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999 Wilder - General Info & Sold Data

  • Address: 999 Wilder Ave, Honolulu, HI 96822.
  • Built in 1966, 82 Units on 17 Floors, 1 - 3BR, Pets: No.
  • Amenities include Pool, BBQ, Recreation Area, Club House, Meeting Room, Security Guard.
  • This building has an herb garden!

About 999 Wilder
The Punchbowl neighborhood has always been a place where locals have made their homes to get away from the busier city life that can be exhausting. The 999 Wilder condos were built in that tradition, proving that you don't have to go too far to change your lifestyle in Hawaii.

Sitting back against the bottom of Punchbowl crater, only Prospect Rd separates it from where the edifice begins climbing upward. The green slopes are a gorgeous backdrop, a reminder each day of the grandeur of Hawaii's beauty. The outlook on the front is even more spectacular.

Raised up from the surrounding lands, 999 Wilder stands on an elevated foundation so the scene from your condo is awesome. Lanais and living spaces look out all across the city and even past it to the Pacific waves forming a deep blue border to the picture.

In one direction you enjoy the waves and modern high-rises of Honolulu that shine in our tropical sun, in another you have the pure natural splendor of Punchbowl's jade hillside. The entire range of vistas are before you when this is your home.

With the room you have here you can invite a few friends to enjoy the views with you. 1BR units have a minimum of 866 sq ft to as much as 1,084. The even better 2BRs begin with 1,369 sq ft on up to 1,382 in total. Finally, 3BRs also start at 1,369 sq ft, but max out at a gigantic 2,278!

Though you feel removed from the city, downtown is actually about 10 minutes drive away and getting to H1 will take you half that. It's central, but without being in the middle of the traffic and activity that you need to leave behind sometimes. You can go shopping or dining in no time, but when a recharging is called for, just stay on your little mountain and drink in the scenery. It'll do wonders for you.

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