4 Old Ewa Beach Condos & Townhomes for Sale

Ewa Apts #G1
2 Bd | 1 Ba | 681 sqft
Ewa Villa Estates
Ewa Villa Estates
3 Bd | 1.5 Ba | 1,073 sqft
Year Remodeled: 2009
Ewalani Village #K3
3 Bd | 1 Ba | 996 sqft
Year Remodeled: 2008
Ewa Villa Estates #32
3 Bd | 1.5 Ba | 1,263 sqft
Total 4 Old Ewa Beach Condos - 4 loaded
Old Ewa Beach Condos Overview
About Old Ewa Beach Condos & Townhomes
Before discussing Ewa Beach townhomes and condos, it should be pointed out that we restrict ourselves here to the strict neighborhood of that name, rather than the overall city of Ewa Beach that takes in Ewa Gentry, Ocean Pointe, Ewa Villages, Hoakalei and Westloch Fairway & Estates. You can visit our Ewa Beach condos for sale page to see entire Ewa region condos & townhomes for sale.

Unlike those parts of the Ewa Plain, Ewa Beach is a longstanding town with a history behind it. There have been some recent development, but nothing on the scale of the lands north and west of it. In fact, chances are at least some of your neighbors will have lived here for multiple generations.

That longtime presence means that most properties were already occupied by homes of some kind, drawn especially by the long, uninterrupted beach on this coastline. Today, you can still walk to the ocean from practically every part of the neighborhood. In fact, that easy access is one promise you can count on in this sector of townhomes in Old Ewa Beach.

Most of the Old Ewa Beach townhomes are located on the land just west of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration facilities. The mostly open and undeveloped lands on that compound grants an open and unimpeded view to residences beside it, creating an unintended, but welcome benefit.

All the views are generally good, though, as this town has maintained a very low profile, with even the condo buildings never rising past 2 floors.

These properties were primarily raised in an earlier build-up era than the surrounding neighborhoods, so you'll notice that most date from the early to mid 1970's. Due to that, you won't find as many amenities as more recent developments.

Old Ewa Beach Townhomes – Space Inside & Out
Layouts vary in these properties, but there are still some that offer excellent dimensions. The Old Ewa Beach Townhouses, for example, have units with 3BRs and 1,095 sq ft and 4BRs with 1,338 sq ft interiors. You also get a yard with your townhome, unusual for a more urban setting like this.

Another place you get a yard and a generous room inside are the Ewa Colony Estates, residences that all have 4BRs, with floor plans of 1,280 and 1,320 sq ft plus lanai space for enjoying the outdoors.

An affordable entry into homeownership has been a prime factor in the Ewa Plain's surge of the past few decades and that extends here. In fact, one particular property, the Ewa Villa Estates is included in the Fannie Mae HomePath program, offering the opportunity to put down just 5% plus other special mortgage elements that can make buying here easier in the especially tough Oahu real estate market.

More than their unique financing guidelines, these units are great for families due to their spaces. The 3BRs promise 1,073 sq ft and the 4BRs 1,320. Most have enclosed lanais so you can stay in the shade even on the sunniest days.

The Ewa Beach Extras
For errands or a good bite to eat, nearby Ewa Beach Shopping Center has a Long's, Napa Auto Parts, Radio Shack plus several local eateries like Loco Moco Drive Inn. Need something more?

No problem. You're right on the doorstep of the most centralized collection of big box stores and shopping centers at Kapolei. Drive there in minutes and you can get everything taken care of in one trip. There's also scores of dining options, local and chain, that will delight the most dedicate foodie.

This is all in reach from your condo or townhome in Old Ewa Beach that, chances are, sits just off Fort Weaver Road so you're on the fast track for work or leisure travels.

It's also within about 3 blocks of the beach this place was named for, which spreads out for miles in either direction. Not to mention the cool waters that make even the hottest July day a pleasure. That alone can put these properties toward the top of many homeowners lists, but factor in the better price points and open skyline and they just might go to #1.

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Recently Sold in Old Ewa Beach

Ewa Apts #OO2
2 Bd | 1 | 780 sqft
Year Remodeled: 2019
Ewa Apts #II2
3 Bd | 1.5Ba | 1,052 sqft
Ewa Apts #G5
2 Bd | 1 | 780 sqft
Ewa Apts #A2
3 Bd | 2 | 1,052 sqft
Year Remodeled: 2019
Ewa Apts #QQ5
2 Bd | 1 | 681 sqft
Ewa Apts #O5
3 Bd | 1 | 1,052 sqft
Year Remodeled: 2018
Ewa Apts #U1
2 Bd | 1 | 780 sqft
Ewa Colony Estates #25
4 Bd | 1.5Ba | 1,320 sqft
Ewa Apts #F2
3 Bd | 1 | 1,052 sqft
Year Remodeled: 2017
Ewalani Village #E7
3 Bd | 1 | 999 sqft
Ewalani Village #M3
3 Bd | 1 | 996 sqft
Year Remodeled: 2019
Ewa Apts #RR5
3 Bd | 1 | 1,052 sqft
Ewa Villa Estates #54
4 Bd | 1.5Ba | 1,562 sqft
Ewa Apts #G6
2 Bd | 1 | 780 sqft
Year Remodeled: 2012
Ewa Villa Estates #32
3 Bd | 1.5Ba | 1,263 sqft
Ewa Apts #D4
2 Bd | 1 | 780 sqft
Year Remodeled: 2015
Ewa Apts #KK5
3 Bd | 1 | 1,052 sqft
Ewa Apts #K3
2 Bd | 1 | 780 sqft
Year Remodeled: 2018
Ewa Villa Estates #13
4 Bd | 1.5Ba | 1,320 sqft
Ewalani Village #C4
4 Bd | 1.5Ba | 1,276 sqft
Year Remodeled: 2018