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5 Great Townhomes in Kapolei

The broad story of Kapolei real estate has consistently been told in terms of single family homes. The possibility of an affordable house on Oahu with a yard and a garage was a very effective frame for the 2nd City story. The problem is that frame leaves out an entire property market here.

Townhomes in Kapolei are an equally exciting option for the right home buyer, providing the same, or even better, affordability, access to those famous shopping and dining choices and even that yearned for yard & garage in many cases!

That last item isn’t the only surprise you’ll find in our picks for 5 Great Townhomes in Kapolei. This may be a lesser known property category for this town, but that’s the only thing that’s ‘less’ about these communities for most aspiring home owners.


Pulewa Mehana Townhomes in Kapolei

Pulewa at Mehana

The great thing about Kapolei homes is buying into a place where everything’s brand new, or close to it. That certainly includes the Pulewa townhomes that all went up from 2011 to 2013. You’ll find your neighbors will probably be the original buyers of their residence – and they’ll still be here years on because it’s just that good of a place to live.

One big reason are the features that are ideal because they affect the quality of your daily life; Master bedrooms with walk-in closets, 9 foot ceilings that add a bright openness all around you, split A/C units to cool you when you need that relief.

Layouts vary between single and two stories, featuring often very roomy dimensions containing 2BRs (734 to 1,148 sq ft) or 3BRs (1,393 to 1,471 sq ft). Outdoors is your fenced-in backyard, just waiting for you to fire up the bbq or watch the keiki play.

Kapolei Village Center, with its Foodland, is in walking distance and the shopping powerhouses of Costco, Home Depot and Kapolei Commons are a drive of a mere 5 minutes west. The best may be yet to come as many of the spaces around you are still undeveloped, puzzle pieces of the exciting 2nd City still to come.

The best news, though, is that Pulewa homes aren’t about potential. They’re about a present that’s already proven them to be a great place to make your address. All that’s missing is you.


Awakea at Mehana Townhomes in Kapolei

Awakea at Mehana

The announcement of this Kapolei townhome project created a lot of excitement with the unveiling of its ‘flex-space’ floorplan. Your street level floor has the potential, and the zoning, to be more than just a separate unit for family kupuna or older children.

Owners can turn it into a business space, including a home office or even a retail store/service, giving entrepreneurs the ability to launch a venture without leaving their residence. It’s a welcome answer for those who don’t want to sacrifice family time to the often grueling time demands a business requires.

There are 13 total floorplans to the Awakea homes, ranging from 2BR/2BA (1,078 to 1,246 sq ft) to 2BR/2.5BA (1,138 to 1,483 sq ft) on up to 3BR/2BA (1,253 to 1,301 sq ft), 3BR/2.5BA (1,810 or 1,815 sq ft) and finally the flex-space model with 3BR/3BA (2,424 + 462 sq ft in flex-space). The latter also includes an additional 3 outside parking spaces for your customers or clients.

It’s this kind of innovative design and variety that pulls so many home buyers to the 2nd City. As they say, when opportunity knocks, you should answer. It might be might knocking at the door to your new Awakea home.


Malanai Iki Townhomes

Malanai Iki

If you have a fear that Kapolei will become overbuilt, Malanai Iki’s townhomes are a possible solution. These residences sit at the northernmost reach of the town, with open lands making up the entire mauka side. Cushioning the whole eastward area, just beyond a neighboring townhome community, are the green expanses of Kapolei Golf Course.

You’re not off in the boonies, however. The location positions you very near to H1, the commuting route to the job centers eastward, an advantage that any West sider will understand and envy.

Malanai Iki’s residences are not among the largest, divided up into 1BR/1BA (546 sq ft), 2BR/1BA (744 sq ft) and 3BR/2BA (978 sq ft) options. What you do get is a welcome retreat for those who want the rewards of the 2nd City’s bounty, but are concerned about any potential sprawl. Here you can be within it, yet safely above it.


Kekuilani Villas in Kapolei

Kekuilani Villas

Ever had the dream of owning a home with a golf course view? One that was soon punctured by the realization that the cost is out of your reach? You probably never heard of Kekuilani Villas then.

Not every one of these townhomes looks out at the shimmering green of the Kapolei Golf Course fairway as well as a huge water feature that’s almost a small lake. Still, a nice percentage of them do and it’s a beautiful view.

Those further back do have peek-a-boo views in some cases, but every home has 2BR/1BA (843 sq ft) or 2BR/2BA (909 or 953 sq ft). They all enjoy very well maintained grounds surrounding them, with a shade of green that rivals the golf course’s.

If that isn’t enough, this is the only Kapolei condo neighborhood with its own swimming pool so a dip in the water is never far away – in time or distance. Maybe it’s time to dive in at Kekuilani Villas.


Nohona 1 in Kapolei

Nohona 1

These 56 units, first occupied in 2008, sit beside Kapolei Parkway, almost exactly midway between Kapolei Middle School and Kapolei High School, with Kapolei Elementary School just a 2 or 3 blocks mauka. Living here, you’re at the epicenter of the local school system.

At home you have 2 or 3 bedrooms in your dual level floorplan that gives you from 920 to 1,184 sq ft across them. Step into the back area and you find yourself in an enclosed yard area, ready for having friends and family over on the weekends. There’s also buffer room of green spaces between buildings, giving you separation that keeps neighbors friendly.

Even bigger green spaces are 2 blocks away at the Villages of Kapolei Recreation Center, where you have parkland and a huge pool, among other leisure choices. Before heading there you can work up a sweat on the neighborhood’s walking/jogging path.

Nohona 1’s homes are situated in the kind of central location that makes Kapolei’s advantages even better, because they’re all accessible. Add in recent vintage homes with good dimensions and you’re looking at homes that justify their demand.

Even as our 5 Best, there’s much more to this choice of Kapolei real estate, with more to be added. That may make this list out of date at some point, but it will only mean you won’t be out of great options for some time. That’s something to be excited about.

5 Great Townhomes in Kapolei was last modified: September 6th, 2021 by Hawaii Living

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