Buyer & Seller Services

Buyer & Seller Services
We understand how to leverage cutting edge technology, as demonstrated by our website, which is widely considered the best website for Oahu real estate with more than 100,000 monhtly visits. Hawaii Living is not just a real estate brokerage, but a firm with superior online marketing skills - a unique twist. We know how to market our clients' properties online, get that additional exposure to help make the sale. 

Our highly skilled team blends talent with keen insight and strategic creativity to realize success for Sellers, through full listing services that encompass highly targeted marketing plans.

Competence, efficiency, transparency & perseverance in negotiations is our promise to every client and what keeps clients coming back. We are well-connected and have intimate knowledge of micro trends within neighborhoods, greatly benefiting our clients.

Whether you're an investor, a homebuyer or someone seeking a vacation home, we will guide you to the right property that fits your goals, your lifestyle and your budget. Our goal is fulfilling your real estate objectives, whatever they may be.

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