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Book: “Buying Paradise – Real Estate In Hawaii: The Ultimate Guide How To Turn Your Dream Into Reality”

Are you dreaming about buying in Hawaii and don’t know where to start?

The wait is over!  It took months of focused effort to publish the first Hawaii Living book, now available on Amazon

Attention:  Amazon is featuring the book as a promo special $0.99 effective 3/31/2018.

“Buying Paradise – Real Estate In Hawaii: The Ultimate Guide How To Turn Your Dream Into Reality”

This book is for you because paradise is closer than you think. Choose the world in which you like to live.  Get your copy here.

Buying Paradise - Real Estate In Hawaii: The Ultimate Guide How To Turn Your Dream Into Reality

“Buying Paradise – Real Estate In Hawaii: The Ultimate Guide How To Turn Your Dream Into Reality”

The book is organized into three parts:

‘Why’ Hawaii is the finest place in the world to optimize your life satisfaction, and why you should buy.

‘How’ you can buy your home in Hawaii, with specific actionable steps and strategies preparing you mentally and financially.

‘What’ you can buy on Oahu. A complete menu of Oahu real estate solutions organized by price range and areas to match your dream at any budget.

The book offers solutions how you can prepare to successfully manage the high cost of living for the rest of your life. It is packed with ideas and strategies how to shift your mindset and forge forward. Go for it. Turn your Hawaii dream into reality and design your remarkable life in paradise. Explore 33 chapters and discover:

• Why And When You Should Buy In Hawaii
• How You Can Overcome Procrastination And Use Projected 20/20 Hindsight
• Five Ways To Help You Make Decisions
• How To Save, Invest, And Create A Passive Income Stream
• Trailblazers –Real Stories How Others Turned Their Dream Into Reality
• Tips For Moving To Hawaii
• The Pros And Cons Of Buying vs. Renting
• How To Find Your Dream Home
• How To Get The Best Mortgage Loan
• The Pros And Cons Of Selling Before Buying
• The A-to-Z Process Of Buying Your Home
• Residential Real Estate Investment Strategies
• Wealth Creation With Real Estate
• Real Estate Tax Benefits
For maximum benefit and usability with hundreds of live links, get the Kindle version rather than the paperback version.

Here is what readers are saying:

— “Buying Paradise is SO MUCH MORE than a book on the real estate market in Hawaii. Although it is likely the best current book on buying/investing in real estate in Hawaii, with tons of hyperlinks to additional resources, the true value of this well-written and informative book is the author’s real world example of how to turn your dream, whatever the dream, into reality. George Krischke gives the reader practical advice and includes examples of his own experience as a new and then seasoned real estate buyer, along with stories of others who have realized their real estate dreams. George points out that achieving a dream does not happen without planning, dedication, and knowledge, of which there is plenty contained within the pages of this excellent book. Read this book and you will be well on your way!”

— “This is wonderful book for anyone who is new to or is familiar with the real estate market on Oahu, Hawaii. I love the live links this book has to specific set of properties currently available on the market broken down by various price ranges and residential neighborhoods. This book also tackles taxation and how to maximize your purchase as well as useful and up to date tips for real estate investors. It has great stories on bootstrapping your way to success from scratch and a realistic approach to investing in general. Great read!”

— “This book has a nice narrative flow, while providing all the information and contacts you will need to secure your own personal paradise in Hawaii. Not only are the author’s own experiences and achievements in this arena inspirational, he shows us how to use our own innate tools to succeed just as he has. This book will not only get your head in the right place with facts, but also with the right mindset and attitude.”

— “This is a must read for anyone that has ever had the dream of living in paradise. Buying real estate anywhere is challenging but Hawaii is an entirely different kind of monster. Going in with the knowledge George Krischke provides in this book gives you a leg up on the other buyers you will be competing with for the same property. He shares his experiences to help others avoid the pit falls he faced along the way as he accumulated his wealth and his piece of paradise. He shows in chapter after chapter how anyone with the right drive, determination and discipline can be successful in making the dream of owning real estate in Hawaii a reality.”

— “This is an excellent book regarding buying or investing in Hawaii real estate. It was well thought out, well organized, up to date and very practical. I discovered many new valuable links which I am already finding very useful. I had the good fortune of being one of George’s real estate clients a few years ago and was very impressed with his work ethic, sincerity and competence. Not surprisingly, this book is similarly very professional. If you are curious about investing in Hawaii real estate, or want to get up to date on the trends, this book is a must read.”

— “The book is a tremendous resource to either the first time or experienced buyer in Hawaii or specifically Oahu. George Krischke not only explains everything in detail but has the knowledge of providing some very useful electronic links. In addition to his insight how a dedicated person could set themselves up to their first purchase George included in his book the comments of several persons that purchased property on the island. What is remarkable is how similar some of those comments were in their advice to future buyers. If one is considering buying property reading George Krischke’s “how to” advice and the comments of those prior purchasers would be very helpful in your purchase.”

— “I wished that I had this book available to me years ago. This book tells it all, a powerful reference to buying real estate in Hawaii or any other place. The numerous links provide easy access to information about Hawaiian properties and definitions.
The author gives more than good reasons to buy Hawaii real estate. He shares with us his story of “rags-to riches” and lays out a plan of how anyone can achieve their dream of financial security.
This book is an easy read, but filled with extensive references for those who want more in-depth studying. I highly recommend this book for people venturing into real estate as a way to have a bright future.”

— “I really enjoyed this book. Lots of great, true-to-life tips about buying in Hawaii. The reader gets a real sense about what it’s like to live in “paradise” — both the up and the down sides. The author also understands that buying a home is not just about the physical attributes of a home but also about the emotional needs of the buyer. I enjoyed the focus on the importance of knowing yourself and understanding how that plays into a home purchase. I’d highly recommend this book to anyone who is thinking about buying a home in Hawaii.”

— “Well written, comprehensive, detailed. More than just a guide on real estate, also an investment guide.”

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