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Ewa Beach Facilities: Schools, Health, Parks & Beaches

Gentry Community Center

When you’re looking at an Ewa Beach home, you’re not just considering the residence alone. You’re also considering the community as a whole. Is this a place where not only you, but your entire family can live and have access to both the essentials as well as recreation options, which, for many are also essential.

We’re talking about the schools, the health care options, the parks and other aspects that you’re going to use on a regular basis. They’re a substantial part of the core to your satisfaction with a neighborhood.

When you put down roots, you want to be certain it’s a place you can live in, where your needs can be met, both the common and urgent varieties. Here we take a look at those aspects of Ewa Beach real estate, the ones that aren’t listed in your deed, yet are almost as important as those that are.

Hospitals & Health Care
Health facilities and services, contrary to what many think, should not be the concern of seniors only. From active keiki, who seem to attract cuts and scrapes, to men & women of any age who understand the truth that their health and well-being is everything, this always needs to be a consideration in the purchase journey.

You’re well taken care of in Ewa Beach. The town has both a hospital and a clinic inside its limits, plus more facilities to use next door in Kapolei. If you’re ever in need of attention, you’ve picked a good place to be. These are a few of the options you have for both emergency and routine health issues.

Access Medical Clinic – Small facility located inside Long’s. Focuses on common ailments, check-ups and urgent, but not emergency, health issues. Takes walk-ins.

Kaiser Permanente Kapolei Clinic – Kaiser branch located in Kapolei that is open on weekdays. Strictly Family Medicine.

Kahi Mohala Behavioral Health – Oahu’s main facility for treating behavioral health issues.

Kapolei Health Care CenterClinic that charges on sliding scale for those with only some or even no health coverage. Walk-ins welcomed.

Queen’s Health Care Center – Also in Kapolei, it provides primary care for adults, including women’s health. Physicals and immunization services also.

Queen’s Medical Center, West Oahu – The only hospital in the area, it has complete services for both In and Out Patients. Emergency Room as well.

These could almost be included under the above heading of Health, so important are they to not just maintaining, but improving your wellness. We don’t just mean the physical aspects, either.

A day by the ocean or a few hours at the park with your family bring mental and, some would say, spiritual benefits that are equally as necessary to your overall well-being. Spend some time at these recreation outlets and you’ll see why Ewa Beach is a great place to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

Join us as we explore some places you may not even know exist, but will soon be on your regular schedule for weekends and pau hana.

Though most of the recreation centers in Ewa Beach are private neighborhood facilities, the best one is wide open to the public. The Kroc Center is the biggest of its kind in all Hawaii, its centerpiece being a small waterpark, with 2 slides, winding river features and ‘interactive play area’. That’s just the beginning.

A large fitness center, art studio, multi-use gymnasium, performing arts center and preschool are merely some more of the facilities you’ll find within, all with their own classes and programs. Daypasses are available, as well as memberships, priced below what you’ll pay at a fitness center. One of the best deals you’ll find not just in Ewa Beach, but anywhere.


Geiger Park in Ewa Beach - Aerial Photo

Geiger Park

Hoalauna Park
Extremely large, mostly open area, so a few games can be played at the same time. Those looking for a spot for soccer or football will find the space they need here. The keiki have 2 jungle gyms and playground areas, while the adults have a workout area to get healthy. Haoluna is tops for dog owners, too, because of the gated dog areas, one for big, one for little. One last selling point – plenty of parking.

Asing Community Park
Another that’s very sizable, so they fit in a lot here. That includes a softball/baseball diamond, 2 courts each for basketball and volleyball, 4 tennis courts and a soccer field. A playground is here for the keiki to enjoy, too, as well as a building for meetings and parties, complete with a kitchen. One drawback are complaints about the small parking lot. Street parking is available, but isn’t as convenient, especially for those with children.

Geiger Park
The good news is this is park is extremely large. The bad news is that the parking lot isn’t. Located in the Sun Terra neighborhood, the expansive space provides for all the most popular activities, including a baseball diamond, courts for both basketball and tennis players and a children’s playground, too. It gets heavy use on the weekends, sometimes featuring little league games going on in all 4 corners! Just be careful about parking illegally, as the police do ticket. Try street parking and avoid the hassle.

Ewa Mahiko Park
Found in Ewa Villages, it’s often noted that it doesn’t seem to be watered enough, resulting in a lot of brown areas. Despite that, it’s well loved and gets a lot of use by the locally famous Little League teams on the baseball diamonds. Tennis and basketball courts are both here, along with a building mainly used for meetings and classes.

Ewa Beach Community Park
Once known for its decaying playground equipment, recent work has put in new replacements, making parents happy. Sports lovers will find much to do here, with 2 baseball diamonds, tennis courts and both basketball and volleyball courts, too. There’s even a skate park. Finally, shoppers will know this address for the farmer’s market held every Friday at 9AM.

Ewa Beach Park
The large grassy park area by the sands is unusual in Ewa Beach, making this stop a unique combination. There is a playground for the kids and a basketball court, but otherwise the use of this park focuses on the leisure, rather than active, aspects of life. With picnic tables, a roofed area that’s open to the air and plenty of barbecuing going on, you know this is mainly a place for family & friends to gather. The beach itself is small, but inviting, with great views of Diamond Head and the sunsets. Be aware that the waters can be strong here, though, so the little ones will need watching. No lifeguard, either.

Ewa Beach Park

Ewa Beach

Puuloa Beach
Inside a military area, but you’re free to use the beach. Just be ready to show license and registration to the guard and you’re in! This makes for a less crowded, quieter beach experience that many love. It’s even dog-friendly, so bring the pet for some water fun. The bed is a little rocky, so be aware of where you’re wading or bring reef shoes. One special feature are the beach umbrellas with chairs and cabanas that are open, at no charge, to all, first come, first served. Look off east at Diamond Head and the planes taking off at Honolulu Airport while you soak in the beach atmosphere.

Oneula Beach
This is a beach in transition. Currently it remains as it always was, a nice bed of sand, but rocky in the waters, so not always pleasant to wade in. The waves are beautiful to watch and it rarely gets crowded. Looming on the horizon, however, is large scale development surrounding it with the Hoakalei neighborhood & resort coming in, which includes a nearby lagoon. Consensus is that Oneula will see some upgrading and added features that will improve things, but also bring more crowds. A trade-off that will please some, disappoint others.

White Plains Beach
Heading west, we arrive at White Plains Beach. Residents say the waves are smaller here, so it’s friendlier to waders and learning surfers. This stretch is fully lifeguarded and has board rentals and covered areas to bbq, a local must-have. The sands are smooth here and a lot of parking is available. You will drive a ways to get here, so remember to bring enough food and drink, there’s nothing very close for refueling. A last reason to check it out – monk seals are a common sight at White Plains.

Holomua Elementary School
The school system in Ewa Beach has expanded its capacity, especially in the last 2 decades, to serve the fast growing community. There are a variety of programs offered within both the public and private options that should cover most child’s learning style and academic goals.

Ewa Beach Elementary91-740 Papipi Rd, Ewa Beach, HI 96706
Classes for Pre-Kindergarden to 6th Grades. Has programs concentrating not only on those with special needs, but also ESL for children who need it. Also has ‘Safety Nets’ to help struggling students, including personal tutoring during and after school hours. Enrollment has gone up markedly since 2009, with hiring of new teachers to match.

Ewa Elementary91-1280 Renton Rd, Ewa Beach, HI 96706
Has Edible Learning Garden, where students plant, maintain and grow plants & vegetables, learning not just gardening, but science and even cooking! Ewa Elementary is the oldest school in Leeward Oahu, established in 1882. Serves Pre-K to 6th Grade with over 1,000 students currently. School has added buildings each decade as Ewa Beach population has grown, so campus is made up of a mix of facilities from 1960’s to the 2000’s.

Holomua Elementary91-1561 Keaunui Dr, Ewa Beach, HI 96706
Parents are encouraged to be involved in the school and their child’s education, beginning with workshops held especially for them. The school has also rooted itself in the community through relationships established with businesses in Ewa Beach and the USS Crommelin. Holomua has made technology a priority with a full computer lab, as well as 2 mobile labs with 25 computeres of their own. Classrooms have computers, too. Runs on a Multitrack school schedule. Also note that this is a year-round Multi-track school with 3 different calendars – A, B & C. Your child’s calendar will follow one of those 3 tracks, each with its own on & off-times.

Kaimiloa Elementary91-1028 Kaunolu St, Ewa Beach, HI 96706
Uses system called Personal Learning Communities, which relies on ongoing tracking of student’s results and progress. Changes are then made in response over time in response to upward or downward trend. Goal is a more personalized teaching approach to individual students and their learning style. Also offers Junior Police Officers (JPO) program and Digital Art Squad. The Digital Art program gives students experience in using software, music, art & design together. Participants are also the go-to Tech Support for their classroom.

Iroquois Point Elementary5553 Cormorant Ave, Ewa Beach, HI 96706
Iroquois is an International Baccalaureate World School, providing the IB’s Primary Years Program as part of their curriculum. This approach to learning encourages ‘Inquiry-Based’ education and going outside the customary subjects of school. Every classroom is outfitted with computers. Hawaiian Studies program is given heavy emphasis, all students learning about Hawaiian history, culture along with language and song & dance.

Keoneula Elementary91-970 Kaileolea Dr, Ewa Beach, HI 96706
You’ll find the newest facilities, which include A/C, here at the most recently built elementary school in the district. Due to Ewa Beach’s growth some classes are held in portable buildings, though. They are the only elementary to have 2 Art & Science labs. Students also use online programs, such as Achieve 3000 (Reading & Literacy) and Math IXL, which they can log onto at home. An Outdoor Learning Center is in place, with Native Hawaiian Garden as part of the STEM (Science, Technology, English, Mathematics) program lessons.

Ewa Makai Middle School91-6291 Kapolei Pkwy, Ewa Beach, HI 96706
Ewa Makai recently made the list of 41 Most Innovative Schools in America by Education site Noodle.com. Award won due to creation of app for students that tracks their progress in school as well as their Tech P.E. Program. Tech P.E. uses iPads to video students form & participation in athletics and weight training for later review and improvement. They’re being utilized as well in recording oral presentations and speeches to improve those skills, too.

Ilima Intermediate School91-884 Fort Weaver Rd, Ewa Beach, HI 96706
Offers 2 primary programs. One is AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) Program, centered on college preparedness. The other, STEM, where students are given ‘problem based projects’ to encourage innovative thinking and solutions. Academic Teams are assigned to every Ilima student to keep track of their progress and attendance, communicate with parents when necessary and assist with tutoring and other support.

Campbell High School91-980 N Rd, Ewa Beach, HI 96706
Campbell is an International Baccalaureate school, offering the IB programs that concentrate on equipping students not just with general education, but also an understanding of a world that is interconnected like never before. There are also 4 Learning Communities to give students more personlized attention and teaching of special skills such as robotics, culinary arts, 2D/3D CAD and media communications/journalism. These are part of Campbell’s mission to educate as well as equip students with in-demand skills they can use in the job market.

Friendship Christian Schools91-1207 & 91-1130 Renton Rd, Ewa Beach, HI 96706
Preschool through High School, divided between 2 locations, Youth Center & Church Campuses. Youth Center has Before (6:30AM-8:00AM) and After School (2:30PM-5:30PM) care available. School uses Gradelink system, which allows parents and teachers to track all aspects of student’s progress in academics, attendance and other key areas online.

Lanikila Baptist Junior & Senior High School – 91-1219 Renton Road, Ewa Beach, HI 96706
Prides itself on consistently beating local, State & National Standards measured by Stanford Achievement Test. Uses Beka curriculum, which integrates scripture and biblical perspectives in core courses. 100% Graduation Rate and over 50% of students in National or Junior National Honor Society. Elementary School campus in Waipahu.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help School – 91-1010 N Rd, Ewa Beach, HI 96706
Kindergarten to the 8th Grade. School encourages parents’ active involvement in child’s education along with teachers and staff. Describes curriculum as ‘faith-based and gospel-driven’ and includes weekly computer education classes, those skills often integrated into the core subject lessons. Heiwa-Do Karate classes also available for students.

Where Do You Go From Here?
From this extensive list of services and resources that this city provides, you should be confident that both your needs, and those of your family, have not just one, but many, ways to be met and fulfilled. What’s the next step, then?
Take a look at Ewa Beach homes for sale right now. With this side covered, it’s time to see exactly what’s out there on the market. The perfect house might just be waiting there for you right now.

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