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Fairway Village #193
3 Bd | 2.5 Ba | 1,304 sqft
Year Remodeled: 2019
Total 1 Fairway Village Condo - 1 loaded
Fairway Village Condo Overview
  • Built in 1973, 2 - 3BR, Pets: OK (verify).
  • Ameneties include a pool.

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About Fairway Village Mililani
Fairway Village Mililani's townhomes are rarely seen on the market. People move here, fall in love and just don't leave. Why is that? It could be the manicured landscapes of the golf course fairways that they sit on. 2 full sides of this small community lies against these stretches of deep green, keeping them in sight from all over.

The split level interiors are certainly part of the attraction here. They come in a few configurations of 2BR/2.5BA, including dimensions of 1150 and 1244 sq ft, and 3BR/2.5BA, which can measure 1304 or 1448 sq ft inside.

Regardless of which model, you're assured of high or even vaulted ceilings, a fenced backyard - with patio - and even a front yard! What might be the deal maker, though, are the lanais that sit outside of every bedroom in many of these homes, giving everyone a private lookout to enjoy the scenery around you. In many ways, you'll feel as if you're in a single family home, rather than a townhome.

Route 99 is a very few minutes drive away, putting you quickly on the path south to Honolulu or up to the North Shore for a look at the legendary waves of that coastline.

In this green corner of Mililani you have the benefits of living in Central Oahu's hub, with shopping and dining options right nearby. Yet you live in a home that lies on the wide open expanses of the golf course, where you can drink it all in from your home. We bet you won't want to leave Fairway Village either.

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