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Hoopili Homes for Sale in Kapolei

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More information about new Hoopili homes for sale, call Michelle at (808) 352-2469 or email Michelle@HawaiiLiving.com. Michelle Johnson (RA) is an expert on new Oahu real estate projects & developments.

Latest News
Iliahi at Hoopili
8/14/2018: lottery applications due by Aug 18, 2018 5pm and lottery will be helpd Aug 19, 2018 10am. Price range: $629,000 – $746,000. 3BR to 4BR. ~1,100 sf to ~1,800 sf. 

Haakea at Hoopili Model Bedroom

Haakea Model Bedroom

Hoopili Background
March 2006 D.R. Horton acquired ~1,550 acres of land in East Kapolei (West Oahu) from the James Campbell Estate, which was formerly sugarcane fields. May 2015, After several years of anticipation, D.R. Horton got the Honolulu City Council’s approval for the $4.6 billion Hoopili project. September 2016 the project broke ground, the construction of the first new homes in Hoopili is expected to commence November 2016 and be completed summer 2017.

Hoopili in Brief
Hoopili, which means “to come together”, is a new mixed-use master-planned community in East Kapolei with a plan to create 11,750 new residential homes in Kapolei across ~1,550 acres of land over the next 20 to 30 years.
It will be a combination of single-family homes, townhomes and condos with parks, playgrounds, restaurants, shops, schools, farms, gardens & much more, creating a community, which over time, as the built-out of Hoopili takes shape, will resemble more of a city on its own with somewhere around 7,500 permanent jobs.

The Hoopili concept is centered around creating a vibrant, healthy and convenient community where people don’t have to get in their cars to do everything.
The master-plan in a snapshot: 

Commercial activity – up to 3,000,000 sf.
Community and recreation centers – 7 total throughout the community.
Parks and gathering places – 70+ acres.
Places of learning – five DOE schools including three elementary, one middle and one high school.
Connection to rail (3 rail stops) – East Kapolei (Kroc Center), UH West O‘ahu and Ho‘opili stations.
Connection to agriculture – 200+ acres of commercial farms and community gardens.

D.R. Horton has donated 5 acres of land to the Hawaii Humane Society (for their 2nd Oahu campus) and 1 acre of land  donated to the Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center (will include primary doctor care, a pharmacy, dental care & more).

Hoopili Location
Hoopili is located east of Kapolei and north of Ewa Beach. It is considered an “Ewa Beach” zip code, but typically referred to as “East Kapolei”. Location is approximately defined by the boundaries of Kualakai Parkway (west), Farrington Highway (north), Old Fort Weaver & Fort Weaver Rd (east) and Ewa Villages Golf Course (south).

Hoopili West Oahu Map - A Rendering

Hoopili Map. Photo Courtesy: D.R. Horton

Phase 1 of the Hoopili project is the most southern part of the area and Phase 2 is expected to be located just a bit north of Phase 1.

Affordable & Market Priced Components
The Hoopili project is expected to include 70% market priced properties and 30% properties priced for low to moderate income local residents.

Hoopili Sales, Prices & Completion
Sales: Initial part of Phase 1 commenced January 28, 2017
Expected Completion: Summer 2017 (initial phase of Haakea at Hoopili, which is just a part of Phase 1)
Prices: $300,000’s – $900,000’s range (lower end priced units affordable housing component).
Sales office: In Kapolei’s Manawa project.

Hoopili Phase 1
Hoopili sales of Phase 1 includes work on approximately 50 acres and is will include close to 300 residential properties, a 1.8 acre park and some commercial space. The residential properties will be a mix of single-family homes, townhomes and mixed-use homes (residential and office / retail combined type housing). Some of these homes are expected to be completed by summer 2017.

Ho‘opili Phase 1 will consist of two neighborhoods, a neighborhood park and a commercial center that will include a Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center medical clinic:
1) Haakea at Hoopili is planned for approximately 151 single-family homes, with prices estimated to start in the $600,000’s. There will be six floor plans (3BR – 4BR) ranging in interior size from approximately 1,209 sf to 1,803 sf on lots that are ~3,500 – ~4,200sf. Select homes at Ha‘akea will feature a convenient and flexible Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) option.
2) Haloa at Hoopili is planned for approximately 140 multi-family homes, including townhomes, duplexes, FLEX Homes, and stacked flats. Prices for the market multi-family homes are estimated to start in the $500,000’s. Approximately 56 of the townhomes will be sold as affordable housing. These affordable homes are expected to start in the $300,000’s.

Phase 2
The 2nd phase is currently expected to be even more homes (more than the almost 300 properties of Phase 1) and construction of Phase 2 homes is expected to begin sometimes year 2017.

Mixed-Use Homes
A unique feature of the Hoopili community is the mixed-use homes. This may allow an owner to live on the 2nd floor and run a small shop on the 1st floor or run a shop on the 1st floor and rent out the 2nd floor residential space or any other combination. This setup may offer more people the opportunity to start a business otherwise not financially possible, obviously depending on how these homes will be priced.

Hoopili Model Room Pictures

Haakea at Hoopili Model Living Room

Haakea at Hoopili Model Living Room

Haakea at Hoopili Model Kitchen

Haakea at Hoopili Model Kitchen

History of Hoopili

Jim Schuler – founder of Schuler Homes – had a vision for the Hoopili project, on a smaller scale, in the mid 1990’s and was under contract to purchase 800 acres from the Campbell Estate, but cancelled year 1996 due to a weakening economy. A few years it was revised again and cancelled for similar reasons.  Year 2002 D.R. Horton acquired Schuler Homes and that meant more financial resources and the ability to purchase almost 1,600 acres from Campbell Estate for $71M, with a vision to bring the “2nd City” of Kapolei closer to the “1st City” of Honolulu.  Year 2009 the developer applied for the Land Use Commission (LUC) to reclassify the land from agricultural to urban use, which came with significant opposition from various parties and in year 2014 the LUC ruled the project needed to be broken in to phases to be approved. The developer (D.R. Horton) made a lot of changes & improvements and in year 2014 the LUC approved the plans, which was appealed by opposing parties and ultimately in year 2015 the Hawaii Supreme Court ruled in favor of the developer with final zoning approvals and Hoopili could finally get underway.

About The Developer (D.R. Horton)
D.R. Horton:
Started about 35 years ago in Texas/Fort-Worth (current location of their headquarters),
Is the largest developer of new home by volume in the US,
Is known to incorporate a combination of great floor plans, excellent quality and energy efficiency,
Donald R. Horton – founder of DR Horton – started the business in 1978 in the Dallas / Fort-Worth area,
Is behind a variety of brands across the US, including DR Horton America’s Builder, Emerald Homes, Freedom Homes, Regent Homes and Pacific Ridge Homes,
Has built in excess of 500,000 homes since inception year 1978,
Is a publicly traded company (NYSE under DHI),
Is the developer behind these projects on Oahu: Kahiku at Mehana (Kapolei), Manawa at Mehana (Kapolei), Olino at Mehana (Kapolei), Kawena at Mehana (Kapolei), Ka Malanai (Kailua) and Kahiwelo at Makakilo (Makakilo).

Past Releases of Hoopili Properties
Iliahi at Hoopili
8/14/2018: lottery applications due by Aug 18, 2018 5pm and lottery will be help Aug 19, 2018 10am. Price range: $629,000 – $746,000. 3BR to 4BR. ~1,100 sf to ~1,800 sf. 
Iliahi at Hoopili

7/25/2018: lottery applications are being accepted for Iliahi at Hoopili’s 3rd release and due by July 27, 2018 5pm and lottery will be held July 28, 2018 10am. Price range: $636,000 – $800,000. 3BR to 4BR. ~1,100 sf to ~ 2,000 sf. 
Iliahi at Hoopili
6/23/2018:  Lottery applications for the 2nd release of Iliahi at Hoopili are accepted and due by June 29, 2018 5pm. Price range: $618,000 – $747,000. 3BR to 4BR, ~1,100 sf to ~ 1,800 sf.
Akoko at Hoopili Building 13
6/20/2018: Developer is now taking applicants for Akoko at Hoopili Building 13 and lottery will be held on June 23, 2018. Price Range: $393,000 – $513,000. 1BR to 3BR. ~700 sf to ~1,280 sf. These are market priced residences.
Akoko at Hoopili
5/31/2018: Developer is now taking applicants for Akoko Building 2 and a lottery will be held on June 2, 2018. Price Range: $555,000 – $609,000. 3BR. ~1,200 to ~1,400 sf.
Iliahi at Hoopili
May 23, 2018: Single-family homes at Iliahi at Hoopili is expected to be completed June. From $600,000’s. ~1,100sf to ~2,000sf of interior. Not sold out yet. 
Akoko at Hoopili
11/18/2017: Taking applicants from Nov 19, 2017 – Nov 25, 2017 and lottery will be held on Nov 26, 2017. This is market priced  homes in building 10, 3BR all ~1,400 sf interior and priced in the $559,000 – $583,000 range. 
Haakea at Hoopili
9/22/2017:  Due to the great demand for this single-family homes section within Hoopili, the developer has decided to have a lottery system for future releases in Haakea. 1st lottery will take place Oct 15, 2017 10am. In order to participate Buyers must submit a lottery application form between Oct 1 to Oct 14 together with a mortgage pre-qualification letter or a proof of all cash funds for cash buyers. Developer will not accept lottery application without a pre-qualification letter or proof of cash funds. This release will be 10 single-family homes, 3-4BR in the ~$605,000 – $720,000 price range.  
Haloa at Hoopili
August 27, 2017: Affordable housing sales (earn within the 120% median income range – confirm all restrictions) of townhomes and flats. Prices: From $329,000 and up. 2BR – 3BR.
Haakea at Hoopili
August 13, 2017: Single-family homes, multi-family homes and live-work residences. Price Range: $510,000 – $710,000. 2BR – 4BR. ~1,090sf to ~ 1,830sf.
Halao at Hoopili
June 11, 2017: New single-family homes sales release. Price Range: $511,000 – $621,000. 2BR – 3BR. ~1,090 to ~1,830sf.
Haakea at Hoopili
June 4, 2017: Single-family homes sales. Price range: ~$595,000 t0 ~$693,000. 3BR – 4BR. ~1,200sf to ~1,700sf.
Haakea at Hoopili
May 13, 2017: Single-family homes sales begin priced from $618,000 t0 ~$773,000. 3BR – 4BR. ~1,200sf to ~2,180sf.

As of early May 2017 about 35 single-family homes and 35 townhomes have sold in Hoopili, which represents approximately 25% of Hoopili’s 1st Phase.
Halao at Hoopili
April 30, 2017: FLEX homes sales begin. 3BR, low $600’s and comes with a downstairs (1st floor) unit, which may be used for commercial space (office or retail) or residential.
Haloa at Hoopili
April 23, 2017: Affordable housing sales begin. 24 townhomes, 2-3BR, from $378,000 and 32 flats, 2-3BR, from $332,000.
Haakea at Hoopili
April 2, 2017: Single-family homes sales begin. ~$585,000 to ~$753,000. 3BR – 4BR. ~1,200sf to ~1,950sf.
Haloa at Hoopili
March 13, 2017: Affordable housing sales begin today. $330,000 to $401,000. 2BR – 3BR, ~750sf to ~1,230sf.

Haloa at Hoopili
March 12, 2017: 2nd release sales starts. Single-family homes from $494,000 to $614,000. 2BR – 3BR, ~1,1090sf to ~1,830sf.
Haakea at Hoopili
March 6, 2017: 2nd release sales starts. Single-family homes from high $500,000’s to high $600,000’s. 3BR – 4BR, ~1,200sf to ~1,700sf interior.

1st release of 14 homes was sold on the 1st day of release – January 28, 2017 – and prices started in the high $500,000’s,
Haloa at Hoopili
February 19, 2017: Sales begin with 8 market priced townhomes and FLEX homes starting from $489,000 & 14 affordable townhomes and flats starting from $329,000.

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