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How to Reclassify a Condo From ‘Hotel Resort’ to ‘Residential’ and Vice Versa

When a condo on Oahu is classified as ‘Hotel Resort’ the owner is allowed to run short-term rentals (rentals less than 30 days), subject to the condo House Rules not stating otherwise, and the property tax rate will be 1.39% of the condo’s total assessed value. When a condo is classified as either ‘Residential’ or ‘Residential A’ – the two residential tax rates we have on Oahu – the property …Read More

Stunning Condo Remodel – Before & After Photos

Our client was looking to purchase an investment condo in Honolulu. Ideally a property with the possibility to enhance the Cap Rate and long-term appreciation potential. Our recommendation was to identify a ‘tired’ condo in a building that allows short-term vacation rentals, boasts great ocean views and remodel it. Our client liked the idea and we started the search! The idea was to create a stand out remodel (something that …Read More

Seller’s Real Property Disclosure Statement on Oahu

The purpose of the Seller’s Real Property Disclosure Statement is for Seller to disclose to Buyer, as required by law, any material fact concerning the property. Material facts are defined as “any fact, defect, or condition, past or present, that would be expected to measurably affect the value to a reasonable person of the residential real property being offered for sale.” Seller: When in doubt, disclose! Just because your ice …Read More

Guide to Hawaii Condo Insurance: The HO6 Insurance Policy

Interpreting insurance coverage can be complex and condo insurance is no exception.  There seem to be many “grey zones” and “it depends” scenarios that are left for insurance experts and legal professionals to interpret and decide upon. Yet with a little knowledge, you can and should make these important decisions with the assistance of a trusted insurance broker. This post presents the nuts and bolts of the HO6 insurance policy, …Read More

The Truth How Listing Agents Find a Buyer for Your Home

Through meetings with various Sellers over the past 5 years, I noticed a number of Sellers think: 1) Agents working at larger real estate firms are better positioned to represent them and 2) a listing agent’s major added value is in the agent’s ability finding a Buyer himself / herself. It is time to shed some light on the realities of how the market works.  I  hope it will help you …Read More

The Central Ala Moana

Updated on November 27, 2018 If you are looking for a spacious, affordable, centrally-located new development condo in Honolulu with great amenities and efficient high-tech appliances, The Central Ala Moana will be a great option for you. The Central Ala Moana offers 202 market rate units and 310 affordable housing units. This spacious development project offers great opportunities for both investors and the eligible Hawaii residents in accordance with the guidelines …Read More

Hale Ka Lae – New Condo in Hawaii Kai

Hale Ka Lae is a new condo project coming to Hawaii Kai by Avalon Development. It is a conversion of the existing 7000 Hawaii Kai Drive rental project where the 213 units will be converted from rentals to individually owned condo units. For more information please call new condo project expert Marcel Chan (R) at (808) 392-1501 or email Marcel@HawaiiLiving.com. Hale Ka Lae in Brief Hale Ka Lea is a …Read More

Professional Staging of Newer Kakaako Condo

I represented the Seller of a 2 bedroom condo in Honolulu – Waihonua #809, located in Kakaako – which recorded June 4, 2018 at $910,000. To put some perspective on this: About 5 months earlier a unit 11 floors higher in the same stack and similar condition sold  for $930K. How did we achieve this level of success? A little background at first. Originally, Seller wanted to test the market …Read More

Kailua’s Top 10+ Cul-de-Sacs

The term cul-de-sac is French in origin and means bottom of the bag or sack. However; in real estate terms, a cul-de-sac is a dead-end street with a bulb-shaped turn-around at the end – just like the bottom of a sack. A home on a cul-de-sac is the crème de la crème – a highly sought after location and we all know about location, location, location. Cul-de-sacs and other shapes …Read More