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941 Kaipii Street
$1,390,000 4 Bd | 3 Ba | 2,398 sf
Land: 5,460 sf
Built: 2014
See this aerial video of Koolaupoku homes.

An overall view of Koolaupoku neighborhood must begin with its unique surroundings. 2 sides, the east and south, touch on other Kailua neighborhoods, as would be expected. The remaining borders, though, are purely natural features. On the north, the waters of the Kawainui Canal make up the entire boundary, while the western end stops at the untouched Kawainui Regional Park. Those aren't the only nature scenes that residents enjoy regularly, either.

This area is also famous for 'Duck Road', the nickname locals have given Kainui Road. This wide avenue is split by a divider lined with palm trees where ducks regularly gather after a swim in the Kawainui Canal. It's a sight guaranteed lift to your day.

The Facts on Koolaupoku Homes
Arriving home is a lift, too. Houses that line the canal reap the rewards of the waters slowly drifting by mere steps from their back door. Both kayakers and the beloved ducks are commonly seen making their unhurried way up & down, a reminder of the Kailua lifestyle that values a more leisurely pace.

Another Kailua value is diversity and you get it in Koolaupoku's homes. Lot sizes vary widely, beginning at 5,000 sq ft and spreading out to as much as 13,000. One rule of thumb here, with some exceptions, is the lots get bigger as you head toward the ocean.

A second rule of thumb? The pricing goes up in that same direction, though the residences right on the canal can buck that trend sometimes. Overall, the homes for sale in Koolaupoku go for $800K to $1.7M. That wide range is understandable when you factor in the differences in lot sizes and proximity to the ocean or canal.

In keeping with this theme of diversity, the homes are in many different styles and layouts, the result of being built by individual owners across different eras and lot sizes. This is no cookie cutter community.

Surrounded by nature directly on two sides and the beach a short walk away, this is an outdoor lovers' dream. If there's one other rule of thumb for this real estate, it is to follow the ducks. They always know the best places to live.

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  • Koolaupoku Houses - Trends & Statistics

  • The price range of houses for sale in Koolaupoku is $1.39M with a median price of $1.39M, median interior of 2,398sf and median land size of 5,460sf.
  • The median price of houses sold in Koolaupoku year-to-date (Jan - Oct 23, 2017) is $1.16M. In previous years it was $1.22M (2016), $1.3M (2015), $998K (2014), $900K (2013), $721K (2012), $835K (2011), $833K (2010), $712K (2009), $800K (2008), $794K (2007), $730K (2006), $799K (2005), $705K (2004), $570K (2003).
  • 20 houses have sold in Koolaupoku year-to-date (Jan - Oct 23, 2017). In previous years, the total number of houses sold were 10 (2016), 13 (2015), 9 (2014), 15 (2013), 14 (2012), 12 (2011), 20 (2010), 12 (2009), 17 (2008), 16 (2007), 23 (2006), 24 (2005), 16 (2004), 21 (2003).
  • On average Koolaupoku houses were on the market for 52 days before they were sold (Jan - Oct 23, 2017). In previous years it was 74 days (2016), 93 days (2015), 85 days (2014), 65 days (2013), 49 days (2012), 47 days (2011), 74 days (2010), 64 days (2009), 113 days (2008), 84 days (2007), 71 days (2006), 30 days (2005), 25 days (2004), 49 days (2003).
  • The total dollar volume of houses currently for sale in Koolaupoku is $1.39M and the sold dollar volume year-to-date (Jan - Oct 23, 2017) is $26.15M. In previous years sold dollar volume was $12.51M (2016), $16.04M (2015), $9.29M (2014), $14.89M (2013), $10.88M (2012), $10.72M (2011), $17.55M (2010), $9.67M (2009), $13.94M (2008), $14.51M (2007), $19.2M (2006), $23.97M (2005), $11.43M (2004), $11.58M (2003).
  • The most recent sale in Koolaupoku was a house located at 629 Kaha Street, sold for $1.3M on Oct 12, 2017. It had 2462sf of interior. 9 other recent sales include: 723 Kalaheo Avenue (2,028sf) sold for $1.79M on 10/5/2017. 627 Kaha Street (2,420sf) sold for $1.28M on 8/23/2017. 956 Maluniu Avenue (1,488sf) sold for $1.01M on 8/17/2017. 922 Kainui Drive (1,585sf) sold for $1.07M on 8/11/2017. 384 Kaimake Loop (1,404sf) sold for $1.05M on 8/10/2017. 909 Kaipii Street (1,602sf) sold for $912K on 7/14/2017. 397 Kaimake Loop (1,274sf) sold for $999K on 6/28/2017. 834 Kainui Drive (1,928sf) sold for $1.13M on 6/23/2017. 147 Kaha Street (2,938sf) sold for $1.85M on 6/23/2017.