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New Central & West Oahu Developments

New Projects in Ewa Beach, Kapolei, Miliani & more

New master-planned community in West Oahu, which, when completed, will be 11,750 homes.
Koa Ridge
New development in central Oahu, which will consist of 3,500 homes.
Puuwai Place
New single-family homes developments, attached & detached, near Waikele.
News - Oahu Real Estate Developments

7/25/2018: Iliahi at Hoopili 3rd release is now taking lottery applicants.
6/20/2018: Akoko at Hoopili Building 13 is now taking applicants and a lottery will be held June 23, 2018. This is market priced residences only.
11/3/2017 - Koa Ridge broke ground yesterday and project is not finally underway. 

Major Developers
Haseko - Developer of Hoakalei and Ocean Pointe. 
Gentry Homes - Developer of all the 20 plus Ewa Gentry neighborhoods.
D.R. Horton - Developer of several areas in Kapolei and Makakilo. 
Castle & Cooke - Developer of several areas in Kapolei, Makakilo and Ewa Beach.

About Central & West Oahu Developments
There's no question that the immediate pre-Millennium years to today have seen a level of development that rivals, if not exceeding, the two decades following Statehood in 1959. What's especially different is that this time few, if any, neighborhoods of single family homes have been added within Honolulu's city limits. The land just isn't available anymore.

That's why if you're seeking a newly built house or a townhome community free from high-rises hemming you in, you need to turn to Central & West Oahu. In plain terms, that's where they are. Period.

What's most amazing is the number of developments in these 2 areas alone that have welcomed their first owners in just the last 10 years. Many provide more than just a residence, adding access to equally new recreation options, schools and nearby shopping centers. Take a look with us at these recently emerged living options, plus some on the way, and the developers behind them. You'll realize there's a lot more going on in Central & West Oahu homes than you realized.

It's no secret that the Ewa Plain has been the prime mover of new listings in Oahu real estate the last 2 decades. The problem is that so much has happened in that world, it's gotten to be a blur of ground breaking ceremonies, lotteries and 1st Day photos of proud families with their freshly minted home.

It's not just the names of those new communities, you definitely don't remember what developer was behind which project either. Let's fix that, at least for those we welcomed from 2008 to today, and take a look at what's ahead.

This is a name you've at least heard of if you live on Oahu. They've been behind a large share of the new construction in Hawaii within recent years. Locally founded as Schuler Homes in 1972, they merged with the nationally operating D.R. Horton in 2002. D.R. Horton Hawaii is now the biggest homebuilder in the entire Islands. That status is owed in large part to the vast work they've done across West Oahu.

Mehana (Kapolei), 2009 to Present
Mehana is the umbrella for six neighborhoods inside it: LaHiki, Kukuna, Pohakala, Awakea, Manawa, Olino and Nanala. Across them you'll find numerous floor plans of condos, townhomes and single family homes.

These solid homes come with attractive extras like recreation centers, parks and a site right beside western Kapolei's shopping & dining center. Many Mehana residents can walk to Costco, Home Depot, Kapolei Commons and Village Center.

Some of the neighborhoods, like Nanala and Pohakala, also have a feature that so far is only available in D.R. Horton's projects – Flex units. These townhomes give the owners the ability to use ground floor space commercially, whether for a store, a service or even that small cafe you've always dreamt of opening.

Golf Villas at Lokahi Greens (Ewa Villages), 2014 - 2016
The name suggests nice, even elegant, single family homes nestled beside meticulously cared for fairways and that's exactly what's here. 3 to 5 bedroom houses only and just 54 in all, making it a smaller, more exclusive enclave beside Ewa Villages Golf Course.

They're also expansive spaces here, with 1,573 to 1,866 sq ft, providing the room families need, but rarely find, eastward. Higher mid-level, rather than luxury, properties however, keeping them a little more in reach for Islanders.

Kahiwelo at Makakilo, 2007 to 2016
This neighborhood repeats the family-friendly template of Golf Villas, once again providing the 3 to 5BR single family homes that serve a demographic long hungry for choices and breathing room. You get that with layouts here of 2,069 to 2,513 sq ft, which includes lanai(s).

Filled with Green Energy features that lower your costs, these are a more expensive slice of the market, selling for very high six figure sums to even cross into seven in a few cases. The lots that stretch from 5K to even 18K sq ft add some of that hike along with the views Makakilo homes are known for, which can go on almost forever.

Hoopili (Ewa Beach), 2016 to Present
This is another encompassing title for an area that will provide almost 12 thousand new homes, with different communities within it that feature their own style and focus. Once the project is wrapped up, residents will enjoy 7 recreation/community centers, 3 million sq ft of shopping & dining choices and community gardens, as well as being served by 3 rail stations.

Much of Ho'opili remains incomplete or even unbuilt. 5 distinct communities make the whole - Akoko, Lehua, Iliahi, Haloa and Ha'akea – that together provide condos, townhomes and single family homes that all fit the open, low-rise Kapolei real estate model.

D.R. Horton has pulled off some special features here already, with Flex townhomes in Haloa and ADU (Accessory Dwelling Units) zoning in Lehua and Iliahi. ADU means a 2nd residence can be added to your lot in those zones, instead of being restricted to just one. With innovations like these, it makes you wonder what else is coming as more of Ho'opili comes on line.

An iconic kamaaina company, they've been a huge presence in Hawaii life almost from the moment it was founded in 1851. They were a dominant sugar & pineapple concern during the plantation era, shifting fully to other focuses, most prominently development, as that era came to an end.

Mililani, the 1st master-planned community on Oahu, for example, was entirely built by Castle & Cooke on their former plantation lands. The last home, a unit in the Island Courtyards in Mililani Mauka was finally finished and sold in 2008.

Ho'onani (Ewa Villages), 2016 to Present
This collection of duplexes and single family homes, with 3 to 5 bedrooms across its 7 models, is on the northern limits of Ewa, some of the residences resting along the green expanses of the Ewa Villages Golf Course.

That location on the north side means you live closer to H1 than most in Ewa, giving you a nice slice off of commuting time. After work, head to the neighboring Kroc Center for a long list of ways to burn calories or enrich yourself.

Although not as big or prominent as the previous two companies, Haseko Development has been behind some well-known additions to Hawaii. Since 1973 they've created on Oahu the Ocean Pointe neighborhood, Courtyards at Punahou and Liliuokalani Gardens, as well as resorts and residences on Kauai, the Big Island and Maui.

Hoakalei (Ewa Beach), 2009 to Present
Even if Haseko isn't the biggest developer working in Ewa, they are currently creating the most ambitious of communities there. Hoakalei brings the resort-lifestyle to Ewa Beach, but with some important differences to the neighboring Ko Olina model.

The 3 single family home neighborhoods – Ka Makana, Kupapa and Kipuka – and one strictly made up of townhomes, Lei Pauku, congregate roughly around the central golf course. The developer also carved out the massive Wai Kai Lagoon for pure water enjoyment. Part of the lagoon is even reserved for residents and resort guests only.

Unlike Ko Olina there will be just one resort that life revolves around here. More importantly, the greatest difference may be that Hoakalei residents will have a huge selection of shopping & dining right inside their community. Projected to open in 2020, a $300M complex that sits beside the lagoon will provide enough stores, recreation and eateries to satisfy every pau hana desire. It's a crucial factor not found in Ko Olina, making it a definite deal-breaker for some choosing between the two.

Debartolo is a Mainland based company that, for over 70 years, has concentrated in non-residential construction. They're responsible for a long list of major shopping centers, stadiums, theaters and hotels. Most famously, Debartolo is credited with envisioning and creating the first enclosed mall, changing shopping and American life forever.

Ka Makana Ali'i (Kapolei), 2016 to Present
Debartolo's experience with malls made them a go-to choice to build the 3rd biggest shopping center in Hawaii. The main structure opened in 2016 with 100+ stores & food choices inside, movie theaters and even an attached Hampton Inn hotel.

The project is still not done, early 2018 seeing the groundbreaking for The Grove at Ka Makana Ali'i. Intended as a health-centric space, it will add another 109K sq ft of healthy foods and services, such as Foodland Farms, PetsMart and Hawaii Pacific Health, all projected to be ready for visitors sometime in 2019.

OliverMcMillan started up in San Diego in 1978, growing in reputation over the years for their mixed-use projects. They've already put their stamp on Honolulu real estate, being the team behind both the Symphony and the Pacifica condos in Kakaako.

Villages of Kapolei (Add On), 2014 to Present
With just 2 undeveloped land parcels remaining under Villages of Kapolei, OliverMcMillan will be ultimately building 400 homes on one of them. The resulting 'urban village' will also feature a little over 150K sq ft of retail and 6,300 sq ft of office space.

Highridge Costa is headquartered in Dallas, TX, but have done projects across the entire US, including Puerto Rico, since being founded in 1994. A high percentage of their portfolio has been affordable housing, so it's no accident that their entry here falls in that category too, especially when that is so needed on Oahu.

Kulana Hale (Kapolei), 2018 to Present
Kulana Hale will be a little different from other projects in Kapolei. The two planned phases will result in a 13 story high-rise that will provide 154 affordable rental units for seniors, the ground floor providing retail space. The next phase will bring another 13 floor tower that will hold 143 affordable units for families plus a single level building exclusively for retail.



Koa Ridge (Between Waipio & Mililani), 2017 to Present
Koa Ridge, when completed, promises an urban, walkable/bikable community of 3500 homes of almost every variety, from low-rise condos to townhomes to single family homes. Shopping is part of the plan, the first announcement being The Gateway shopping center, with groceries, a drug store, restaurants and at least one big box store, all on a site just across from Costco.

A section called The Village will serve as the town center, with shopping and entertainment along its streets, intended to make it the hive of pau hana activity and leisure for the neighborhood. On the quieter side of life there'll also be community & neighborhood parks, community center and a newly built elementary school for the keiki.

With the 1st homes not projected to be available until 2020, some of this may change in the meantime. Even so, this looks to be an interesting combination of the Kakaako urban accessibility with the open, high-rise free atmosphere of Kapolei.

Pu'uwai Place (Waipahu) – 2017 to 2018
A smaller project of only 40 homes just south of Waikele Center, this is currently the newest community in all of Central Oahu. Defined as condominiums, these are better described as townhomes or duplexes, each structure occupied by 2 units.

The 2 stories, 3 to 5 bedrooms across two full levels and interior floor plans ranging from 1,386 to 2,021 all give you a single family home feel. It's a feeling only strengthened by a 2 car garage and the yards in both front and back.

Obviously a concern created specifically for this project, the developer has grown in its ambitions over the years, expanding the scope of Parkside over the years.

Parkside at Kilani (Wahiawa) – 2007 to Present
The project is the product of 2 phases. The first, 2007 to 2008, produced 28 townhome units spread over 14 two story buildings, which were heralded as the first new construction Wahiawa had seen in decades. These have 3BRs in every residence, with 1,280 to 1,371 sq ft layouts.

Ground was broken in 2015 for a new neighborhood of one-story single family homes. 3 models spanned 1,200 sq ft, the 4th slightly larger with 1,244 sq ft. The 3 or 4BR s make them very attractive for those with kids or multi-generational households.

Another entity created for a single project, they did pull off a unique feat by being one of, if not the only developer to break Castle & Cooke's monopoly in Mililani.

Sixty Parkside (Mililani) - 2011
A later addition to Mililani that's uniquely not from Castle & Cooke, there are 48 townhome condos that make up Sixty Parkside. This community stands out by being gated, all of these single level units having 3BR/2BA across approximately 1200 sq ft, but in 3 different configurations.

Development on Oahu is a complex world, with a large, even growing, number of players. It's one more sure sign that these are hectic times, transforming the face of our Island dramatically. Whatever your thoughts on that, there's no question that you want to have a home here. If your dream is to live in a place where they're building out, rather than up, Central & West Oahu are where it will be fulfilled today.


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