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Anaha #1405
1 Bd | 1 Ba | 726 sqft
Just listed
4534 Aukai Avenue
5 Bd | 5.5 Ba | 6,066 sqft
Thurs Open House 9:30-11:30pm
Sun Open House 2-5pm
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27 Hanapepe Place
4 Bd | 7 Ba | 4,512 sqft
Just listed
1001 Maunanani Street
6 Bd | 5.5 Ba | 5,889 sqft
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2 Bd | 2 Ba | 1,447 sqft
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Anaha #2702
2 Bd | 2 Ba | 1,708 sqft
Just listed
Waiea #502
2 Bd | 2.5 Ba | 2,069 sqft
Sun Open House 2-5pm
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6775 Pukoo Street
4 Bd | 3 Ba | 2,744 sqft
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The Watermark #204
2 Bd | 2 Ba | 1,112 sqft
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The Collection #1002
2 Bd | 2 Ba | 1,036 sqft
Just listed
4 Bd | 2 Ba | 1,478 sqft
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212 Kapalu Street
3 Bd | 1 Ba | 860 sqft
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Aeo #1707
Studio | 1 Ba | 415 sqft
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Pacific Monarch #2307
1 Bd | 1 Ba | 443 sqft
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Harbor Square #7E
2 Bd | 2 Ba | 604 sqft
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Honolulu Properties Overview
Note: This page displays all Honolulu real estate for sale. That is, condos & homes in Honolulu city - not to be confused with Honolulu County, which is the entire island of Oahu.

If you are looking for:
Condos only, visit our Honolulu condos for sale page,
Single-family homes only, visit our Honolulu homes for sale page.

Those pages also describe popular neighborhoods, whereas this page, covering all real estate in Honolulu, will include interesting comments & links to resources on our website - all related to Honolulu real estate.

Resource Links & Good to Know About Honolulu Real Estate
Just a small group of condos allow for short-term vacation rentals in Honolulu - see the list here.

Honolulu property taxes vary depending on whether the property is your primary residence, 2nd home or a short-term vacation rental condo - learn about property taxes in Honolulu here.

Kakaako is the fastest growing neighborhood in Honolulu with plans to develop more than 20 new high-rise condos. Ward Village and Our Kakaako are 2 master-planned condo developments in the work, both located within the Kakaako neighborhood.

Honolulu only has a little more than 400 oceanfront homes - learn more right here.

16 condos - built in the 50’s & 60’s - literally hang on the ocean’s edge in Diamond Head, dubbed the Gold Coast. No condos in Honolulu can ever be built this close to the ocean again, making these condos incredibly expensive, despite their age.

Hawaii Kai is a master-planned community developed in the 1960’s centered around marinas.

Waikiki is Hawaii’s tourist mecca and Honolulu’s largest condo neighborhood, home to more than 100 residential condos, mainly older structures, with less than 10 newer condos built after year 2000.

Not many Honolulu condos come with great balcony space - see the list of condos with the best balconies here.

Ritz-Carlton Waikiki and Trump Tower Waikiki are the only 2 luxury condo hotels in Honolulu and only 2 luxury properties that allow for short-term vacation rentals in Honolulu. All other condo hotels are older structures, predominantly in Waikiki.

Hawaii Loa Ridge is the most exclusive gated single-family homes community in Honolulu.

Review of all Honolulu’s schools - list includes all private & public institutions from elementary through high-school.

If you are considering purchasing a condo and doing a complete remodel check out this Waikiki condo remodel journal.

Honolulu Downtown is more of a business district with just a few residential condo buildings.

Ala Moana is a well known neighborhood, thanks to Ala Moana Shopping Center & Ala Moana Beach Park and contrary to the belief of many, the neighborhood has just a small group of condos, mainly older, but also includes luxury Park Lane and One Ala Moana.

Learn about Honolulu’s History - an overview of the history for 28 neighborhoods in Honolulu.

Kahala Avenue is widely considered the most prestigious avenue in Honolulu.

Portlock can be described as the Kahala of Hawaii Kai with stunning expensive oceanfront homes.

Tantalus sits high above Honolulu Downtown and offers a tropical rainforest setting.

Honolulu has a significant number of historic homes - see the complete list of historic homes here.

It is expensive to purchase land and built a home in Honolulu, since undeveloped land is scarce and construction costs are some of the highest in the nation.

Manoa is a charming neighborhood with a large number of well maintained historic and vintage homes.

Some developers that are very active in the new high-end and luxury condo market in Honolulu are the Howard Hughes Corporation, The Kobayashi Group, MacNaughton Group, A & B Properties, Stanford Karr and OliverMcMillan.

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