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1387 Miloiki Street
3 Bd | 2.5 Ba | 1,385 sqft
Ocean view
1422 Miloiki Street
4 Bd | 2 Ba | 1,956 sqft
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Kamiloiki Homes Overview
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Kamiloiki is a quiet residential single family home neighborhood located in the most northern back ⅓ section of Mariners Valley.  Seemingly blending in as a natural extension of the Mariners Valley neighborhood, Kamiloiki starts just past the Kamiloiki Neighborhood Park at 1135 Lunalilo Home Rd and includes the homes starting from 1074 Kolokolo St, just past the Mariners Village III townhomes.  The Kamiloiki neighborhood also includes all of Kamiloiki Pl, Kaiama Pl and the newer section with Miloiki St and Miloiki Pl.

Insight to Kamiloiki Homes & Neighborhood
All original Kamiloiki homes were built between 1980 and 1987, except the distinctively newer back section of Kamiloiki homes along Miloiki St and Miloiki Pl, built between 1991 and 2006.

You will notice the dividing line between the older Kamiloiki section (pre 1987) and the newer section (post 1991) starting at the beginning of Miloiki St.

The majority of Kamiloiki homes are built on lots ranging between 5,250 and 9,000 sqft. Some of the larger perimeter lots range between 9,000 and 13,000 sqft.  But these larger lots usually go up steep terrain against the mountains. Here in the back of the valley, larger lots don’t necessarily translate into larger usable yards.

Some of the back lots with higher elevations offer pleasant views overlooking Mariners Valley towards the marina and ocean. A concrete drainage ditch with a fence on top runs along the mountain side in the back of these homes for protection against rain runoff and falling rocks. The drainage ditch eventually channels into a larger concrete ravine running hidden behind homes, center down the valley emptying into the Hawaii Kai Marina.

The Kamiloiki neighborhood consists of a mixture of single level and 2-story homes mostly ranging between 1,100 and 2,000 sqft interior living space.  The newer more modern homes along Miloiki St tend to be larger, often with 2,000 to 3,000 sqft interior living space spread out over 2- or 3-stories due to their steep slope terrain.  

Residents enjoy the quiet peaceful setting in the back of the valley and the recreational Kamiloiki Neighborhood Park at the entrance to the neighborhood.

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Recently Sold in Kamiloiki

1221 Lunalilo Home Road
3 Bd | 2 | 1,290 sqft
1279 Lunalilo Home Road
3 Bd | 2 | 1,638 sqft
Year Remodeled: 2014
1228 Lunalilo Home Road
3 Bd | 2 | 1,442 sqft
1354 Lunalilo Home Road
3 Bd | 2 | 1,230 sqft
1411 Miloiki Street
3 Bd | 2 | 1,249 sqft
1229 Kaiama Place
3 Bd | 2 | 1,411 sqft
1449 Miloiki Street
3 Bd | 2.5Ba | 1,314 sqft
1194 Kaiama Place
3 Bd | 2 | 1,660 sqft
1213 Kaiama Place
3 Bd | 2 | 1,411 sqft
1405 Miloiki Street
3 Bd | 2.5Ba | 1,736 sqft
Ocean view