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Oahu Homes

Kaneohe – A Mix of Yesterday and Today

Kick back! Get away from the hustle and bustle and throngs of visitors – go to a place that takes you back in time, but with all the amenities of today. You’ll truly understand the slogan “Lucky we live Hawaii” if you make Kaneohe your home. Kaneohe is the perfect part of paradise to settle in – especially if you enjoy sailing and fishing and being connected to this spread-out …Read More

Lost and Now Found: North Shore’s Papailoa Paradise

When you dream of getting lost in paradise, it’s not hard to imagine Papailoa’s beachside neighborhood, a picture of tranquility and beauty on Oahu’s North Shore. Papailoa remains a hidden treasure and prime Oahu real estate – a peaceful haven of luxurious homes – some with the feel of Old Hawaii, and dramatic views of an ever-changing seascape – in an area called Kawailoa, just north of Haleiwa. If the …Read More

5 Awesome Kailua Neighborhoods (you may not know)

Kailua is the typical beach town tucked into the Windward coast of Oahu. This relaxed town has neighborhoods fitting every family’s desires. Whether it be the close-knit communities, world-famous beaches or the charming boutique shops Kailua has it all. Located close to the Pali and H3 this town makes your commute one of the most beautiful in the world. Here is a list of 5 Kailua single-family homes neighborhoods that …Read More

Lanikai Homes vs Kailua Beachside Homes – Which is Better?

If you are so lucky as to being able to choose between these two spectacular Kailua real estate options – Lanikai homes and Kailua Beachside homes – then it is purely a matter of personal preference and not that either one of these beachfront communities is better than the other. LANIKAI Lanikai has an exclusive, beachy vibe with a very active community. For anyone not familiar with the layout and …Read More

Guide to Kaneohe Oceanfront Neighborhoods – Hawaii Living

Kaneohe oceanfront homes don’t have the same cache as those in other areas of Oahu. There are certain reasons for that. Without any real beaches in the town, it lacks the feature that defines Hawaii in most minds. The very urban environment of the central also contrasts strongly with the more slow-paced Windward Oahu village setting of Kailua, which, along with Waimanalo, are held up as defining this side of …Read More

Kailua vs Kaneohe: Where Would You Live?

Windward Oahu properties primarily come down to 2 main areas, Kaneohe and Kailua. They are the not just the only two substantial areas over there, providing most of the available listings, they’re also the best commuting bets for the majority who work in, or have business ties to, Honolulu. Although they are cheek-to-cheek neighbors, you’ll find that they’re more like two siblings. In many ways they resemble each other, but …Read More

Ewa Beach vs Kapolei: Where Would You Live?

The 2nd City, made up of Ewa Beach and Kapolei, will soon be an almost seamless grouping. With Ewa Beach real estate development advancing westward the spaces that separate them won’t be discernible. There will not be a homogenous Metro area when this process is completed, however. You will still be presented with real choices when deciding on buying a home in Kapolei or Ewa Beach. It’s the kind of …Read More

Ewa Beach Golf Course Communities

Not too long ago, Ewa Beach was the last place you’d ever expect golf course communities to spring up. The Ewa Plain had been famously converted from what was arid terrain into prime agricultural land in the late 19th Century by James Campbell through his unprecedented discovery of water sources deep in the ground. That led to a growing population, almost completely made up of a working class community that …Read More

Kailua’s Beachfront & Near Beachfront Neighborhoods

Kailua beachfront, and near-beach, neighborhoods are always toward the top for Windward Oahu home shoppers. That category is a good place to start, but a smart real estate buyer looking here needs to know more. There are a collection of these communities that provide such prized lots, each with their own feel and selling points that are their own. We’ll take you on a tour of each, revealing just how …Read More

Diamond Head Home for Sale: 2819 Coconut Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815

If you are interested in this home, please contact Kristian (808) 372-6184 or kristian@hawaiiliving.com. 2819 Coconut Ave is a home in Diamond Head, arguably the most exclusive and sought after neighborhood for any homes in Honolulu. This home is located in a very quiet and private “niche” section of Diamond Head – oceanside of Diamond head Road and adjacent to the prestigious Gold Coast. In this part of Diamond Head most lots are …Read More