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Hawaii Real Estate And The Power of Staging

Hawaii Loa - Living room
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Hawaii Real Estate and The Power of Staging –
Neuroscience has proven that people buy on emotion and justify with logic afterward. This holds true even for Hawaii real estate. 95% of the time this emotional buying decision is made subconsciously, often within seconds of experiencing the positive emotion. “It just felt right when I first saw the property.” This intuitive gut feeling then triggers the urge to explore the feasibility which ultimately confirms the decision logically. Studies have shown this decision sequence of ‘emotion before logic’ unfolds regardless of how rational you think you are.

When we represent real estate sellers it is our obligation to provide the experience for the buyer that creates the desired emotion leading to the sale. We showcase your home for sale in the best possible light using:

  1. Professional photography to evoke online curiosity and broad appeal to generate showing requests.
  2. Effective staging to move the buyer emotionally within seconds after they see the property.

Both are essential when we market your home for sale. Effective staging can cost more than $4,000 but it has been shown to be a worthwhile investment in obtaining a higher sales price in a shorter amount of time.

The buyer typically asks: “Wow, are the furnishings included?” We explain that the furnishings have been rented for staging only and are not included. It is the mere experience of seeing the property professionally staged that evokes the positive emotion in the buyer. The furnishings not being included ends up being irrelevant. The sales decision has been made. We also know that without staging the sale might not happen, as explained in the final example below.

Here are sample properties we recently sold where staging contributed to the success of the sale:

1) Moana Pacific #4708

This high floor 3-bedroom condo at Moana Pacific had been a rental for the last ten years. We recommended replacement of the deteriorated carpet with engineered hardwood floors and painting all the walls. We also recommended replacement of the original granite countertops with quartz ‘snow white’ counters, and new sinks and faucets. The unit looked brand new again, but it was the staging that gave it the finishing ‘wow’ effect and translated into a sale close to the full asking price.

Moana Pacific 1 - before

Moana Pacific 1 – before

Moana Pacific 1 - after

Moana Pacific 1 – after

Moana Pacific 2 - before

Moana Pacific 2 – before

Moana Pacific 2 - after

Moana Pacific 2 – after

Moana Pacific 3 - before

Moana Pacific 3 – before

Moana Pacific 3 - after

Moana Pacific 3 – after

Moana Pacific 4 - before

Moana Pacific 4 – before

Moana Pacific 4 - after

Moana Pacific 4 – after

Moana Pacific 5 - before

Moana Pacific 5 – before

Moana Pacific 5 - after

Moana Pacific 5 – after

2) Lanikea At Waikiki #2803

This gorgeous high floor 2-bedroom condo at Lanikea At Waikiki had also been a rental unit. We replaced the worn carpets with new engineered hardwood floors but kept the granite countertops and existing wallpaper. After professional staging, we achieved the look we needed to sell the property at full price.

Lanikea 1 - before

Lanikea 1 – before

Lanikea 1 - after

Lanikea 1 – after

Lanikea 2 - before

Lanikea 2 – before

Lanikea 2 - after

Lanikea 2 – after

Lanikea 3 - before

Lanikea 3 – before

Lanikea 3 - after

Lanikea 3 – after

Lanikea 4 - before

Lanikea 4 – before

Lanikea 4 - after

Lanikea 4 – after

3) Canterbury Place 19B

This 2-bedroom, 2-bath condo at the Canterbury Pl had been listed with a different brokerage company for almost one year without receiving a single offer. The condo was not staged and looked clean with all white floors and walls, but it felt empty, sterile and uninviting. I showed the condo to potential buyers and noticed how uninspired they were as they looked at the white empty rooms. They had difficulty visualizing the property as their future home. Prospective buyers could not explain what it was that made them skip this condo as a possible choice. They often could not even recall how good of a view the property offered. It was as if the buyer had a limited recollection of the property because there was no emotional connection made during their visit.
The listing was withdrawn and the seller approached us to re-list the property. We staged the condo appropriately and it sold within two weeks for the price the seller desired.

Living room

Canterbury Place – Living room

Master bedroom with lanai

Canterbury Place – Master bedroom


Each property for sale should be evaluated to determine what cost-effective alterations are most practical to maximize the emotional response of the buyer and increase the opportunity to sell. Staging has become an important tool to achieve that goal.

Call us to discuss the best strategy to sell your home. We are here to help with repairs, renovations, decluttering, staging and maximizing market exposure — to get you top dollar for your home.

We love to hear from you. Let us know your thoughts. Reciprocate Aloha! ‘Like’, ‘Share’ and ‘Comment’ below.
~ Mahalo & Aloha

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