8 Wahiawa Condos for Sale

Woodwinds #A708
2 Bd | 1 Ba |  765 sf
Lalawai Hale #117
2 Bd | 1 Ba |  664 sf
Year Remodeled: 2007
Woodwinds #A403
1 Bd | 1 Ba |  506 sf
Lalawai Hale #113
2 Bd | 1 Ba |  664 sf
Year Remodeled: 2018
Lalawai Hale #306
3 Bd | 1 Ba |  841 sf
Year Remodeled: 2017
Kemoo By Lake #605
2 Bd | 1 Ba |  881 sf
Waipehe Apts #205
1 Bd | 1 Ba |  405 sf
Kemoo By Lake #305
3 Bd | 2 Ba |  1,325 sf
Total 8 Wahiawa Condos - 8 loaded
Wahiawa Condos Overview
About Wahiawa Condos
Wahiawa's location, hugged between Oahu's 2 mountain ranges at the Island's center, has enabled it to remain small town and very local, but with a large military presence as well.

Most Wahiawa condos are 2 or 3 story concrete walkups, built in the 2nd half of the 20th Century, but only one or two in the final decade of that era. One, the Garden View, was partially built as early as 1934.

On average you won't find the most expansive floor plans in these Wahiawa condo buildings, but still enough room to live your life just fine. They're also more affordable than many other areas of Oahu.

The Hidden Valley complex (1987) and the Parkside at Kilani (2013) follow more modern trends of the wooden, slightly retro design that have multiple buildings and recreation areas included, something you won't find elsewhere in this category of Wahiawa condos. The Parkside at Kilani especially features larger floor plans than the other condo communities, all 3BR, with at least 1,232 sq ft and huge lanais.

If you want something a little taller, your main choices are the Woodwinds, a 7 stories complex. What makes the Woodwinds stand out, besides its height, is that it sits right beside Lake Wilson, giving the back side lanais a front-row seat on these beautifully calm waters.

For condo owners, living in Wahiawa isn't about luxury or long lists of amenities. It's about being part of a town that has held onto its roots in a more intimate past Hawaii. Those looking for a whirlpool at home won't find it here. Those seeking a real small-town Island experience will be very happy, though.

Condos in neighborhoods not far from Wahiawa include Mililani MaukaMililani Town, Launani Valley and North Shore condos.

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