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Hale Walina - General Info & Sold Data

Address: 424 Walina, Honolulu, HI 96815.

About Hale Walina
Hale Walina stands out in its immediate surroundings. It's a 5 story building on a street where most buildings are at least 3 times that height, preserving something of an earlier Waikiki in their midst.

Despite that disparity, the building isn't suffocated by its taller neighbors. There's nice open spaces on either side of Hale Walina that allow nice breathing space. On top of that, directly across the street is the one big supermarket in all Waikiki, Food Pantry. You get not just the welcome convenience of that proximity, but also its own low-rise profile across from you, including its open, tree covered parking lot.

The Hale Walina condos are layouts of either Studio/1BA (377 or 433 sq ft) or 1BR/1BA (418 or 520 sq ft). You can add to that 52 sq ft of lanai where you can take in the atmosphere of the Waikiki resort life.

Walk about 2 blocks and you're feeling sand beneath your feet, with the ocean laid out before you. Even closer is the new International Market Place and all the designer stores, restaurants and eateries that make this district so compelling.

Living here is a returning to the simpler existence that once was common all over Waikiki. Lucky for you, there's still a place like Hale Walina where it can still be found.

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