17 Waialae Nui Homes for Sale

1498 Ainakoa Avenue
4 Bd | 1 Ba | 936 sqft
1490 Ainakoa Avenue
3 Bd | 2 Ba | 1,416 sqft
1487 Hiikala Place
3 Bd | 2.5 Ba | 1,778 sqft
Ocean view
Sun Open House 2-5pm
1633 Halekoa Drive
5 Bd | 3 Ba | 2,884 sqft
Ocean view
5362 Kilauea Avenue
3 Bd | 2 Ba | 1,744 sqft
1929 Halekoa Drive
3 Bd | 2 Ba | 1,512 sqft
Ocean view
Sun Open House 2-4pm
1592 Kalaniuka Circle
3 Bd | 2.5 Ba | 2,122 sqft
Ocean view
1487 Hiikala Place
2 Bd | 2.5 Ba | 1,473 sqft
Year Remodeled: 2015
2057 Alaeloa Street
3 Bd | 2 Ba | 1,184 sqft
Ocean view
5344 Malu Place
3 Bd | 2 Ba | 1,196 sqft
Ocean view
1341 Hoakoa Place
3 Bd | 1.5 Ba | 1,176 sqft
Ocean view
Sun Open House 2-5pm
1521 Kalaniwai Place
4 Bd | 3 Ba | 1,712 sqft
1481 Halekoa Drive
3 Bd | 2.5 Ba | 1,687 sqft
Ocean view
1594 Kalaniuka Circle
4 Bd | 2.5 Ba | 2,638 sqft
Ocean view
1625 Kalani Iki Street
4 Bd | 2.5 Ba | 2,050 sqft
Ocean view
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Waialae Nui Homes Overview
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About Waialae Nui
Waialae Nui is an established neighborhood of homes originally developed in the late 1950’s, located just north of Kahala on the mauka (mountain) side of Waialae Ave. Waialae Nui is bordered by Wilhelmina Rise to the west and Waialae Iki to the east. Waialae Nui homes for sale are typically valued in the $800K to $2.5M range and most homes are built on lots ranging between 5,000 to 13,000 sq ft. Waialae Nui real estate has over the years become increasingly popular, due to the dramatic views many homes offer as well as the close proximity to shopping, beaches and more.

Insight to Waialae Nui Homes & Neighborhood
Waialae Nui consists of 3 sections, each with their own distinct ambience and character:

Waialae Nui Ridge includes all of Halekoa Dr from the 1430 block on, together with all adjacent side streets going to the top of the hill. Waialae Nui Ridge homes for sale are often valued in the $800K to $2.5M range with most lot sizes between 6,000  to 13,000 sq ft. Halekoa Dr climbs in tight switchbacks and quickly gains elevation up the relatively narrow ridge, with many rim lot properties offering some of the most amazing views along both sides of the road.

From the 1600 block of Halekoa Dr on, utility lines are hidden underground for a more appealing street appearance. Also, the lower section of the ridge enjoys the benefit of a natural gas line, just about up to the  the home that Waialae Nui’s original developer had built for himself.

The summit on Aha Aina Pl at 1,350 ft is the highest elevation for any residential real estate in Honolulu, and is home to what could be considered the ultimate spectacular mountain top luxury estate. Hidden behind a private gate and surrounded by endless acres of serene preservation land, this one-of-a- kind mountaintop retreat includes almost 4 acres of land with mesmerizing 360 degree views of Honolulu, Diamond Head and ocean beyond. Close to the summit, yet another private gate at the end of Aha Maka Way, shelters a handful of newer large custom luxury estates valued in the $3M plus range, developed on 14,000 to 18,000 sq ft lots, offering dramatic views of Honolulu below. Temperatures at these high elevations tend to average 7 - 8 degrees cooler, compared to the bottom of the hill.

Waialae Nui Valley includes two main roads north of Waialae Ave, Kilauea Ave from the 4800 block on, and Hunakai St from the 1300 block on, as well as all adjacent side streets leading to the back of the valley. Waialae Nui Valley homes are valued in the $800K to $1.2M range with most lot sizes between 7,500 to 10,000 sq ft. Waialae Nui Valley real estate also includes a 2-tower high rise condo, Kahala Towers, as well as 3 townhouse projects, Tropic Gardens, Tropicana Village-Makai and Waialae Gardens, which also includes a 6-story condo tower. Each Waialae Nui townhouse and condo project enjoys their own swimming pool.

Lower Waialae Nui includes all of Ainakoa Ave, Malia St and all adjacent side streets, including the bottom section of Halekoa Dr up to Luinakoa St. Homes in Lower Waialae Nui are valued in the $600K to $900K range on modest lot sizes from 5,000 to 10,000 sq ft.

Along the westerly base of Waialae Nui Ridge is the home of 2 quality gated townhouse communities: Kahala Pacifica, at the top of Hoakoa Pl, and Kahala View Estates, at the top of Hiikala Pl. Both offer nice views, privacy and community pools. Interestingly, both projects are sometimes referred to as belonging to Kalani Iki, which is geographically the next small valley over, just east of Waialae Nui Valley. Kalani Iki is home to Kalani High School and Kalani Iki Estates, a lush green townhouse project hidden in the back of the valley.

Waialae Nui has a lot to offer for the outdoor and swimming enthusiasts. On 2200 Halekoa Dr -  about three-fourths up the ridge - is the Waialae Nui Recreation Center, featuring 2 swimming pools, playground and a large grassy field with fabulous views. Aina Koa Park and Wilson Playground, both 2 beautiful green parks serve the neighborhood’s recreational needs at the base of the hill.

Though each area within Waialae Nui has their own distinct characteristics, they all share one thing in common: residents value the closeness to Kahala Mall, Kahala Beach and easy convenient access to the freeway.

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Waialae Nui History
Like most Honolulu neighborhoods built on the high ground, there were few residences on Waialae Nui Ridge until the 1900's. The pre-automobile inaccessibility kept these heights almost completely uninhabited.

The land at the foot of the hills was used mostly for agriculture during this time. Taro, sweet potatoes, sugar cane and even tobacco were all grown there at one time or another. 

The explosion of development in nearby districts during the 1950s filled in much of the lands between the hills and the ocean. The next step was to start building upward. Although some construction began in the mid-1950’s, it was the following decade that saw a huge acceleration in Waialae Nui Ridge real estate lining the rise. Most of this neighborhood was built during this time, predominantly by prolific developer Herbert K. Horita.

Horita took the wise step of having acclaimed architect Vladimir Ossipoff design some of the models. Horita then used these floor plans for many of other houses. This lineage created demand for these Waialae Nui Ridge homes that has only increased as time has passed. Many of the houses are held up as masterpieces of mid-century design.

Since then a few more streets and homes have been added further up the ridge on the eastern side. These larger, later houses may lack pedigree, but make up for it in modern luxury and even greater views from their seat at the very top. The only way to get a better view would be to take a long, hot hike even higher up the mountain. Why do that when you can enjoy it from the comfort of a beautiful home?

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Waialae Nui Photos

Recently Sold in Waialae Nui

1778 Halekoa Drive
3 Bd | 2 | 1,290 sqft
Ocean view
1440 Ahuawa Loop
4 Bd | 2 | 1,952 sqft
Ocean view
1476 Halekoa Drive
4 Bd | 2 | 1,824 sqft
Ocean view
2224 Aha Niu Place
4 Bd | 4 | 2,207 sqft
Ocean view
1415 Ainakoa Avenue
3 Bd | 2 | 1,344 sqft
1888 Halekoa Drive
3 Bd | 2 | 1,682 sqft
Ocean view
1389 Hoakoa Place
3 Bd | 2.5Ba | 2,129 sqft
Ocean view
2025 Alaeloa Street
3 Bd | 2 | 1,600 sqft
Ocean view
2129 Halekoa Drive
3 Bd | 3 | 2,310 sqft
Ocean view
1511 Ahuawa Loop
3 Bd | 2 | 1,344 sqft
Ocean view
2011 Alaeloa Street
3 Bd | 3 | 1,921 sqft
Ocean view
2119 Ahapii Place
3 Bd | 2 | 1,292 sqft
Ocean view
1632 Halekoa Place
3 Bd | 2 | 1,368 sqft
4444 Malia Street
3 Bd | 1 | 936 sqft
1633 Kalaniuka Place
3 Bd | 2 | 1,345 sqft
Ocean view
4448 Malia Street
3 Bd | 1 | 936 sqft
Year Remodeled: 2007
5313 Malu Place
4 Bd | 3 | 3,060 sqft
Ocean view
1856 Halekoa Drive
4 Bd | 3 | 1,889 sqft
Ocean view
1888 Halekoa Drive
3 Bd | 2 | 1,682 sqft
Ocean view
5317 Malu Place
6 Bd | 4 | 2,940 sqft
Ocean view