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See our aerial video of Waimea homes and Waimea Bay.

About Waimea
Waimea Bay is one of the best known places along the North Shore. As incredible as it is to experience the beauty and power of this beach as a visitor, imagine living beside it.

The small Waimea community is the last left turn before the Bay as you're coming east from Haleiwa. Off by themselves on this oceanfront property, the residents here are very aware of the special spot they occupy.

Between Waimea and the east side of the Bay is a small stretch of open green land, keeping that area as a nice buffer to preserve your home from noise and future development.

Across Kamehameha Highway is nothing but North Shore style wilderness as well, making these homes the exclusive residences on this part of the coastline on either side. Here, it's quiet and it will be staying that way.

The entire neighborhood is made up of just short 2 streets, Iliohu Place and Ilohu Way. That's all you need for a community of only about 15 houses. Both are cul-de-sacs, further emphasizing, and ensuring, the privacy and protected seclusion of the place.

7 of these single family homes sit directly on the ocean, looking at some of the world famous skyscraping waves that draw the best surfers on Earth. The remaining sit further back, but close enough that they can hear the surf or even, in some cases, also take in views of these swells.

Most of these structures were built in the 1980s and 90's, clearly intended for the luxury market. That is evident in not just the location, but also the interiors, that begin at 2,300 and run up to at least 6,170 sq ft.

Due to the limited space here between the highway and ocean, the lots come in nice sized, but not gigantic measurements of between 6,000 and 9,000 sq ft of land. That may be the main factor in the houses not being even bigger in size.

Regardless, these are top shelf residences that command seven figure prices with no problem. When the waves are this big and the homes this beautiful, it's no wonder. Once seen, it would be hard to pass up the golden opportunity to make this place home.

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