and affordable housing.
Sales ongoing.
Expected completion: Mid 2018.

Newer Condos
Symphony Honolulu

High-end condo in Kakaako near Ward Village.
A few units still not sold (90%+ sold).
Completed May 2016 and owners are currently moving in.


Luxury condo built in 2006, 40 floors with 247 units, 2 - 4BR floor plans.
Amenities: Concierge, swimming pool, sauna, tennis courts, BBQ area with cabanas, guest suites.

One Ala Moana

Luxury condo built in 2014, 206 units on 23 floors, 1 - 4BR.
Amenities: Concierge, Infinity pool, theater, guest suites, dog park, massage room, yoga room, BBQ.


Built in 2015, 345 units on 43 floors, 1 - 3BR.
Amenities: Infinity pool, party room, theater, gym, hot tub, BBQ pavilions, 2 guest suites.


Built in 2006, 48 floors that hold 372 units, 2 to 4BR floor plans.
Amenities: Fitness, pool, spa, movie theater, tennis courts, BBQ area, billiards room, putting green, dog park.

Moana Pacific

Built in 2007, 720 Units on 48 Floors, 1 to 4BR Floor plans, Pets: Ok (verify).
Amenities: Pool, Jacuzzi, Putting Green & Driving Range, Tennis Courts, Fitness, BBQ  Area, Movie Theaters.

Pacifica Honolulu

Built in 2009, 492 Units on 46 Floors, 1 to 3BR, Pets: OK (verify).
Amenities: Hot Tub, Pool, 2 Theaters, Gym, Fire Pits, BBQ, Gated Park with Pet Area.

Keola Lai

Built in 2008, 356 Units on 42 Floors, 1 - 3BR, Pets: OK (verify)
Amenities: Fitness Center, BBQ Area, Heated Pool, Whirlpool Spa, 24 Hour Security.

909 Kapiolani

Built in 2007 with 232 Units over 35 Floors, 1 to 3BR Floor plans, Pets: OK (veriy).
Amenities: Pool, Hot Tub, Party Room, BBQ Area, Recreation Deck,  24-Hour Security, Fitness Center.

400 Keawe

Completed May 2016, 6 Floors with 95 units in 1 - 3BR configurations.
No amenities.

801 South St

Built in 2015, 635 Units on 46 floors, Studio - 2BR.
Amenities: None, except a few seating arrangements.
Maintenance fees are very low.

The Collection Honolulu

Built 2016, 397 Units on 43 floors, 1-3BR.
Mid-range / high-end project in Our Kakaako.
Amenities: Fitness, Pool, Dog Wash, Kids Play Area Yoga Room etc.

"....a man of integrity and his goal was to get me exactly what I wanted....."
I want to share my experience with Kristian Nielsen of Honolulu HI 5 Realty.  I called from the mainland and Kristian answered the phone personally, no machine, no message, no waiting.  I arranged to fly to Oahu and met with him.  He showed me a few properties to give me options and educate me on the market.  I went with a penthouse in Kakaako's Ward Village, a very prestigious new condo development area in Honolulu.  Kristian was very creative in thinking of options in the build out as it is a project not net started.  Then he proceeded to secure me a rental in a luxury condo in Waikiki based on his referral, which saved me a lot of qualifying annoyance.  In the entire process, Kristian took great effort to educate me so that when I made decisions, I had all the information I needed.  It was obvious, Kristian is a man of integrity and his goal was to get me exactly what I wanted being armed with all the facts.  He is proactive, takes no shortcuts, and makes himself your personal real estate valet and whatever is needed, he handles with great care and graciousness.  I plan to buy another condo in the next three years and am so glad I found the best of the best in Kristian Nielsen.
Julia Rose - Honolulu, HI

"....In Honolulu at this time, that doesn't happen too often...."
When we were looking for an apartment in our building to purchase, we decided to contact Kristian Nielsen. It was a great choice. We were very specific in what we were looking for, and rather than convince to look elsewhere, Kristian agreed to keep his eyes open for a listing that fit our needs. When an apartment came on the market that might be right for us, Kristin let us know right away, and arranged for us to see it before the first open house. That was really valuable because apartments in our building have been selling rapidly. The apartment we saw was not in the greatest condition, and rather than try and "sell us", Kristian was very realistic about what would be required, in time and money, to make it pleasant. When we decided to go ahead and make an offer, Kristian was very savvy. He readily agreed that the asking price was excessive, even though we knew that if the unit stayed on the market someone would surely snatch it up. Kristian sounded out the sellers agent and based on that he suggested what our opening offer should be. He was right on target. In the end, with a minimum of negotiation, we agreed on a purchase price about 7% under the asking price. In Honolulu at this time, that doesn't happen too often! After our purchase closed, Kristian also gave us great advice and several recommendations as to finding a contractor to help us fix things up a bit. We are now living in our new home, and it's pretty fabulous. We're lucky we found Kristian. I am quite certain no other agent could have gotten us in to our new home. I recommend him wholeheartedly. In fact, if we ever decide to sell, he'll be the one I will call.
Akiko & Jeff Tash - Honolulu, HI

"....impressed with how well versed you were with the area...."
Hi Kristian, I want to thank you for helping me become a homeowner again. I've been looking for a property for the past 2 years; I worked with numerous real estate agents, viewed several properties and even made offers on some of them but all those efforts were unsuccessful. One day I was reading an Ad about your firm and decided to give you a call to see if you could assist me with my search. I was so impressed with how well versed you were with the area. In just a matter of a week, I was able to pick a unit that I wanted to purchase. Making a reasonable offer on the property was critical but you did the 'homework' and came up with an offer that worked for both me and the seller. I was very impressed with that because it was in the offer phase that my previous attempts to buy failed. The step by step guidance you provided during the closing process was invaluable, I had very little to worry about because you took care of almost everything. I appreciate the follow-up to make sure things are going well at my new place and the updates on the developments around the area, specifically, the Whole Foods project.
I couldn't ask for a better agent to work with. Mahalo nui!
Cecilia Balinsat Lucas - Honolulu, HI

"....developing an attractive marketing package...."
Kristian,  I want to thank you for your professional approach to the sale of our Condo. We appreciate you keeping us fully informed as to market conditions, showings and developing an attractive marketing package for the property. Closing was a breeze with your assistance even though we were 3,000 miles away.
Earl Robertson - Colorado Springs, CO

"....went above and beyond...."
I recently purchased a condo in Waikiki - I live out of state so that made things even more stressful than usual. Kristian Neilson and his wife Maki were wonderful to work with and they gained my trust very quickly.  Kristian was always very responsive to my emails and phone calls and I felt supported throughout the process.  Kristian went above and beyond on several occasions - organizing an electrician and other things.  I would definitely contact Kristian and Maki in the future if I purchase another property and I definitely recommend Honolulu HI 5 to my family and friends.
Joanne H. - San Francisco, CA

"....meticulous follow-ups and updates...."
I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the energy Kristian brought us every time we met. He has shown us much compassion and kindness as well. It was through his thoughtful and careful attention to details that my family benefited to purchase a condo unit in Waikiki. Kristian is a self motivated and goal oriented individual, who delivers dedicated high-quality service and knowledge with speedy, meticulous follow-ups and updates. He is the realtor who certainly generates enthusiasm in others.
Noriko Narita - Honolulu, HI

"....couldn't be happier...."
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kristian Nielsen to sell our Waikiki condominium. He was professional, responsive and provided sound counsel on pricing. We interviewed several realtors before deciding who to list with and couldn't have been happier with Kristian as our choice.
Mark M. - Seattle, WA

"....most amazing realtor...."
Mr. Kristian Nielsen of Honolulu HI 5 is the most amazing realtor with whom we have ever worked. Before we contacted him, we had lost several chances to purchase a condominium, but Kristian acted quickly enough to put us in the bidding for the unit we wanted. Thanks to him; we have found a home we love and we have successfully purchased it.   The condo with which we fell in love is Hokua at Ala Moana, which is known for wonderful management services and well-made units. We had really wanted that unit. In fact, we had lost a chance getting another unit at Hokua and we just couldn't back off. We contacted Kristian one evening and exchanged e-mails through the night, and the next morning, he contacted the seller agent to see the unit with our purchase offer in hand. He took several pictures and checked the points that we had asked him to, since we live outside Hawaii and couldn't see the unit so quickly ourselves. After we agreed, he quickly handed the paper to the selling agent to beat any other people who would like to purchase it.  Kristian made every effort to satisfy our requests and needs and eventually we closed the deal within a month. Even after that, he continues to help us coordinate projects we are undertaking to refurbish the unit. These projects are still in progress, but we are very confident because we know Kristian and his beautiful and kind wife Maki have our back. Thanks again, Kristian, we are so fortunate to know you as our agent who has such extensive knowledge and kindness, and as our friend.
Lani B. - San Jose, CA

"....trustworthy, never pushy, meticulous with numbers...."
I live and own properties in California but I've always wanted a place in Hawaii to call my own.  So when the opportunity arose via a 1031 exchange I combed the Internet for such a property.  With just a couple of emails with Kristian Nielsen, I instinctively knew I could trust him to look out for my best interest.  With just one trip to Hawaii, he helped me find a place in Waikiki  and made the whole transaction painless & stress free.  I found Kristian very honest and trustworthy, never pushy,  meticulous with numbers, and very professional every step of the way.  I certainly would not hesitate to use his service when given another chance to buy a second, or maybe even a third property.
Marietta B. - Chino Hills, CA