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Kai Lani #5A
2 Bds | 2 Ba
1,244 ft²
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New Listings - Every 1 Min ? The MLS properties are based on information from the Multiple Listing Service of Hicentral MLS, Ltd.

Ko Olina - General Info & Sold Data

See our video of Ko Olina real estate.

About Ko Olina
Ko Olina was in the 1980's mostly lava rock and now is a thriving resort in West Oahu, which is permitted for 4,000 hotel rooms and 5,000 condos / townhomes and with the plans to connect the resort to West Kapolei, Ko Olina is poised for a very bright future. 

Ko Olina real estate is off the map for most people taking their first look at real estate on Oahu. They overlook it, attracted by better known names like Waikiki or Kakaako. They're missing a part of Oahu that's not only already a gorgeous ocean side community, it also has possibly the best weather zone on the entire Island. The opening of Disney's Aulani Resort here wasn't the start of something in Ko Olina, it was actually confirmation that it had already arrived.

Ko Olina's properties are located just west of Kapolei, another place that's famously experiencing growth. Ko Olina is one of just two resort zoned areas on Oahu outside of Waikiki, which means life here revolves around a vacation alike lifestyle with hotels, adding a leisure element to your days. It's a place where your means of local transportation is a golf cart. That means taking life a little easier and enjoying the best of the Island – beautiful beaches, crystal blue ocean and a calm more conducive to Hawaii living than other, busier Oahu vacation spots.

It also means the homes in Ko Olina is aimed at a homebuyer who is looking to buy something more substantial and luxurious. The real estate in Ko Olina is made up of just 1 high-rise condo and the rest of the residential properties are low-rise condos (townhouse stye) and a few single-family homes. 

You can get the best sense for the highend level of Ko Olina by looking at the very attractive Ko Olina homes for sale in communities, of which some are gated and all part of the overall Ko Olina resort:

Kai Lani
Built in 2003, Kai Lani features oceanfront 2 and 3 bedroom townhomes with some of the best views among homes in Ko Olina, including sunsets over the ocean. Buildings are modeled on the Old Hawaii homes that once lined the beaches back in the 1920's and 30's. Walk on the manicured green grounds a few steps and find yourself on the beach. That's living.

Ko Olina Kai Golf Estates
These residences in Ko Olina  have huge walk in closets, large living rooms and even a powder room. Not to mention the golf course that runs by the lagoon you'll definitely be visiting on a regular basis. Professional landscapers take care of the grounds for you.

Coconut Plantation
Architecture is based on the Plantation Style of Old Hawaii, giving these Ko Olina townhomes a charm that doesn't exist anywhere else on this side of Oahu. 8 different floor plans give you a variety in choice and many have golf course views.

Ko Olina Fairways
The most affordable of the communities, it was also the first one built in Ko Olina, getting its name from the fairways of the 2nd & 3rd holes that it overlooks. Residences here are 2 and 3 bedroom condos and townhomes. The only place in Ko Olina with enclosed 2 car garages, which come with the 3 Bedroom units.

Ko Olina Hillside Villas
All these Ko Olina homes here are 2 bedroom townhomes, but with different floor plans to choose from. The living room, dining room and kitchen are open to each other to make the spaces actively involved. That makes perfect sense in Hawaii where food is a crucial part of social life. Plus large, open lanais for enjoying a perfect evening or a pleasing breakfast.

Ko Olina Beach Villas
This is the only high-rise condo in Ko Olina and might be the best complex of an already impressive list. The 2 towers are right on the ocean in Ko Olina, by the Honu Lagoon so ocean views are a given. High ceilings, kitchens designed by famed Hawaii Chef Roy Yamaguchi, large lanais. This is the good life. Incredible variety of choice with 19 floor plans total. Many amenities including a lap pool, fitness room and, the deal maker, a beachside bar.

Ko Olina Real Estate Brings the Whole Package
It's more than just the solitude, safety and quiet of gated communities that make this place stand out, though, even on an Island like Oahu. As we've said before, it's a place where Mother Nature reigns, but it does so with a little help from some admirers.

In addition to three natural lagoons, you can revel in four others that are all man-made. Those artificial white sand beach lagoons may have arose through the work of crews and machinery, but that won't diminish the joys of swimming in their refreshing waters one bit.

Ko Olina is also a boating community, made very obvious by the vast marina that dominates part of the shores. The bobbing of the vessels and the slow swaying of their masts has a pleasing charm that only adds to the vista along the two miles of ocean frontage this place claims.

Concerned that you might be just a little too far out from civilization? Not to worry. Kapolei is a short drive away where you'll find at least 4 shopping centers and big box stores like Costco and Walmart. You can use all of its resources and options, from the serenity of Ko Olina. In other words, it's within easy reach whenever needed.

Ultimately Ko Olina is for those who don't want, and don't need, to be in the middle of it all. It's where you go to be in touch with the best and yet, most basic, of life. Soothing calm. Nature's unequaled beauty. A nice walk that puts everything in perspective when you need it most. A place where you can hear yourself think, when you want to.

Of course, there's the incredible resorts and green golf courses, but they don't disturb like the loud street traffic and raucous nightlife found elsewhere. That's Ko Olina. Always inviting, never intruding.

Other Oahu Resort Neighborhoods
Waikiki and Turtle Bay are the only two other resort neighborhoods on Oahu where some condos allow for short-term vacation rentals.

Ko Olina History
In the days of the Ali'i on Oahu, Ko Olina was reserved as a place for the chiefs and kings to perform important religious ceremonies. It wasn't all work here, though. Not by a long shot. The district was also the ruling class' place to relax and retreat from the stresses of ruling and running things.

King Kamehameha himself spent a lot of time here after completing his conquering of the Islands. Its very name says it all, translating from Hawaiian as 'Place of Joy'. The Ali'i loved bathing in the protected waters here and reveling in scenery that was outstanding even for Hawaii. In a sense, Ko Olina was an exclusive resort from the very beginning.

The story takes a familiar turn, though, as the latter half of the 1880's found the lands owned by businessman James Campbell. His holdings included much of the Ewa Plain, which included the entirety of Ko Olina in it. For over 60 years the eye could see almost nothing but sugar cane fields for miles on this side of Oahu.

Yet, the original purpose of this place couldn't remain unfulfilled for long. During World War II the Campbells allowed the area to be used for military R & R, giving the fighting men a place to enjoy and leave the battlefield behind for a time.

Following the war, the plantation era began its slow decline over the next two decades. Those years saw much of the fields turn into housing and brand new neighborhoods to serve the quickly growing Oahu population.

Still, some of the land kept producing its sweet crop until well into the 1980's. The Campbell family also lived here on a vast estate up until that time, something they had done for 50 years. With sugar well on its way out in Hawaii, they realized that times were changing and, as if on cue, they got an offer they couldn't refuse.

A Japanese investor, in those heady days of the 80's, bought the Ko Olina lands, intending to restore it fully to its role as an upscale tropical playground. 4 lagoons were built, along with a golf course and almost all the needed infrastructure. With one hotel completed, disaster hit when the Japanese economy crashed and work came to a sudden halt.

Finally, local developer Jeff Stone purchased it all in 1998 and not only completed the project, he added even more. What truly set the success of Ko Olina in stone, if it hadn't been already, was the opening of Disney's Aulani Resort. This signaled that it was now a world-class retreat.

It is fitting that these lands have returned to their roots, to the purpose that the Ancient Hawaiians used it for hundreds of years ago. Not all of it is the same, of course. The lagoons are now man-made and golf-carts roam not only the courses, but the streets as well. One vital truth still remains at the core through all of those changes – Ko Olina real estate isn't just a good investment, it's good for the soul.

More About Ko Olina
Taking on the subject of Ko Olina real estate is both easy and elusive. Everybody knows this is a neighborhood built around a high-end vacation spot, but that's the extent of their knowledge. Locals probably have spent more time at the Aulani than in the residential side.

It's a seductive way of life out here, and for good reason, but prospective Ko Olina homebuyers, including yourself, should be aware that it comes with some hurdles. That's something real estate agents often leave out and it's understandable that you'd forget to ask about them when gazing at the gorgeous scenery of this place. So let's take a look at those possible drawbacks before we get to the many positives of owning property in this community.

You'll find that the draw of Ko Olina is so strong that many buy here knowing that their work requires them to drive daily into Honolulu. It isn't that it's an impossible trip, it's that this commute is a longer one, as you'll join the rest of the West Oahu line on the highways each morning and afternoon.

For your basics, like groceries or clothing, you'll also need to leave the boundaries of Ko Olina. It's true that these are all conveniently close in Kapolei and with multiple choices for you. The fact remains, though, that your community doesn't have any of these inside its borders. Your immediate alternatives are geared to the tourist trade, with its more temporary requirements.

Finally, if you're seeking a true neighborhood feel in your home search, Ko Olina real estate may not be the right choice. It's not the case in every instance, but many do find their neighboring houses or condos are used as vacation rentals, so the people next door are constantly changing. That lack of a consistent presence around you can be difficult for some.

If you're not phased by these factors, and most aren't, it's time to turn the page to where Ko Olina truly shines, within the limits of space, of course. We must begin with the fact that it's a place with not just a rock solid Present, it also has a future with almost unlimited potential.

An established luxury alternative to Waikiki, you're well placed to profit from the 2nd City's exploding shopping and dining choices, something that can only increase the attraction of this community to both residents and vacationers. With much in place, and a lot more to come, there, Ko Olina will be a prime beneficiary of West Oahu's growth.

At the same time, that growth shouldn't be a source of anxiety, picturing what has taken place in so many other areas of Hawaii. Ko Olina's master plan recognizes that its attraction rests on a foundation of being a tropical retreat environment. It's the Un-Waikiki.

This neighborhood will undoubtedly see certain upgrades, but never into the paved-over urban landscape that the other tourist enclaves have become. The great fear of many in Hawaii, that development will completely alter their beloved communities, won't be knocking on the door of your Ko Olina home.

We can only end by once again acknowledging that this is the one place in Hawaii you can live in this way. Ko Olina's often sighted golf carts driving on uncrowded roads, the sculpted and landscaped grounds and the feeling as you stroll around here that this place caters to YOU, is like no other. Because there is no other.

Right now, there's just one way to describe the outlook for Ko Olina's real estate. It's bright and only getting brighter. The presence of Disney's property and now the Four Seasons' entrance confirm what was already apparent. This is a luxury community with unstoppable appeal. That raises not only the hotel rates of Ko Olina, but also your property values.

It also lifts the income potential if your intention is to put your house or condo on the vacation rental market, as an already healthy demand will undoubtedly grow and grow.

Ko Olina benefits from being a real tropical oasis, away from the build up and congestion of Honolulu, yet falling under the same city limits of Kapolei, a place that provides all shopping, city services and economic opportunities you'd ever require.

All the elements are in place now for accelerating appreciation of these homes, so buying now is definitely preferable to later. It isn't likely that these will decline in value anytime soon, something one visit to this neighborhood will tell you in no uncertain terms. You won't be the first to feel love at the first sight of Ko Olina.

Ko Olina is long on the amenities of Nature's beauty and the benefits of being in a substantial resort district. It's also part of the 2nd City community, delivering the full advantages of a metro area without the concrete sprawl.

Ko Olina students get the advantages of the generally newer schools that have modern facilities and air conditioning. All of them are to the west, most in the main section of Kapolei. For those seeking something beyond high school, you're well taken care of, too.

Seagull School of Ko Olina – Teaches 1st to 6th Grades, but also has daycare and programs for ages 2+ and adults, as well. Brings the adults and children together for certain activities to benefit both.

Barbers Point Elementary (Kapolei) – Pre-Kindergarten through 5th Grades. Strive scores have gone up consistently in recent years.

Kapolei Middle School – Possibly Leeward Oahu's best intermediate school. Different 'tracks' set up to move child along at their academic pace.

Kapolei High School – Focuses on real word applications of education with their Project Based learning programs.

Leeward Community College (Pearl City) – Serves West Oahu, offering not only college course, but also vocational trading, including industrial skills.

UH-West Oahu – Leeward's center of higher learning for those seeking 4 year on up to Doctorate programs.

Public Transportation
Though being on the far end of Oahu's southwestern side, there are good options for bus riders. Lines 401 & 402 run the route between Makaha all the way to Downtown Honolulu and Ala Moana Center. The Bus' #93 does a very similar drive, but even better is the CountryExpress. It does the same route as 93, just in faster time. Using these routes you can easily get where you want to go, either directly or through a transfer.

Supermarkets & Groceries
Small runs for the basics can be taken care of within Ko Olina at the Island Country Markets, but for anything beyond that, you'll need to drive to central Kapolei. Fortunately, it has plenty there to choose from. Costco, Foodland and Safeway all have presence there and there's also a supermarket sized Down To Earth for the organic and health food fan. No matter what your preference, a brief trip will get you to everything you need.

Shopping Alternatives
Ko Olina, like most real resort communities, does not feature any substantial shopping options. There are small shops selling the basics that a visitor might need or gifts to bring home, along with boutique stores. However, this won't satisfy a real shopping urge. For the things you need or feel you have to have, Kapolei is your answer, with numerous places you'll love right now and even more on the way.

Ka Makana Ali'i Mall – Set to be the 3rd largest mall upon completion, it will have 150 stores, services and eateries that will cap Kapolei's already huge menu of shopping choices. It will be anchored by large clothing and departments stores, such as H &M and Macy's, making it a magnetic destination for much of Oahu.

Kapolei Commons – Big box and large retailers like Target, Ross and Office Max along with numerous restaurants, mostly local and national chains, such as Denny's and Genki Sushi. Down to Earth is here, too. Plans for a new Outlets section will only broaden the appeal of this place.

Kapolei Marketplace – Smaller stores than the Commons, with more local businesses. HIC, Eyes Plus
and Fun Factory are tenants. Food offerings reflect same local taste, with Koa Pancakes, Hapa Grill and Ono Steak and Shrimp as good examples.

The Gathering Place – Projected to open its doors in the springtime of 2016, it will add another large outdoors shopping center to Kapolei's landscape with 55K sq ft of total space.

Hospitals & Health Care
Ko Olina only has one clinic in its immediate area, but the main 2nd City area offers many options that weren't there just a few years ago. A small drive for most of these will be required, but you're still closer than most on Oahu to medical facilities, making this a healthy place to live overall.

Kaiser Permanente Kapolei Clinic – Focused on Family Medicine and open on weekdays only. Primarily for issues that aren't urgent, such as check-ups, etc.

Kahi Mohala Behavioral Health (Ewa Beach) – The Island's only stand-alone behavioral health treatment facility.

Kapolei Health Care Center – Billings are done on a sliding scale for patients without health insurance at this walk-in clinic. Can require a wait.

Queen's Health Care Center – Primary care for adults, including women's health. Physicals and

Your Recreation & Leisure Options

Ko Olina Beaches
This district's status as a top vacation spot requires beautiful beaches, some present in the landscape naturally, others given a little sculpting to bring them to life.

Ko Olina Beach Park – 4 lagoons that are man-made to ensure comfort and calm, but have all the beauty of Nature's handiwork in its waters and scenery. Pick any one of them, find your spot on the sand and soak it all in! The jewels of West Oahu.

Paradise Cove – Known as the spot for one of the biggest luau shows on Oahu, they chose it for good reason. However, the beach is rocky, in and out of the water. The swimming is still good, and the views? Spectacular!

Kalaeloa (Barber's Point) Beach Park – Will require a drive as it's out by itself. The sands are smooth and the waters crystal clear. Popular spot for camping overnight, but fellow campers can be loud well into the evening.

Other Recreation
In many ways you're surrounded by recreation here. Each of the gated communities has its own recreation center, pool and barbecue areas for you to use whenever you like. The hotels feature entertainment, tours, dining and a lot more, much of it changing regularly so you're never bored. Here we want to focus on some of the other options, ones you also have right on your doorstep.

Ko Olina Beach & Sports Club – If you're looking for a pure fitness outlet within the bounds of Ko Olina, this is it. Tennis courts, yoga pavilion, golf course & spa with a full schedule of classes and programs. Residents can join for a 'nominal fee'.

Kamokila Community Park – Smaller park not far from Ko Olina entrance on Farrington Hwy. Has covered playground so kids are protected from the sun, plus basketball & volleyball courts and baseball diamond.

Wet 'N' Wild – 29 acres of surfing simulators, multi-story high water coasters and wave pools. 3 excitement levels – Chill, Moderate & Extreme – cater to your stress level.

Dining & Restaurants
What you get a lot of in Ko Olina are the upper scale restaurants like few other places on Oahu. As you can imagine most are in the hotels, but that's part of the charm of living here. Those special elements of someone's dream vacation are your everyday experience.

Monkeypod Kitchen – The organic salads and Pumpkin Ravioli are top draws, but diners also love the live music. The pies get a lot of thumbs-up, too, making a great capper to your meal.

Roy's Ko Olina – A more expensive restaurant and its many devotees gladly pay it. Most recommend the short ribs, butterfish or macadamia nut fish as sure bets. Much bigger than other Roy's locations.

Pizza Corner – Staff & Owner go above and beyond in service and friendliness here. Even if they didn't, people would still be lining up for their pizza. Try the garlic knots, too. 2 things to know: You can BYOB and single slice sales stop at 5PM.

Naupaka Terrace – Serves dinner, but famous especially for their Breakfast & Brunch buffets. Lots of fresh fruit and the juice bar are highlights along with the usual morning mainstays that are delicious themselves.

Longboards – Great food, but be prepared for lower service level, unfortunately. People rave about the food, like the burgers, seafood sampler and chicken caesar salad. Go for the tastes, but stay away if inattentive waiters are a pet peeve of yours.

Ushio-Tei – Japanese buffet restaurant found inside the Ihilani. You'll need a few return trips to the buffet to try all the sushi, tempura, teriyaki meats plus salads and desserts. Wear your roomy pants.

Ama Ama – Mix of American and Hawaiian/Local dishes served at this Aulani Resort restaurant. Dine overlooking the lagoon and enjoy top service. Breakfast are local style, with portuguese sausage & macadamia nut pancakes. Lunch & Dinner are great for their pulled pork sandwich and seafood curry.

Chuck's Steak & Seafood – Ko Olina location of small local chain with strong reputation based on their succulent steaks. However, their seafood has a lot of fans as well. Just try the shrimp and you'll know why!

Distances From Ko Olina to Other Parts of Oahu
Kapolei: 5.9 miles
Waikiki: 26.6 miles
Honolulu Airport: 19.8 miles 

Downtown Honolulu: 24 miles
Ala Moana Shopping Center: 25.6 miles
Pearl Harbor/Hickam: 19.5 miles
Pearlridge Shopping Center: 15.1 miles
Mililani: 16.7 miles
Kaneohe: 29.3 miles
Kailua: 33 miles
Lanikai: 35 miles
Waimanalo: 34.2 miles
North Shore 
(Haleiwa): 26.4 miles
Sunset Beach: 34 miles
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