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10 Awesome Streets in Ewa Beach

What makes an Awesome Street in Ewa Beach, or anywhere else, can be broken down simply, at least from a real estate perspective. It’s a road known for its quality homes, with dimensions you nod approvingly of when you see them; a location that brings conveniences to your doorstep or recreation and entertainment choices that are even extraordinary. Most of all, they make daily living an easier, more pleasurable experience …Read More

Central Oahu Private & Public Schools: Elementary, Middle & High-Schools

If you’re considering Central Oahu – Pearl City, Aiea, Waipahu, Mililani, Wahiawa – in your real estate search, you may be wondering about the education options. After all, schools in Central Oahu currently don’t enjoy the same profile as their neighbors on the southern side of the Island. Honolulu has the marquee names in private institutions, for instance, and the 2nd City is where Hawaii’s newest public schools are being …Read More

Ewa Beach & Kapolei Private & Public Schools: Elementary, Middle & High Schools

You’ve heard all the talk about the new neighborhoods, the bottomless options of the 2nd City’s shopping and recreation and the convenience of the Rail system that begins here. But what about your kid’s education? The schools of Kapolei and Ewa Beach fall right in line with the historical track of the area. You’ll find institutions that date to the late 19th Century, created to serve the families of the …Read More

Kaala Highlands: 25 New Homes in Wahiawa

More information about Kaala Highlands homes for sale, call Michelle Johnson (RA) at (808) 352-2469 or email Michelle@hawaiiliving.com. Kaala Highlands in Brief A new single-family homes project in Wahiawa consisting of 25 fee simple homes located on 3 neighboring parcels, totaling ~3.5 acres. The project will have 2 types of homes: Model A = 1,695sf + 500sf enclosed garage and Model B = 1,925sf interior + 500sf enclosed garage. Prices: …Read More

Koa Ridge: 3,500 New Homes in Central Oahu

News Koa Ridge broke ground November 2, 2017, construction on the first homes expected to start late 2018 with the first homes completed sometimes in year 2019. For more information please call Michelle Johnson (RA) at (808) 352-2469 or email Michelle@HawaiiLiving.com. Koa Ridge Farm Land February 2017 Koa Ridge in Brief Koa Ridge is a master-planned community, which, when build out (estimated 10 to 12 years)  will include ~3,500 properties within …Read More

Puuwai Place: New Homes in Waipahu (Near Waikele)

If you are potentially interested in purchasing a home at Puuwai Place, please call Michelle (808) 352-2469 or email Michelle@hawaiiliving.com. News April, 2018: Phase 1 expected completion August 2018 and Phase 2 expected completion September 2018. Only 8 homes left – all are “B” models, 4BR, 2.5BA. Construction Progress In Brief Puuwai Place is a new residential housing project near Waikele, consisting of 40 single-family homes in 3BR or 4BR …Read More

Hoopili Homes for Sale in Kapolei

More information about new Hoopili homes for sale, call Michelle at (808) 352-2469 or email Michelle@HawaiiLiving.com. Michelle Johnson (RA) is an expert on new Oahu real estate projects & developments. Latest News Iliahi at Hoopili 8/14/2018: lottery applications due by Aug 18, 2018 5pm and lottery will be helpd Aug 19, 2018 10am. Price range: $629,000 – $746,000. 3BR to 4BR. ~1,100 sf to ~1,800 sf.  Hoopili Background March 2006 …Read More

Comprehensive Guide to Kapolei Real Estate

‘Planned Community’ is often a dirty word, a term synonymous with the development many aren’t happy seeing in the Islands. It’s associated with concrete, anonymous looking condo towers and an almost phoniness that locals reject. Fortunately, that’s not the case in with the real estate in Kapolei. The booming 2nd City isn’t an actual planned community as a whole, more a general master plan with different projects and neighborhoods created …Read More

Guide to Ewa Gentry Neighborhoods (20 plus)

Ewa Gentry, for many, is thought of as just one monolithic neighborhood. They almost expect to drive around its streets and see nice, but very similar homes wherever they look. If that’s your impression, you couldn’t be more wrong. Ewa Gentry  has an array of residences that cover everything from first-time homebuyer communities to extremely elegant luxury homes. It is almost a city to itself within Ewa Beach, so broad …Read More

Ewa Beach: Great Shopping & Awesome Dining

Dining, and especially shopping, have a profound influence on your daily experience in a home. There’s a big difference in being able to run out at a moment’s notice for that one item you need and having to wait to do errands on your way home from work. Convenience is an integral part of real estate satisfaction. We’re happy to tell you that the homes in Ewa Beach give you …Read More