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How I Redecorated My Client’s Condo To Get Top Dollar

I represented the Sellers of a 2 bedroom condo in Honolulu, which sold for $1,470,000 today – April 10th, 2018. The condo had previously been listed for sale with two other real estate agencies – most recently listed at $1,300,000 –  before it was taken off the market October 2016. When I saw the unit for the first time – summer 2017 – it appeared in a good condition, but …Read More

History of Honolulu’s Condo Neighborhoods

The history of Honolulu’s condo neighborhoods is much more than the tale of paving and steel beams. There are rich stories behind each, that tell Hawaii’s story as well as the rich lives of the peoples who made their home there as well as the life of the land itself, as you’ll see. We trace the sometimes astonishing evolution of the 4 preeminent condo neighborhoods in Honolulu today – Kakaako, …Read More

New Listing: Colony Beach #4 (Diamond Head)

Colony Beach #4 was just listed by Marcel Chan for $3,500,000. Address: 2893 Kalakaua Ave. The Colony Beach is arguably the most exclusive condo building on Diamond Head’s Gold Coast and one of the most unique condos in Honolulu. This highly coveted property has just 8 apartments total – 1 per floor with a private keyed elevator opening up to your own foyer. Colony Beach #4 is a large 2BR …Read More

Kailua’s Fashion Collaborators Have You Covered

Lifestyle, environment and fashion come together in Kailua creating an exciting trend of boutiques that provide unique experiences beyond typical shopping. Living in Hawaii and particularly in Kailua offers a relaxed, but modern lifestyle where the environment clearly determines much of what we wear. Thanks to the ingenuity, creativity and collaboration of several local fashion partners, finding the right wardrobe without leaving Kailua, is now a breeze. Some new to …Read More

Hawaii Real Estate And The Power of Staging

Hawaii Real Estate and The Power of Staging – Neuroscience has proven that people buy on emotion and justify with logic afterward. This holds true even for Hawaii real estate. 95% of the time this emotional buying decision is made subconsciously, often within seconds of experiencing the positive emotion. “It just felt right when I first saw the property.” This intuitive gut feeling then triggers the urge to explore the …Read More

Japanese Bank Lending for Overseas Purchases

Saikyo Bank – headquartered in Yamaguchi-ken with main loan center in Tokyo – began overseas lending to Japanese nationals who live in Japan since November 2017. When this program launched there was a stipulation to qualify for the loan that Buyer must own at least one other overseas property, which could be used as collateral against such additional purchase. March 2018 Saikyo Bank updated its program, so Japanese buyers no …Read More

Should I pay down or pay off my mortgage? Or should I buy more investment properties?

The overriding question is: “What else could I do with my time and my money?” The answer to this question depends on the current state of your financial affairs. Financial health requires a balance of: a) growth above the rate of inflation, and b) prudent risk management. You need both, but depending on where you are in life, your focus might be slanted toward either growth mode or preservation mode. …Read More

Hawaii Real Estate – The Sellers’ Obligation To Disclose

Hawaii Real Estate – The Sellers’ Obligation To Disclose – Sellers of Hawaii real estate are obligated to disclose any “fact, condition or defect, past or present, that could measurably affect the value of the property for sale to a reasonable person.” Realtors representing sellers require their clients to complete the Seller’s Real Property Disclosure Statement. See a blank copy of the form here. Sometimes sellers take ‘facts, conditions or …Read More

Great Honolulu Condos Under $1,000,000

It is becoming increasingly difficult to purchase a high-end condo in Honolulu under $1,000,000 – depending on how one defines high-end, obviously! We decided to take a closer look at 5 popular condo neighborhoods – Kakaako, Waikiki, Diamond Head’s Gold Coast, Hawaii Kai and Downtown – and select the best condo from each of these neighborhood where you sometimes – or often, in some cases – can purchase a great …Read More

The Central Ala Moana

The Central Ala Moana is a planned new condo project in Honolulu. Sales expected to begin late 2018. This post will be updated as we learn more about the project. What We Know So Far Location: 1391 Kapiolani Blvd – ocean side of Kapiolani Blvd 512 units, 43 stories, 400ft tall 60% affordable housing and 40% market rate units Developer: SamKoo – same developer of Kapiolani Residence Sales expected to commence late …Read More