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Honolulu’s Luxury Condo Boom – a New Way of Luxury Living

If we go back 15 years, the vast majority of buyers purchasing luxury real estate in Honolulu would look for large single-family homes with a pool. Year 2002, 48 homes in Honolulu sold for more than $1,500,000, whereas just 6 condos in Honolulu sold for more than $1,5000,000 (all 6 condos were in old oceanfront buildings). Late year 2002 marketing of Hokua, a luxury condo in Kakaako, began pre-construction. Prices …Read More

ProsPac Tower – New Condo Project Coming to Ala Moana

ProsPac Tower is a proposed new 400ft condo project near Ala Moana Shopping Center, on a corner of Keeaumoku St and Makaloa St – 627 & 641 Keeaumoku St.  The proposed project would include 429 units of which 351 are sold as market rate units and 78 are affordable rental units (must earn 80% or less of area median income). The developer has proposed creating 2 separate entrances for the …Read More

Kaneohe – A Mix of Yesterday and Today

Kick back! Get away from the hustle and bustle and throngs of visitors – go to a place that takes you back in time, but with all the amenities of today. You’ll truly understand the slogan “Lucky we live Hawaii” if you make Kaneohe your home. Kaneohe is the perfect part of paradise to settle in – especially if you enjoy sailing and fishing and being connected to this spread-out …Read More

Lost and Now Found: North Shore’s Papailoa Paradise

When you dream of getting lost in paradise, it’s not hard to imagine Papailoa’s beachside neighborhood, a picture of tranquility and beauty on Oahu’s North Shore. Papailoa remains a hidden treasure and prime Oahu real estate – a peaceful haven of luxurious homes – some with the feel of Old Hawaii, and dramatic views of an ever-changing seascape – in an area called Kawailoa, just north of Haleiwa. If the …Read More

Ewa Beach & Kapolei Shopping – The Complete Guide

One of the main reasons for the attraction of the 2nd City Vision was the promise of shopping and entertainment options, crucially important elements to making it more than merely a more affordable bedroom community. As we’ve known for some time now, they’ve delivered on that promise to Ewa and Kapolei home buyers. Today, West Oahu residents can easily accomplish everything from daily errands to indulgent shopping therapy without ever …Read More

Boating, Fishing and Quality Living in Kaneohe

Kaneohe is one of the two largest windward communities on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. The other is adjacent Kailua. Ancient landscapes of dramatic mountains, streams, bay and ocean have formed natural divisions in the Kaneohe area, carving the town into unique smaller neighborhoods, each with its own characteristics. Join us on a trip around five Kaneohe neighborhoods as we explore the areas looking for the enclave that best matches …Read More

5 Great Townhomes in Ewa Beach

How do you find a great Ewa Beach townhome to live in? A good start is considering our choices for that title. We’ve selected 5 communities that are outstanding because they each possess a variety of features, qualities and advantages that make a direct positive impact on your life and lifestyle. They don’t do it in the same way or with the same benefits, however. Real estate isn’t that simple, …Read More

5 Great Townhomes in Kapolei

The broad story of Kapolei real estate has consistently been told in terms of single family homes. The possibility of an affordable house on Oahu with a yard and a garage was a very effective frame for the 2nd City story. The problem is that frame leaves out an entire property market here. Townhomes in Kapolei are an equally exciting option for the right home buyer, providing the same, or …Read More

Kailua – A Town With a View

Every home in Kailua – condos and cottages, tract homes and beach-front estates – has a room with a view, whether of a lush valley, trees bursting in all their floral splendor, majestic mountains, green hillsides, or arguably the most beautiful beaches in the world. From tranquil turquoise waters that lap at long stretches of white sand beaches to backdrops of ancient volcanic mountain ranges that loom as the town’s …Read More