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5403 Kalanianaole Highway
$17,950,000 7 Bd | 8.5 Ba | 11,940 sf
Land: 1.43 acre
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Aina Haina Beach is a small narrow beach neighborhood of approximately 75 homes wedged between the ocean and Kalanianaole Hwy bordered by Wailupe Pl and Kawaikui Beach Park. Prices of homes for sale in Aina Haina Beach vary greatly depending on the lot size and linear ocean frontage with  prices ranging between $900K for some smaller 4,500 sq ft lots in off beach location and up to $10M for some of the few large 1-acre plus beachfront estates.

Insight to Aina Haina Beach Homes & Neighborhood
Some of the early properties were built in the 1930’s and often served as fishing cabins or weekend homes.  Today Aina Haina Beach homes are a mix of older smaller homes and newer grand estates, with one of the more notable oceanfront properties being the famous and magical Bayer Estate - a desirable magical wedding and event location.

The ocean at Aina Haina Beach is very calm with minimal wave action due to a protective outer reef.  The waters are very shallow and a bit rocky until you reach the protective reef.  Great for kayaking, paddle boarding and also fishing, but not the ideal swimming beach. Public beach access is at the Kawaikui Beach Park with ample parking. The Aina Haina Shopping Center is just across Kalanianaole Hwy with grocery shopping, restaurants and more. 

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  • Aina Haina Beach Houses - Trends & Statistics

  • The price range of houses for sale in Aina Haina Beach is $17.95M with a median price of $17.95M, median interior of 11,940sf and median land size of 62,334sf.
  • The historic median sales price of houses sold in Aina Haina Beach was $1.4M (2017), $1.39M (2015), $2.7M (2014), $900K (2013), $2M (2011), $3.35M (2010), $3.1M (2009), $13.2M (2008), $1.71M (2007).
  • 0 houses have sold in Aina Haina Beach year-to-date (Jan 21, 2018). In previous years, the total number of houses sold were 1 (2017), 3 (2015), 5 (2014), 3 (2013), 1 (2011), 2 (2010), 2 (2009), 1 (2008), 4 (2007).
  • Historically, the average number of days it took to sell houses in Aina Haina Beach was 6 days (2017), 110 days (2015), 70 days (2014), 83 days (2013), 14 days (2011), 9 days (2010), 191 days (2009), 1 days (2008), 59 days (2007).
  • The total dollar volume of houses currently for sale in Aina Haina Beach is $17.95M . The sold dollar volume in previous years was $1.4M (2017), $4.45M (2015), $21.46M (2014), $3.73M (2013), $2M (2011), $6.7M (2010), $6.21M (2009), $13.2M (2008), $7.36M (2007).
  • The most recent sale in Aina Haina Beach was a house located at 5371 Kalanianaole Highway, sold for $1.4M on Aug 14, 2017. It had 1887sf of interior. 9 other recent sales include: 5241 Kalanianaole Highway (8,048sf) sold for $2.17M on 7/10/2015. 946 Wailupe Place (824sf) sold for $880K on 5/19/2015. 929 Wailupe Place (2,320sf) sold for $1.39M on 4/30/2015. 5375 Kalanianaole Highway (2,120sf) sold for $2.95M on 10/17/2014. 5307 Kalanianaole Highway (2,829sf) sold for $2.7M on 9/26/2014. 5415/5435 Kalanianaole Highway (3,529sf) sold for $13.5M on 9/8/2014. 938 Punahele Place (1,064sf) sold for $821K on 4/10/2014. 924 Wailupe Place (1,874sf) sold for $1.49M on 1/15/2014. 933 Wailupe Place (1,128sf) sold for $900K on 6/28/2013.
  • 1 of the house has ocean views, 1 has Diamond Head views and 1 has mountain views.
Aina Haina Beach History
Kawaiku'i isn't just the name of the park on the eastern side of Aina Haina Beach. It was also the name used by the ancient Hawaiians for an area that included both. Kawaiku'i, translated, means 'the united water'. Some believe the name arises from the fact that so many came, both locals and passers-by, to get fresh water from the springs here. Another story says the name was given because the fresh and salt water met, or united, here.

Outside of fishermen, this was not a heavily populated area for hundreds of years. This condition extended into the 20th Century when Robert Hind bought a large acreage that took in all of Aina Haina, up to the ocean, for his Hind-Clarke Dairy operation. The dairy farm was well known in Honolulu and supplied much of the milk and dairy products for the town.

Declining fortunes and the devastation from the 1946 tsunami compelled the Hind family to sell the dairy business and switch to developing their real estate holdings. They chose the right time, with the post-World War II era setting off a demand for housing that was unprecedented.

Aina Haina Beach homes first went up at this time on the exquisite oceanfront lots that had been mostly bare all these years. Residents and visitors can still see freshwater springing up from the sands at times. Whatever your preference, fresh or salt, the water is beautiful on Aina Haina Beach.