Honolulu Condos With The Best Balconies (Lanais)

Given Hawaii’s year-round idyllic climate, many Honolulu condo buyers are looking for a property that comes with a nice balcony (or ‘lanai’, as it is called in Hawaiian), with enough space to kick back and enjoy the pleasant trade winds.

We compiled a list of the condos in Honolulu that offer the most usable balconies, without considering if  that be a luxury condo or more of your average condo. The list only includes high-rise condos, which we have defined as 7 stories or more, and is organized by neighborhood.

Waikiki Condos

1717 Ala Wai

1717 Ala Wai Balconies
1717 Ala Wai

Balcony Views: Many offer Ala Wai Canal views and some even have ocean views.
Address: 1717 Ala Wai Blvd.
Location: Fairly quiet part of Waikiki, without too much traffic, right by Ala Wai Canal.

Canterbury Place

Canterbury Place - Can See Size of Balconies
Canterbury Place

Balcony Views: Most offer Fort DeRussy Park views and some high floor units boast beautiful ocean views (many owners have enclosed their balcony).
Address: 1910 Ala Moana Blvd.
Location: Busy intersection with lots of traffic and diagonally across from Hilton Hawaiian Village.

Diamond Head Vista

Diamond Head Vista
Diamond Head Vista

Balcony Views: Most boast incredible ocean and Diamond Head views.
Address: 2600 Pualani Way.
Location: Quiet street with limited traffic, right by Jefferson Elementary School.

Foster Tower

Foster Tower Waikiki - Zoom In To See Balconies
Foster Tower

Balcony Views: Several units boast incredible ocean views.
Address: 2500 Kalakaua Ave.
Location: Busy area with lots of traffic and tourists.

Ilikai Apartments

Ilikai Apartments - Zoom in Exterior Photo
Ilikai Apartments

Balcony Views: Majority offer stunning ocean views.
Address: 1777 Ala Moana Blvd.
Location: Most units face quiet street with a smaller percentage of units facing busy street.

Lanikea at Waikiki

Lanikea at Waikiki Balconies
Lanikea at Waikiki

Balcony Views: About half the balconies have nice or great ocean views.
Address: 421 Olohana St.
Location: Fairly quiet location set back from busy Kuhio Ave.

Ritz-Carlton Waikiki

Ritz-Carlton Waikiki Balcony Focus
Ritz-Carlton Waikiki

Balcony Views: Majority have stunning ocean and Fort Derussy Park views.
Address: 383 Kalaimoku St (West Tower / Tower 1), 2139 Kuhio Ave (East Tower / Tower 2).
Location: Busy area, but not too much noise, since building is set back from Kalakaua Ave.

The Watermark

The Watermark Waikiki Balconies
The Watermark

Balcony Views: Majority offer stunning ocean and Ala Moana Beach Park views.
Address: 1551 Ala Moana Blvd.
Location: Near end of cul-de-sac and very quiet & peaceful.

Trump Tower Waikiki

Trump Tower Waikiki - Zoom In Exterior To See Balconies
Trump Tower Waikiki

Balcony Views: About half the balconies have stunning ocean views, either looking over Fort Derussy Park or towards Diamond Head.
Address: 223 Saratoga Rd.
Location: Busy area with significant street noise.

Waikiki Beach Tower

Waikiki Beach Tower Balconies
Waikiki Beach Tower

Balcony Views: Most boast idyllic ocean views.
Address: 2470 Kalakaua Ave
Location: Building setback from very busy street, which helps reduce noise.

Wailana at Waikiki

Wailana at Waikiki Balconies
Wailana at Waikiki

Balcony Views: Looking at other buildings or some central high floor units beautiful Fort Derussy Park views.
Address: 1860 Ala Moana Blvd.
Location: Busy intersection. Units along Ena Rd less exposed to noise.


Waipuna - Focus on Balconies

Balcony Views: City with some high floor units offering decent ocean view too.
Address: 469 Ena Rd.
Location comments: Building set back from somewhat busy street and not that exposed to street noise.

Ala Moana Condos

Park Lane

Park Lane Ala Moana Balconies
Park Lane Ala Moana

Balcony Views: Lower floor tree top and higher floor tree top and ocean views.
Address: 1388 Ala Moana Blvd.
Location: Busy street with a significant level of noise.

Uraku Tower

Uraku Tower Balconies
Uraku Tower

Balcony Views: About half offer decent or great (if higher floor) ocean views.
Address: 1341 Kapiolani Blvd.
Location: Not too noisy street in front of balconies.

Kakaako Condos

1350 Ala Moana

1350 Ala Moana Balconies
1350 Ala Moana

Balcony Views: About half boast stunning ocean views – higher floor southeast facing units.
Address: 1350 Ala Moana Blvd.
Location: Busy intersection with lots of street noise.

One Waterfront Tower

One Waterfront Tower Balconies
One Waterfront Tower

Balcony Views: Most boast stunning harbor and ocean views.
Address: 415 South St (Makai Tower), 425 South St (Mauka Tower)
Location: Not too much exposure to nearby busy street noise.

Collection Honolulu

Collection Honolulu Balconies
Collection Honolulu

Balcony Views: Most offer from average to stunning ocean views.
Address: 600 Ala Moana Blvd.
Location: Busy location, though most units are set back from Ala Moana Blvd, reducing noise levels.


Waiea Balconies

Balcony Views: Most offer stunning ocean views and several units also boast incredible Diamond Head, Waikiki and Ala Moana Beach Park views.
Address: 1118 Ala Moana Blvd.
Location: Busy street with significant noise.


Waihonua Balconies

Balcony Views: Most offer decent or even great ocean views.
Address: 1189 Waimanu St.
Location: Busy location, but situated away from busy street noise.

Diamond Head Condos

3003 Kalakaua

3003 Kalakaua Balconies
3003 Kalakaua

Balcony Views: Perfect ocean views hanging on the ocean’s edge.
Address: 3003 Kalakaua Ave.
Location: No noise – just the sound of the ocean.

3019 Kalakaua

3019 Kalakaua Balconies
3019 Kalakaua

Balcony Views: Hanging on the ocean’s edge with perfect ocean views.
Address: 3019 Kalakaua Ave.
Location: No noise – just the sound of the ocean.

Colony Beach

Colony Beach Balconies
Colony Beach

Balcony Views: Hanging on the ocean’s edge with incredible ocean views.
Address: 2893 Kalakaua Ave.
Location: Quiet, but possibly a little noise from neighboring Outrigger Canoe Club Beach.

Sans Souci

Sans Souci Balconies
Sans Souci

Balcony Views: Most boast what is arguably the most incredible ocean, beach and city views anywhere in Honolulu.
Address: 2877 Kalakaua Ave.
Location: Peaceful with the sound of the ocean and some day time noise from Kaimana Beach below.


Tahitienne Balconies

Balcony Views: Picture perfect ocean views.
Address: 2999 Kalakaua Ave.
Location: Quiet with just the sound of the ocean.

Hawaii Kai Condos

Colony at the Peninsula

Colony at The Peninsula Balconies
Colony at The Peninsula

Balcony Views: Mainly looking into other buildings
Address: 520 Lunalilo Home Rd.
Location: Mainly quiet, though some balconies face fairly busy street.  


Esplanade Hawaii Kai Drone Photo

Balcony Views: Most offer pleasant marina and mountain views.
Address: 500 Lunalilo Home Rd.
Location: Set back from busy street and limited noise.

Plaza Hawaii Kai

Plaza Hawaii Kai Balconies
Plaza Hawaii Kai

Balcony Views: Most offer nice marina and ocean views.
Address: 6770 Hawaii Kai Dr.
Location: Fairly quiet location by street that get a fair amount of traffic.    

Other Honolulu Condos

1010 Wilder

1010 Wilder Balconies
1010 Wilder

Balcony Views: Generally open unobstructed city views.
Address: 1010 Wilder Ave.
Location: Quiet section with minimal street noise.

1015 Wilder

1015 Wilder Balconies
1015 Wilder

Balcony Views: Predominantly pleasant city views.
Address: 1015 Wilder Ave.
Location: Quiet area with limited noise.

Ala Wai Plaza

Ala Wai Plaza Balconies
Ala Wai Plaza

Balcony Views: Diamond Head Tower beautiful canal and Waikiki views whereas Park Tower predominantly looks in to other nearby buildings.
Address: 500 University Ave.
Location: Quiet location with limited street noise.

Admiral Thomas Apartments

Admiral Thomas Apartments Balconies
Admiral Thomas Apts

Balcony Views: Great city and park views.
Address: 1221 Victoria St.
Location: Set back from busy street and exposed to fair amount of street noise.

Harbor Court

Harbor Court Honolulu
Harbor Court

Balcony Views: Most boast amazing harbor and ocean views.
Address: 66 Queen St.
Location: By busy street with significant street noise.

Marco Polo Apartments

Marco Polo Apartments
Marco Polo Apts

Balcony Views: Several offer park, canal and city views. Some high floor units have nice ocean view.
Address: 2333 Kapiolani Blvd.
Location: About half units face quiet park and other half busy street.

Nuuanu Parkside

Nuuanu Parkside Balconies
Nuuanu Parkside

Balcony Views: City and / or mountain views. Some city views in distance are beautiful.
Address: 2047 Nuuanu Ave.
Location: Quiet location.

Regency at Kahala

Regency at Kahala Balconies
Regency at Kahala

Balcony Views: About half boast nice ocean views in distance.
Address: 4340 Pahoa Ave.
Location: By fairly busy street, though mostly quiet units.

Regency Park

Regency Park Honolulu Balconies
Regency Park

Balcony Views: Treetop and city views.
Address: 3138 Waialae Ave.
Location: By busy street, but set back reducing street noise impact.

Royal Iolani

Royal Iolani Drone Photo
Royal Iolani

Balcony Views: Most boast stunning Ala Wai Golf course, Waikiki and Diamond Head views.
Address: 581 Kamoku St (Ewa Tower) & 583 Kamoku St (Diamond Head Tower)
Location: Quiet street with possible noise from Iolani School.

That sums up the condos boasting the best balconies in Honolulu. If you feel we missed any buildings, let us know in the comments section below.

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