21 Portlock & Koko Kai Homes for Sale

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Portlock House (undisclosed address)
$2,988,888 6 Bd | 6 Ba | 4,756 sf
Land: 20,888 sf
Just listed
218 Poipu Drive
$2,388,000 4 Bd | 3.5 Ba | 3,193 sf
Land: 18,125 sf
Just listed
18 Poipu Place
$6,750,000 4 Bd | 4.5 Ba | 4,447 sf
Land: 20,583 sf
Just listed
187 Poipu Drive
$1,999,000 5 Bd | 3.5 Ba | 3,300 sf
Land: 12,363 sf
Ocean view
10 Poipu Place
$7,500,000 6 Bd | 7.5 Ba | 5,034 sf
Land: 39,007 sf
394 Portlock Road
$1,600,000 StudioLand: 15,438 sf
37 Moloaa Street
$2,880,000 5 Bd | 3 Ba | 2,751 sf
Land: 17,135 sf
Ocean view
322 Portlock Road
$2,998,000 5 Bd | 6 Ba | 6,448 sf
Land: 19,576 sf
612 Poipu Drive
$1,150,000 3 Bd | 3 Ba | 1,796 sf
Land: 10,467 sf
109 Nawiliwili Street
$2,285,000 4 Bd | 2 Ba | 2,275 sf
Land: 11,835 sf
Ocean view
347 Poipu Drive
$1,988,000 3 Bd | 2 Ba | 2,189 sf
Land: 10,439 sf
Ocean view
251 Portlock Road
$6,500,000 5 Bd | 3.5 Ba | 4,634 sf
Land: 12,270 sf
3 Lumahai Street
$2,550,000 3 Bd | 2.5 Ba | 3,860 sf
Land: 21,834 sf
Ocean view
404 Portlock Road
$1,800,000 4 Bd | 3 Ba | 1,792 sf
Land: 14,956 sf
387 Portlock Road
$15,800,000 4 Bd | 6.5 Ba | 8,427 sf
Land: 1.51 acre
    See our video flying by oceanfront Portlock homes and another video of Koko Kai homes.

    About Portlock
    Portlock is the premier residential oceanfront neighborhood in the Hawaii Kai region, located at the base of Koko Head, consisting of about 120 properties - a mix of older well-kept single level homes among newer stunning luxury estates. Portlock homes for sale are typically valued from $1.5M for a fixer-upper to $15M plus for the utmost luxurious estates and sit on generous sized lots ranging from 11,000 sq ft to 1 acre plus, making it some of the most sought after real estate in Honolulu.

    Insight to Portlock Homes
    Only about 40 Portlock homes are directly on the ocean, well situated and protected from off-shore winds, enjoying a picture perfect westerly sunset view across Maunalua Bay with the striking Diamond Head Crater in the distant center. The most notable property on the ocean is the sprawling, tropical and grand 5.5 acre Kaiser Estate with private boat harbor in the 500 block of Portlock Rd, formerly owned by Henry Kaiser, industrialist and developer of the Hawaii Kai community.

    To the surprise of many, the real estate in Portlock only includes the homes on Portlock Rd and about 8 properties along the oceanside of Kalanianaole Hwy. Blending together seamlessly, the adjacent Koko Kai and Triangle neighborhoods are sometimes mistaken as belonging to Portlock. Together these 3 neighborhoods form a pleasant desirable quiet community of wide gently rolling streets with modest west facing elevations, protected from easterly trade winds, wrapping around the base of the imposing Koko Head.

    Koko Kai is home to about 130 properties along Poipu Dr including and south of 274 Poipu Dr, as well as adjacent streets Lumahai Pl, Lumahai St, Poipu Pl and Hanapepe Lp. Koko Kai homes for sale are typically valued in the $1.5M to $5M range and feature some dramatic cliffside estates with stunning sunset and ocean views.

    Triangle, just north of Koko Kai, is home to about 300 properties on the oceanside of Kalanianaole Hwy, including Kalalau St, Nawiliwili St, Polihale Pl, Makaweli Pl, Makaweli St, Poipu Dr north of 274 Poipu Dr, Lunalilo Home Rd and Pilaa Pl. The majority of Triangle homes for sale are valued in the $1M to $3M range.

    Both Koko Kai and Triangle association design guidelines differ from Portlock’s, including additional building height restrictions of 16 ft from the highest corner of the buildable footprint. Allegedly, and controversial, a couple of homes might have set precedent and built beyond the allowable height limit.

    Portlock Neighborhood
    The Portlock shoreline along Maunalua Bay offers calm oceans and a sandy beach up to about 281 Portlock Rd. Going further south properties feature seawalls and eventually ocean cliff frontage with increasing wave action.

    There are 3 parks in the Portlock, Koko Kai, Triangle community, including well-known Koko Kai Beach Park, a great place to enjoy sunset picnics above the popular and daring China Walls surf spot.

    Tranquil and peaceful, yet with all Hawaii Kai’s conveniences close by, including marina front restaurants, Costco, several water sport options, snorkeling at Hanauma Bay and more, makes Portlock real estate a very special treasure, desired by many.

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    • Portlock Houses - Trends & Statistics

    • The price range of houses for sale in Portlock is $1.15M to $17.75M with a median price of $2.62M, median interior of 3,319sf and median land size of 17,630sf.
    • The median price of houses sold in Portlock year-to-date (2017) is $2.1M. In previous years it was $1.89M (2016), $1.79M (2015), $2.16M (2014), $1.85M (2013), $1.6M (2012), $1.48M (2011), $1.3M (2010), $1.34M (2009), $1.81M (2008), $1.58M (2007), $1.4M (2006), $1.46M (2005), $1.3M (2004), $948K (2003).
    • 21 houses have sold in Portlock year-to-date (2017). In previous years, the total number of houses sold were 25 (2016), 24 (2015), 18 (2014), 27 (2013), 35 (2012), 21 (2011), 25 (2010), 18 (2009), 17 (2008), 29 (2007), 37 (2006), 41 (2005), 26 (2004), 34 (2003).
    • On average Portlock houses were on the market for 69 days before they were sold (2017). In previous years it was 125 days (2016), 114 days (2015), 129 days (2014), 101 days (2013), 92 days (2012), 101 days (2011), 67 days (2010), 105 days (2009), 130 days (2008), 100 days (2007), 90 days (2006), 67 days (2005), 82 days (2004), 101 days (2003).
    • The average days on market for Portlock houses before sold were 24 days November 2017 compared to 163 days November 2016.
    • The ratio of Portlock houses sales price vs list price were 95.4% November 2017 compared to 95.5% November 2016.
    • 2 Portlock houses were sold November 2017 compared to 3 houses sold November 2016.
    • The total dollar volume of houses currently for sale in Portlock is $101.41M and the sold dollar volume year-to-date (2017) is $44.75M. In previous years sold dollar volume was $48.64M (2016), $51.06M (2015), $38.13M (2014), $71.45M (2013), $78.62M (2012), $38.62M (2011), $51.72M (2010), $33.37M (2009), $39.63M (2008), $69.64M (2007), $64.17M (2006), $74.81M (2005), $44.39M (2004), $39.91M (2003).
    • The most recent sale in Portlock was a house located at 122 Waialeale Street, sold for $1.23M on Dec 05, 2017. It had 2516sf of interior. 9 other recent sales include: 123 Polihale Place (2,087sf) sold for $1.6M on 11/17/2017. 282 Portlock Road (4,986sf) sold for $2.92M on 11/1/2017. 58 Lawai Street (2,086sf) sold for $1.4M on 10/10/2017. 236 Lumahai Place (4,264sf) sold for $2.66M on 10/9/2017. 172 Polihale Place (3,197sf) sold for $1.9M on 9/28/2017. 6973 Kalanianaole Highway (2,390sf) sold for $2.65M on 9/26/2017. 124 Poipu Drive (2,106sf) sold for $1.93M on 9/8/2017. 153 Nawiliwili Street (2,325sf) sold for $1.52M on 8/31/2017. 111 Nawiliwili Street (2,958sf) sold for $1.25M on 8/14/2017.
    • 16 of the houses have ocean views, 16 have Diamond Head views and 18 have mountain views.
    Portlock History
    This part of Oahu was once the site of ancient Hawaiian fishing spots, which they kept secret and passed on through generations.  Now it is an upscale neighborhood named for Nathaniel Portlock, a member of Captain Cook's crew for his 3rd, and last, voyage. Portlock returned to Hawaii as the captain of his own ship, becoming the first European to sail into Maunalua Bay.

    He only did some brief trading with the islanders, but did record that this part of Oahu was not well populated, probably due to a lack of freshwater sources.

    Portlock has been prime real estate for some time due to the vista of both the bay & Diamond Head residents enjoy. Still, most of the original Portlock houses weren't built until the 1940's & 50's. What put it truly on the map, though, was Henry Kaiser's arrival in Hawaii during the later phase of that development.

    Not only did he build the Hawaiian Village - now the Hilton Hawaiian Village - he also literally created what we know today as Hawaii Kai. His Portlock home attracted just as much attention, however.

    Built to please Mrs. Kaiser, it featured a pink mansion plus 2 oval houses to hold her many pink poodles. In the greenhouse? Pink roses. The Kaisers entertained a constant stream of celebrities here, filling the society pages on a weekly basis. The Kaisers may no longer be with us, but the allure of Portlock's real estate hasn't diminished one bit. After them, this neighborhood had a new, high profile that it still enjoys.