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3 Napali Haweo Homes for Sale

120 Hanohano Place
6 Bd | 8.5 Ba | 8,321 sqft
114 Hanohano Place
4 Bd | 4 Ba | 5,128 sqft
Ocean view
1035 Hoa Street
4 Bd | 2.5 Ba | 2,725 sqft
Ocean view
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Napali Haweo Homes Overview
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About Napali Haweo
One of the biggest fears a Hawaii homeowner has is the day that new development takes away their pride and joy: that perfect view. It doesn't just rob you of that treasured sight, it can actually reduce your property value, too. Fortunately, there's a guaranteed solution to this problem - Move to a home on Napali Haweo.

This isn't just because the neighborhood sits 700 feet up, high above Hawaii Kai. It's also due to the fact that the wise developer laid out the lots so each one has a clear sightline. They made sure your view would be preserved no matter what.

From Napali Haweo, on top of
Kamehame Ridge, you look outward at a breathtaking expanse of Oahu. Straight ahead is Hawaii Kai, with its sculpted marina and green spaces, then out to the irresistible blue depths of the vast Pacific. Look off to your left and you have the natural wonders of Koko Head and Koko Crater to contemplate. You're up so high here you almost gaze eye-to-eye with Koko Head, a definite change of perspective.

On your right side is stately
Diamond Head, crouching over some of the most popular surf spots on the Island. Some days you can even gaze out at Molokai beckoning in the distance.

Napali Haweo homes on the West side of the ridge have the joy of watching the sunset beyond Diamond Head each evening. Living here, it's as if you've gotten everything on your 'Must Have' wish list of views from your ideal home. The wonder of it all is that it took so long for someone to build on these lands.

The first homes on Napali Haweo real estate went up in 1991, with the majority built during the later years of that same decade. From the start these were exclusive Honolulu homes, with private security and a community park with its own lookout to enjoy. These aren't houses built from templates, either.

Almost all are custom made, so each has unique features and layouts to offer. Your home is truly yours alone and, in many cases, it's the work of a noted architect. It should be no surprise, then, that prices start at over $1M and go up from there.

Most houses include a swimming pool, towering windows and wrap-around lanais to maximize the views, plus other luxuries you'd expect in a top-level neighborhood like this one.

The homeowners association does have rules for both architecture and landscaping that must be followed. While that can be constricting, it also maintains the high standards of the community, which is very important.

There actually are a few vacant lots still left here, for those looking to make their own personal stamp on a prime piece of property. Lot sizes are a minimum of 10,000 sq ft, so that not only gives you an idea of the space you have to work with, but also the size of existing Napali Hawaii homes for sale.

Come up here and leave your stress behind, far below where it belongs. They say that life is about perspective and on top of this ridge, you'll have just about the best one of all.

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Recently Sold in Napali Haweo

$1,379,000 (Sold Price)
1161 Kamehame Drive
4 Bd | 2.5Ba | 2,772 sqft
$1,450,000 (Sold Price)
1098 Hoa Street
3 Bd | 3.5Ba | 2,498 sqft
Ocean view
$1,710,000 (Sold Price)
1056 Hoa Street
4 Bd | 2.5Ba | 2,696 sqft
Ocean view
$1,999,000 (Sold Price)
1240 Kamehame Drive
4 Bd | 3.5Ba | 2,911 sqft
Ocean view
$1,630,000 (Sold Price)
1062 Hoa Street
7 Bd | 7 | 4,387 sqft
Ocean view
$1,550,000 (Sold Price)
1258 Kamehame Drive
3 Bd | 3.5Ba | 2,894 sqft
Ocean view
$2,600,000 (Sold Price)
148 Hanohano Place
3 Bd | 4 | 4,098 sqft
Ocean view
$2,375,000 (Sold Price)
1320 Kamehame Drive
6 Bd | 5.5Ba | 4,263 sqft
Ocean view
$2,100,000 (Sold Price)
1004 Hanohano Way
6 Bd | 3.5Ba | 3,749 sqft
Ocean view
$2,450,000 (Sold Price)
1256 Kamehame Drive
5 Bd | 5.5Ba | 4,828 sqft
Ocean view
$1,998,000 (Sold Price)
145 Hoahana Place
4 Bd | 2.5Ba | 3,122 sqft
Ocean view
$1,550,000 (Sold Price)
1056 Hoa Street
4 Bd | 2.5Ba | 2,696 sqft
Ocean view
$1,750,000 (Sold Price)
107 Hoolako Place
6 Bd | 4.5Ba | 3,984 sqft
Ocean view
$1,900,000 (Sold Price)
1327 Kamehame Drive
4 Bd | 4.5Ba | 3,229 sqft
Ocean view
$1,875,000 (Sold Price)
1125 Kamehame Drive
3 Bd | 3.5Ba | 2,848 sqft