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What I Learned About Honolulu Real Estate While Vacationing In Paris, France

—  Every day I experience new situations allowing me to see the world in different ways. I ask myself: “What can I learn today to optimize my life and my world?” Traveling abroad and experiencing different architecture, cultures, and lifestyles is a terrific opportunity to foster new ideas. My wife likes Paris, France, so we visited the ‘city of romance’ during our recent summer vacation. Here are some random observations …Read More

Oahu Real Estate Market Update – 2018 Mid-Year

Oahu Real Estate Market Update – 2018 Mid-Year Here we compare the most recent 6 months (January – June 2018) of Oahu real estate sales data with the same 6 months from the prior year. We look for inflection points that could signal a future trend reversal. Comparing only one month of data with another month would be insufficient because of the narrow sampling size. Using the 6-months rolling average …Read More

Sky Ala Moana – A New Condo Project in Honolulu

Sky Ala Moana is a new condo project consisting of 2 towers coming to Ala Moana, which is already home to two of Honolulu’s most luxurious condos: Park Lane and One Ala Moana and also home to the world famous Ala Moana Shopping Center and popular Ala Moana Beach Park. Sky Ala Moana will be the first condo project ever in Honolulu to offer a combination of residential and condo hotel units …Read More

The Central Ala Moana

For more info, contact Sunny Bak (RA) at (808) 753-8293 or email her Sunny@HawaiiLiving.com If you are looking for a spacious, affordable, centrally-located new development condo in Honolulu with great amenities and efficient high-tech appliances, The Central Ala Moana will be a great option for you. The Central Ala Moana is a new condo project in Honolulu, to be developed by SamKoo Hawaii who is currently developing Kapiolani Residence (expected …Read More

10 Awesome Streets in Ewa Beach

What makes an Awesome Street in Ewa Beach, or anywhere else, can be broken down simply, at least from a real estate perspective. It’s a road known for its quality homes, with dimensions you nod approvingly of when you see them; a location that brings conveniences to your doorstep or recreation and entertainment choices that are even extraordinary. Most of all, they make daily living an easier, more pleasurable experience …Read More

Hale Ka Lae – New Condo in Hawaii Kai

Hale Ka Lae is a new condo project coming to Hawaii Kai by Avalon Development. It is a conversion of the existing 7000 Hawaii Kai Drive rental project where the 213 units will be converted from rentals to individually owned condo units. For more information please call new condo project expert Marcel Chan (R) at (808) 392-1501 or email Marcel@HawaiiLiving.com. Hale Ka Lae in Brief Hale Ka Lea is a …Read More

Professional Staging of Newer Kakaako Condo

I represented the Seller of a 2 bedroom condo in Honolulu – Waihonua #809, located in Kakaako – which recorded June 4, 2018 at $910,000. To put some perspective on this: About 5 months earlier a unit 11 floors higher in the same stack and similar condition sold  for $930K. How did we achieve this level of success? A little background at first. Originally, Seller wanted to test the market …Read More

Kailua’s Top 10+ Cul-de-Sacs

The term cul-de-sac is French in origin and means bottom of the bag or sack. However; in real estate terms, a cul-de-sac is a dead-end street with a bulb-shaped turn-around at the end – just like the bottom of a sack. A home on a cul-de-sac is the crème de la crème – a highly sought after location and we all know about location, location, location. Cul-de-sacs and other shapes …Read More

How To Secure Your First Oahu Rental When Moving To Hawaii.

—  Last week I received two inquiries from individuals moving to Hawaii for new job opportunities. Both were excited and searching for answers on how to solve their immediate rental housing need. Perhaps you too are moving to Hawaii, looking to rent because you are not ready to buy. Here is how you do it: 1)  How to find the best deals on airline tickets If you have not booked …Read More

Guide to Mililani Living

Life in Mililani gives you something that’s common to every community on Oahu – an experience that is all its own. There are different reasons for this uniqueness in our Island’s towns and neighborhoods – cultural background(s), a location smack in the middle, or even completely removed, from the tourist centers or just a ‘feel’ that’s not easily explained. In Mililani’s case there’s a few factors, one major element being …Read More