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Kalani Iki Estates #8
$875,000 3 Bd | 2 Ba | 1,434 sf
HOA Fees: $866
  • Address: Kalaniiki St, Honolulu, HI 96821.
  • Built in 1966, 95 Units, 3 - 4BR, Pets: OK (verify).
  • Amenities include Pool, Recreation Area, BBQ, Club House, Tennis Court.
  • Kalani Iki Estates are known for their 'must see', architecturally creative carports.

About Kalani Iki Estates
The townhomes that make up the Kalani Iki Estates lie at the back of Kalani Iki Valley on the far east side of Waialae. Back here sometimes it's hard to tell exactly where you are, and that's a good thing.

The neighborhood is covered with canopy trees that keep many of the homes and even the roads covered in blissful shade, even on the hottest days. The temperature is already a little cooler just from its removed location, so the added overhanging makes the mid-day hours even more pleasurable.

There are even more advantages to not only being in the back of the valley, but also on higher ground due to the upward slope where these homes were built. The greatest benefits are the ones delivered right to your windows and lanai.

Many Kalani Iki Estates townhomes can claim the ocean views that leap out from any Honolulu real estate listing, and for good reason. There's also the vista of the city and elegant Kahala laid out before you to enjoy at your leisure.

Even back here you can still be enjoying shopping and dining within a few minutes. Kahala Mall is practically just makai of you, with Kaimuki a little further on to the west, where you'll find many local restaurants that have won raving fans. Hawaii Kai is a longer trip, though not a long one, directly east with even more options to buy or dine at, including big box stores.

Your life here is a wonderful retreat, as a home should be, a place to revel in the beauty of the Island right in front of you. Wonderful tropical flora all around, views of the surrounding area and the life-affirming ocean, easy access to entertainment and leisure enjoyments. Tucked back in this valley you just might find everything you'll ever need.

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  • Kalani Iki Estates Townhomes - Trends & Statistics

  • The price range of townhomes for sale in Kalani Iki Estates is $875K with a median price of $875K and median interior of 1,434sf.
  • The median price of townhomes sold in Kalani Iki Estates year-to-date (Jan - Oct 20, 2017) is $1.26M. In previous years it was $975K (2014), $863K (2013), $805K (2007), $857K (2006), $737K (2005), $668K (2004), $485K (2003).
  • 1 townhome has sold in Kalani Iki Estates year-to-date (Jan - Oct 20, 2017). In previous years, the total number of townhomes sold were 1 (2015), 1 (2014), 1 (2013), 1 (2007), 6 (2006), 5 (2005), 2 (2004), 3 (2003).
  • On average Kalani Iki Estates townhomes were on the market for 31 days before they were sold (Jan - Oct 20, 2017). In previous years it was 51 days (2015), 73 days (2014), 126 days (2013), 10 days (2007), 69 days (2006), 43 days (2005), 192 days (2004), 21 days (2003).
  • The average days on market for Kalani Iki Estates townhomes before sold was 31 days September 2017.
  • The ratio of Kalani Iki Estates townhomes sales price vs list price was 97.7% September 2017
  • 1 Kalani Iki Estates townhome was sold September 2017
  • The total dollar volume of townhomes currently for sale in Kalani Iki Estates is $875K and the sold dollar volume year-to-date (Jan - Oct 20, 2017) is $1.26M. In previous years sold dollar volume was $910K (2015), $975K (2014), $863K (2013), $805K (2007), $5.01M (2006), $3.64M (2005), $1.33M (2004), $1.45M (2003).
  • The most recent sale in Kalani Iki Estates was a townhome located at #90 , sold for $1.26M on Sep 28, 2017. It had 2405sf of interior. 9 other recent sales include: #18 (1,923sf) sold for $985K on 12/28/2015. #24 (2,050sf) sold for $975K on 2/12/2014. #80 (1,264sf) sold for $863K on 10/21/2013. #58 (1,328sf) sold for $805K on 8/28/2007. # (2,050sf) sold for $865K on 11/3/2006. #70 (2,117sf) sold for $850K on 8/3/2006. #. (1,325sf) sold for $750K on 7/31/2006. #95 (2,036sf) sold for $885K on 7/12/2006. #34 (1,904sf) sold for $905K on 6/9/2006.
  • In Kalani Iki Estates there is currently 1 fee simple units for sale.
  • There is 1 x 3 bedroom floor plan.