New Honolulu Condos: Recently Built & Coming Soon!

This is an overview of all Honolulu’s new condos, that fall into one of these categories:

1) Built over the past decade (since 2014), or
2) Selling pre-construction / currently under construction, or
3) Coming soon.

This post shares a snapshot in time and therefore, to get the most current up-to-date status on new developments, always keep an eye on our New Honolulu Condo Projects page. 

Honolulu has seen a significant number of new condos developed over the past decade, starting with One Ala Moana, a luxury condo in Ala Moana, completed 2014. 

One Ala Moana

Developments are predominantly taking place in 3 neighborhoods: Ward Village, Our Kakaako and Ala Moana. Additionally, there are some other new condos, in Honolulu, but outside those 3 areas. 

We will review:

  • The 18 condos that have been developed / built over the past decade,
  • The 7 projects, not yet built, that are currently selling, and
  • The 9 projects expected to launch sales in the not so distance future in Honolulu. 

Ward Village

Ward Village Map (all 14 condos)

Ward Village is a 60 acre master planned community, located in a prime section of Kakaako, near Ala Moana Shopping Center, a short drive to Waikiki and Ala Moana Beach Park across the street. 

All developments are controlled by 1 developer, Howard Hughes Corporation, enabling the development of a community that seamlessly flows and connects with a highly sophisticated touch. 

Once completed, the neighborhood will have 14 residential highrise towers with more than 4,600 units and 900,000 sq ft of retail space. 

Ward Village strategic plans include parks, wide sidewalks with streetscape designs along Auahi Street and positioning towers to protect ocean views as best possible. 

Auahi Street Rendering. Courtesy: Howard Hughes Corp.

Ward Village: Not Yet Built

The Launiu Ward Village
Ultra-luxury condo, pre-construction, with an expected completion 2026, as the 11th tower. ~ 50% presold. 

The Launiu Ward Village Rendering

Ultra-luxury condo, under construction, with an expected completion 2026, as the 10th tower. ~ 90% presold.

Kalae Rendering

The Park Ward Village
Luxury condo, under construction, with an expected completion 2025, as the 9th tower. ~ 95% presold.

The Park Ward Village – Construction Progress May 2024

Victoria Place
Ultra-luxury condo, under construction, with an expected completion in the fall this year (2024), as the seventh tower. 100% presold. 

Victoria Place – Construction Progress May 2024

Ulana Ward Village
Reserved (affordable) housing condo, for Hawaii residents, under construction, with an expected completion 2025, as the eighth tower. 100% presold.

Ulana Ward Village – Construction Progress May, 2024

Ward Village: Future Projects

Mahana at Ward Village
High-end condo. We speculate a possible launch of sales spring / summer 2025 with a completion 2029.

Mahana at Ward Village Rendering

Ultra-luxury condo. We speculate a possible launch of sales late 2025 with a completion 2030.

Melia Ward Village Rendering

Ultra-luxury condo (and the most luxurious in Ward Village). We speculate a possible launch of sales late 2025 with a completion 2030.

Ilima Ward Village Rendering

Ward Village: Already Built

Ultra-luxury condo completed 2016, as the first tower.


Luxury condo completed 2017, as the second tower.


High-end condo completed 2018, as the third tower.


Ke Kilohana
Predominantly reserved (affordable) condo completed 2019, as the fourth tower.

Ke Kilohana

High-end condo completed 2021, with 20% reserved (affordable) units, as the fifth tower.


Luxury condo completed 2022, as the sixth tower.


Our Kakaako

Our Kakaako is a 29 acre master planned community in Kakaako, located immediately to the west of Ward Village, a bit further away from Ala Moana and Waikiki. 

A total of 9 blocks are owned by Kamehameha Schools, the largest landowner in the State of Hawaii, and they team up with different developers to built on the different blocks.

Once completed, Our Kakaako will have 9 projects: 7 high-rise condos, a 6 story low-rise (400 Keawe) and a 7 story rental project (The Flats at Puunui). 

The master plan calls for creating green spaces, convenient walking spaces and a large variety of retail and restaurant experiences. Salt, a very popular open air central shopping plaza in Our Kakaako, is already completed, and much more retail and restaurant options are coming to the area. 

Streetscape Rendering in Our Kakaako

Our Kakaako: Not Yet Built

Luxury condo, under construction, with an expected completion 2026. ~ 90% presold. 15% restricted income units in the Podium (low-rise) structure.

Alia Rendering

Our Kakaako: Future Projects

Mid-range and affordable mixed 2 tower project, Lamaku Tower and Mamalu Tower, respectively. We speculate sale may commence late summer 2024 with a completion 2027.

Kahuine Rendering – 2 Tower Project

Luxury condo. We speculate a possible launch of sales late 2024 with completion 2028.

Our Kakaako: Already Built

The Collection
Mid-range / high-end condo completed 2016, with 20% restricted income units.

Kaliu Rendering

Keauhou Place
Mid-range / high-end condo completed 2017, with 20% reserved housing units.

Keauhou Place

400 Keawe
Mid-range and affordable mixed condo completed 2016.

400 Keawe

Ala Moana

Ala Moana Map

Developments in Ala Moana are taking place on Ala Moana Shopping Center, along Kapiolani Blvd and Keeaumoku Street. Some of the developments are technically located in smaller surrounding neighborhoods, but we tend to refer to the entire area as Ala Moana or Midtown Ala Moana. 

Ala Moana has a number of low-rise commercial buildings and they have slowly been purchased by developers, who then turn around and negotiate deals with the City of Honolulu for high-rise condo developments. 

Ala Moana: Not Yet Built

The Park on Keeaumoku
High-end condo with 15% reserved housing units. Under construction with an expected completion 2025.

Ala Moana: Future Projects

4 projects we have limited information about as of writing:

Park Lane 2
Ultra-luxury at a level higher than the already built Park Lane. We speculate possible sales launch late 2024.

1538 Kapiolani Blvd
We anticipate a luxury condo, with possible sales launch late summer / fall 2024.

1700 Kapiolani Blvd
No info yet.

Hoaka Heights
It hasn’t been announced if this will be the name. Location will be Diamond Head corner of Sheridan St / Kapiolani Blvd corner. Expected to be a 900 unit condo hotel.

Ala Moana: Already Built

One Ala Moana – introduced at the beginning – completed 2014.

Park Lane Ala Moana
Ultra-luxury condo completed 2017 and by far Honolulu’s most expensive condo on a per square foot basis, as of writing.

Park Lane Ala Moana

Azure Ala Moana
High-end condo with some affordable rental units, completed 2021.

Azure Ala Moana

Sky Ala Moana
A high-end residential tower – Sky Ala Moana West (we refer to as Sky Ala Moana) – and Sky Ala Moana East which is home to Renaissance Residences – condo hotel units individually owned – Renaissance Honolulu Hotel & Spa and, finally, also home to The Flats, which are affordable units for sale.

Other Honolulu Condos: Not Yet Built.

Mid-range and affordable project in Downtown Honolulu. Structure was built many years ago and this is an office to residential conversion. Sales ongoing.

Modea BBQ & Exterior Rendering

Other Honolulu Condos: Already Built

High-end condo in Kakaako, completed 2014.


801 South Street
Mid-range and affordable mixed project in Kakaako with 2 towers, completed 2015 (Bldg A) and 2017 (Bldg B), respectively.

801 South Street

Symphony Honolulu
High-end condo with 20% restricted income units in Kakaako, completed 2016.

Symphony Honolulu

The Ritz-Carlton Waikiki
Luxury condo hotel in Waikiki with 2 towers, completed 2016 (Tower 1) and 2018 (Tower 2), respectively.

Ritz-Carlton Waikiki

The Block 803 Waimanu
Predominantly reserved and affordable housing mixed project in Kakaako, completed 2019.

The Block 803 Waimanu

Mid-range and restricted income mixed project in Kakaako, completed 2024.


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