6 Kaimalino Homes for Sale

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658 Kaimalino Street
$3,188,800 4 Bd | 4 Ba | 2,590 sf
Land: 18,212 sf
Just listed
676 Mokapu Road
$1,799,950 5 Bd | 4.5 Ba | 3,573 sf
Land: 11,938 sf
Ocean view
611 Launa Aloha Place
$2,000,000 4 Bd | 4 Ba | 3,719 sf
Land: 10,772 sf
600 Milokai Street
$1,895,000 4 Bd | 4 Ba | 2,699 sf
Land: 10,103 sf
Year Remodeled: 2006
679 Milokai Street
$1,399,000 4 Bd | 2 Ba | 1,950 sf
Land: 10,814 sf
590 Kaimalino Street
$2,399,000 3 Bd | 3 Ba | 2,349 sf
Land: 11,070 sf
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Ever heard the famous saying “Go Big or Go Home”? In Kaimalino, you can do both! This collection of houses sits right on the northern end of Kailua's coastline, not far from the entrance to Kaneohe Marine Corps Base.

Kamailano's foundation is almost a small peninsula, pushing out into the waters like a bookend to the rest of the Kailua coast.It's a geographical bit of luck for some. That extension outward means part of its south side is bordering on the ocean along with its entire east side.

Not to mention the Oneawa Channel that makes up the rest of the neighborhood's south border as it curves in from the interior to meet the Pacific, bringing water views to more than just the owners lucky enough to be on the oceanfront.

Those who are on the Pacific are privileged with not just the sight of Kailua Bay, but the pleasures of being just a few steps from the waves lapping up to the sand. The crowds are all at the other end of the coast, so you have it all to yourself much of the time. That's as close as you'll come to a private beach in this town.

Kaimalino Real Estate – Go Big at Home
The homes in Kaimalino are famous for 'going big', their dimensions extending to an average of 2400 sq ft, many far exceeding that measurement. It isn't difficult to reach those proportions on the lot sizes you'll find here. They start at 10,000 sq ft and go up to a huge 13,000 or sometimes even more.

Some of the structures date to the start of this community in the 1950's and 60's, but building has been ongoing here, with new homes being added in every decade since. In the more recent times, that has changed to tearing down and rebuilding as new buyers decided something grander was needed.

The size of both the lots and the residences, plus the proximity to the ocean, have unmistakably made these upmarket properties, even for homes in Kailua. The prices back this up, with Kaimalino homes for sale getting $1.3M to $2M these days.

With H3 nearby your commute is a faster one than most on the Windward Side. While getting to work quicker is an advantage, the true value will come from arriving home ahead of the crowd. When you live in a neighborhood like this, you'll want all the time you can get to enjoy home.

Neighborhoods nearby Kaimalino include Aikahi Park and Kailua Beachside.
  • Kaimalino Houses - Trends & Statistics

  • The price range of houses for sale in Kaimalino is $1.39M to $2.39M with a median price of $1.89M, median interior of 2,699sf and median land size of 10,814sf.
  • The median price of houses sold in Kaimalino year-to-date (2017) is $1.86M. In previous years it was $1.67M (2016), $1.67M (2015), $1.57M (2014), $1.37M (2013), $1.25M (2012), $1.51M (2011), $1.18M (2010), $1.24M (2009), $1.44M (2008), $1.28M (2007), $1.24M (2006), $1.78M (2005), $897K (2004), $890K (2003).
  • 8 houses have sold in Kaimalino year-to-date (2017). In previous years, the total number of houses sold were 8 (2016), 12 (2015), 10 (2014), 11 (2013), 6 (2012), 6 (2011), 5 (2010), 3 (2009), 3 (2008), 6 (2007), 4 (2006), 4 (2005), 7 (2004), 13 (2003).
  • On average Kaimalino houses were on the market for 55 days before they were sold (2017). In previous years it was 79 days (2016), 55 days (2015), 79 days (2014), 81 days (2013), 33 days (2012), 141 days (2011), 42 days (2010), 156 days (2009), 31 days (2008), 120 days (2007), 103 days (2006), 68 days (2005), 47 days (2004), 104 days (2003).
  • The average days on market for Kaimalino houses before sold were 36 days November 2017 compared to 127 days November 2016.
  • The ratio of Kaimalino houses sales price vs list price were 98.5% November 2017 compared to 97.1% November 2016.
  • 1 Kaimalino house was sold November 2017 compared to 1 house sold November 2016.
  • The total dollar volume of houses currently for sale in Kaimalino is $9.49M and the sold dollar volume year-to-date (2017) is $16.14M. In previous years sold dollar volume was $13.77M (2016), $21.5M (2015), $16.28M (2014), $16.57M (2013), $7.45M (2012), $10.96M (2011), $5.81M (2010), $4.43M (2009), $4.21M (2008), $7.73M (2007), $5.01M (2006), $7.52M (2005), $9.67M (2004), $13.57M (2003).
  • The most recent sale in Kaimalino was a house located at 656 Ilikai Street, sold for $1.62M on Nov 30, 2017. It had 2312sf of interior. 9 other recent sales include: 610 Kaimalino Place (2,374sf) sold for $2.39M on 9/15/2017. 656 Old Mokapu Road (2,405sf) sold for $1.82M on 8/8/2017. 714 Old Mokapu Road (3,637sf) sold for $2M on 8/4/2017. 576 Kaimalino Street (3,645sf) sold for $1.9M on 6/30/2017. 681 Old Mokapu Road (2,053sf) sold for $1.57M on 6/30/2017. 786 Mokapu Road (2,865sf) sold for $3.02M on 5/4/2017. 575 Kaimalino Street (4,010sf) sold for $1.8M on 1/24/2017. 804 Mokapu Road (2,370sf) sold for $1.65M on 11/1/2016. 605 Kaimalino Place (2,540sf) sold for $1.5M on 10/17/2016.
  • 1 of the house has ocean views and 3 have mountain views.