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December 2013

Honolulu Property Tax Vs US’ 10 Largest Cities

Local homeowners often sit down when they get the Honolulu real property tax bill in the mail. They don’t want to be standing in case they fall over in shock. Once they get the courage to open it. As sizable as that can be, it might be comforting if they compared to what their bill could be if they lived in a home of comparable value in other US cities. In some …Read More

Honolulu vs Hawaii Property Tax Rates

Honolulu real property tax is always a topic of conversation. With land values escalating so fast, it’s big news when it goes up so it’s an element of life here that local homeowners discuss whenever and wherever they meet. That makes it all the more surprising when you actually compare Honolulu real estate property taxes to the rest of Hawaii’s property tax levels. Believe it or not, overall it’s lower …Read More

9 Incredible Older Luxury Condos in Honolulu

Often when the best condos in Honolulu are listed, they lean mostly, or even completely, toward the latest buildings or those that, at most, opened in the last 10 or 20 years. This a short-sighted view, missing luxury condos that are older. They may have less of the expected modern extras, but they possess timeless features that have kept them at the top of the local real estate market. Not …Read More

Are There Snakes in Hawaii?

One frequently asked question is “are there snakes in Hawaii?” Urban legend has it that there are not any snakes in Hawaii. Unfortunately this urban legend is not actually true, in fact, there are many snakes in Hawaii. What is true, is that snakes are not native to Hawaii and therefore are regulated not to be introduced to the delicate Hawaiian ecosystem. If various types of snakes were introduced in …Read More

Ideas on Where to Stay in Honolulu

There’s all sorts of travelers, tourists, backpackers, and the like that travel to Honolulu. Depending on your specific style, there’s a wide range of places to stay and ways to vacate while in and around Honolulu. The vast majority of hotels on oahu are located in Waikiki, however two other areas with a concentration of resorts are Turtle Bay Resort on the North shore and Ko Olina Resort with Ihilani …Read More

On What Island is Honolulu Located?

Honolulu is located on the southeast side of the 3rd largest island known as Oahu. It can be confusing keeping track of all the Hawaiian islands because, well, there are 136 of them! But luckily, there’s only 8 major islands and 7 that are populated. Oahu, where Honolulu is located, has a total area of 596.7 square miles, ranking in as the 20th largest island in the United States. The …Read More

How to Get From Honolulu to Maui

From Honolulu’s International Airport (HNL) to Maui’s Kahului Airport (OGG) tickets can range between $100 to  $200 US dollars roundtrip.  The two major airlines for travel between Honolulu and Maui are Go! Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines, flights tend to be around 40 minutes one-way and almost always direct flights. Other ways to travel between the islands are by cruise lines, air charters, and charter boats. Cruise lines are typically for …Read More

Why is Honolulu the Capital of Hawaii?

Interestingly enough, no one knows exactly when Honolulu, the capital of the U.S. state of Hawaii, was founded. Today this city is a giant metropolis filled to the brim with citizens from all over the world, a booming tourist economy, world famous beaches, restaurants, and high rise condominiums. So how did this come to be? Before Honolulu coined its’ name, meaning “sheltered harbor”, the harbor was referred to by many …Read More

Which airlines fly to Hawaii?

Depending on where your departure location is will determine which flight and how many flights you will take to reach the Hawaiian Islands. One airline strictly Hawaiian is Hawaiian Airlines the largest commercial airline in the state of Hawaii, it’s also the 11th largest airline in the United States. Hawaiian Airlines Inc. is based in Honolulu and was established in 1929. Hawaiian Airlines flies out of major ports located all …Read More

When Did Hawaii Become a State?

Hawaii became the 50th state of the United States in August 21, 1959. Hawaii is the United States of America’s 50th state, founded in 1959. Before Hawaii was officially U.S. territory a very rich history existed. 1,500 years ago the Polynesians were the first people to land on the island sailing over the mighty Pacific ocean on canoes. 500 years later immigrants from Tahiti migrated to Hawaii bringing extreme hierarchical …Read More