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Address: Lelepua St, Waipahu, HI 96797.

About Liolio
With the affordability of single family homes on Oahu almost out of site, an excellent alternative are the townhomes of Liolio. Come in and see why.

The 88 residences are spread out over 22 2-story buildings so there's just four units in each one. All Liolio homes take up both floors of the building, creating that separation and privacy you want in your space.

The townhomes are either 2BR/1BA (876 sq ft) or 3BR/1.5BA (1094 sq ft) so they're good for families, but the lanais is where they truly shine. You'll have from 100 to 300 sq ft in most, but a few luxuriate in 788 sq ft of outdoor area that's all yours. Every one of these are fenced for safety and further privacy.

Waipio's site uphill from southern Oahu means sweeping views that can see the lights of town, the mountains around you, Diamond Head and the ocean that surrounds our Island. The Sunrises and Sunsets that are so especially beautiful here can also be part of your vistas.

Crestview Community Park is right on your community's souther border, bringing a huge grassy space to enjoy along with basketball and volleyball courts, plus a baseball diamond. A little over a block northwest is Waipio Shopping Center, where Foodland is ready to provide your groceries. You'll also find more than a few great dining options, too.

With H2 and Kamehameha Hwy on either side of your neighborhood, you've got a quickstart to town or anywhere else on Oahu. The high prices of single family homes doesn't mean you can't have a yard, 2 floors of space and privacy. One look at Liolio will prove it.

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  • LIOLIO Townhomes - Trends & Statistics

  • The median price of townhomes sold in LIOLIO year-to-date (Jan - Oct 22, 2017) is $391K. In previous years it was $438K (2016), $438K (2015), $332K (2014), $372K (2012), $347K (2011), $373K (2010), $390K (2008), $392K (2007), $350K (2006), $303K (2005), $280K (2004), $176K (2003).
  • 2 townhomes have sold in LIOLIO year-to-date (Jan - Oct 22, 2017). In previous years, the total number of townhomes sold were 3 (2016), 1 (2015), 2 (2014), 3 (2012), 2 (2011), 2 (2010), 3 (2008), 2 (2007), 1 (2006), 2 (2005), 2 (2004), 4 (2003).
  • On average LIOLIO townhomes were on the market for 5 days before they were sold (Jan - Oct 22, 2017). In previous years it was 76 days (2016), 12 days (2015), 43 days (2014), 79 days (2012), 23 days (2011), 38 days (2010), 46 days (2008), 10 days (2007), 7 days (2006), 19 days (2005), 11 days (2004), 57 days (2003).
  • The average days on market for LIOLIO townhomes before sold was 5 days September 2017.
  • The ratio of LIOLIO townhomes sales price vs list price was 100.5% September 2017
  • 1 LIOLIO townhome was sold September 2017
  • The total dollar volume sold in LIOLIO year-to-date has been $782K(Jan - Oct 22, 2017). In previous years sold dollar volume was $1.23M (2016), $438K (2015), $665K (2014), $1.06M (2012), $695K (2011), $747K (2010), $1.19M (2008), $784K (2007), $350K (2006), $607K (2005), $560K (2004), $697K (2003).
  • The most recent sale in LIOLIO was a townhome located at #14C , sold for $412K on Sep 21, 2017. It had 876sf of interior. 9 other recent sales include: #17B (876sf) sold for $370K on 7/21/2017. #9C (876sf) sold for $350K on 4/13/2016. #3C (1,300sf) sold for $449K on 4/5/2016. #11C (1,300sf) sold for $438K on 3/24/2016. #2A (1,150sf) sold for $438K on 8/14/2015. #17B (876sf) sold for $340K on 12/5/2014. #9B (876sf) sold for $325K on 4/30/2014. #15C (1,094sf) sold for $372K on 11/30/2012. #5B (876sf) sold for $310K on 10/31/2012.