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2 Bd | 2 Ba | 1,007 sqft
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Address: 2825 South King St, Honolulu, HI 96826.

As many know, when you mention the Contessa, most locals will think of its long reputation for being haunted. Whether it is or not, there are many residents who have lived here for years without ever experiencing anything unusual. Instead, those who do have a home in this Honolulu condo would probably point to something else as the most distinctive part of living in this building.

One would be the generous floor plans, the units all providing 1007 sq ft inside that hold 2BRs and 2BRs. In addition, you can be certain of 147 sq ft of wraparound lanai space, since there's only 4 condos on each floor. So everyone has a corner unit.

The location is at the top of a small hill that raises it above the rest of the neighborhood around it. From your place in the Contessa you can look out over miles of Oahu's beautiful scenery. The enviable higher positioning, along with the low-rise environment of Moiliili keeps everything open in every direction.

Views of Diamond Head, the green of Manoa that is matched only by the mountains behind it, the city lights of Honolulu and the waters of the Pacific along the coast. There's even Sunrise and Sunset vistas to revel in to crown your days.

With H1 two minutes, or less, away, Market City shopping center a couple of blocks east and the dining hot spots of Kaimuki and Kapahulu so close by, you have everything you require within easy reach. The Contessa may have a colorful reputation, but the reality of life here is simply solid real estate.

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