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Kamalie Hale - General Info & Sold Data

  • Address: 1430 Lusitana Street, Honolulu, HI 96813.
  • Built in 1966, with 3 stories and 18 units of 1 & 2BR floor plans.
  • Amenities: None.
  • Pets: No (verify).
  • Interesting: No amenities mean a low maintenance fee at this Honolulu condo.

Kamalie Hale is a small walk-up just over Vineyard Blvd not far at all from where that road meets Punchbowl St. A line drawn straight across Vineyard from the Queens Hospital building at that intersection would go right through Kamalie Hale.

If you know this area, you understand this is one of the central areas of Honolulu, with much that can add real value to your daily life. Imagine the time and money you can save by walking to your job Downtown or at one of the City/County buildings, as well as the health benefits you'll get.

The restaurants in Chinatown, the main Hawaii Library branch, HPU, the State Capitol and Iolani Palace all become part of your neighborhood when you move here, too. Nothing like walking around these intriguing sights or sampling the great tastes of your local eateries.

If your destination does need wheels to get there, H1 West can entered in seconds, right off Punchbowl, and Vineyard basically becomes the highway heading east in only slightly more time than that. You're on the highway and on your way!

The units at this building are comprised of 12 1BR/1BA (470 sq ft) and 3 each of 2BR/1BA that measure 640 and 648 sq ft in them. Your lanai provides 78 sq ft more on the 1BR, the 2BRs 95 or 96 sq ft.

Your neighbor on the lanai side is approximately the same height as your building, blocking some of the views. Though you do lose that part of your sightline, that neighboring condo also shades your from the hotter afternoon sun, providing some relief that will be welcome on summer days. It also helps to block traffic noise from Vineyard Blvd.

The Kamalie Hale condos are an affordable option right in the midst of the employment center of Honolulu. As you've seen, there's much you can gain from living here, providing a value that goes far beyond the real estate itself.

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